Dannie prepares & answers her door to meet the estate manager. She is dismayed at the woman’s presence & recounts their last meeting. The woman confirms she is not there to make trouble but needs to know who their tenant is. Kwame’s tenancy will soon expire and Dannie had better make an offer or they will start advertising. She asks what Dannie’s plans are? Dannie does not have any!
Lola and Bimpe discuss their plans. Lola is afraid that if she does not win the contest, she does not have a job to go back to. Bimpe suggests she finds another job at another magazine? Lola suggests Bimpe hooks up with Greg. Bimpe says there is nothing between them but Lola says it is written all over her. Greg comes in and Lola runs off asking him to keep Bimpe company. As she scurries off, Bimpe tells Greg what Lola just said; that she allows her to win because she has no job to go back to. Greg tells her well… She screams at him for not saying nothing and accuses him of not being very smart. That is why he always looks like he is going to burst.
Phillip wonders if Masters is nuts for suggesting such a thing. Who will he even talk to about letting someone who tried to escape from jail last year out? Masters tells him that their discussion is over then. Phillip asks how his being outside can help? He replies that he has exhausted all that he can do from inside. If he is outside, he will be able to enlist the services of others who will only speak with someone they cannot afford to double-cross face to face.
Dannie comes to find out if Angela is coming to the launch? Angela says she is not up to socializing. Dannie says that is what she needs. She will ensure that Angela is not bugged by the press for anything. Angela reluctantly agrees. Dannie tells her about the building manager’s visit and whether she is taking over the rent. Angela asks what she said? She says she seem to have nothing to do in Lagos. There is no audience, etc. what does Angela think? Angela tells her that she is the one to answer that question.
Betty yaps about rumors in the office till Louisa tells her to ask a direct question and if she is asking whether they are married, yes, she is married to Majek. Betty asks if she does not think that the boss will be angry, she replies that their marriage is just part one of the drama. Amaka walks in and asks her what she wants her to do so that she does not make another mistake? Is she happy? Louisa says yes, she is.
Greg runs after Bimpe and she is not interested in talking to him. He confesses that he is only a production assistant on the show. The producer is Audu who had a crisis in another show he is managing. Bimpe is mad and asks Greg how someone as big as him could be just a production assistant? Is that not the job for a school leaver?
Odun is complaining to Delmuah that the office is falling apart. She is busy typing away on her phone. Odun asks if she is not bothered that Feke shut down a production last week? A mere PA? Delmuah reminds her that Feke is head of production. Delmuah says she warned Brenda about appointing Feke head but she would not listen. When the whole place falls apart, Brenda will come and see what she caused. Odun asks if she is more interested in being right? Just then Feke comes in and Odun says he is busy and runs off. Feke tells Delmuah that they have a problem. Delmuah asks if the problem is bigger than the fact the Feke shut down a production? Feke nods,
Laide visits Amaka in the office and hopes she is not interrupting anything? Amaka is reluctant to see her but then… Laide sits down and asks her what drama has been going on around the house? She has been hearing Phillip talk about Caesar and wonders if he has been caught? Amaka does not know anything but knows they will all soon find out. Laide pushes further and insists that she was in the same room with Caesar and Phillip. Amaka could not hide her coldness when Laide says she is not the one that shot Fred.
Dannie interrupts her fiddling with her camera and let’s Ashiru in. He came to see how she is doing and she tells him she is trying to make a decision about her future. She is trying to decide whether to stay or leave, etc. he suggests she check out some fellowships, etc. she notices he is looking happy and asks what is the cause? He tells her things are moving up. She asks if that has to do with Brenda? He says yes. Dannie hails him and asks if they have done the deed now that they have moved on from the friend zone? He says a gentleman does not kiss and tell. She is happy for him.
Phillip visits the police station and Sankey asks if he came to confess? He admires her sense of hum our and asks if they have any leads on Caesar? Snakes is not ready to divulge any information since he is now consorting with dangerous criminals. Phillip reminds them that masters has been helpful with information, etc. If they had listened, they would have had Caesar. He thinks it is time do something radical. Sankey is not ready to hear anything radical. Phillip tells them that since Masters has been helpful, it will not hurt to bring him out for a couple of hours so that he can do some leg work.
Greg accuses Bimpe of being shallow and judgmental. She says that is not how she means it and asks how he came to be a production assistant? He tells her that he has been in the corporate world doing image making and marketing but he had not been happy. The people around him taught he was nuts when he suggested a change. At his last birthday, he took the plunge and took the next available job in production and he has been happy since then and have been learning new things. He knows that it will get better some day. Bimpe agrees with him.
Delmuah insists that Feke calls Brenda. Feke says no. Brenda will freak out and kill her. Delmuah asks if she prefers that Brenda finds out by herself? Feke sits there dumbly and looks on. Delmuah calls Brenda to tell her that they need her to solve a problem in the office. Brenda tells her to speak with Feke. She tells Brenda that the problem is beyond Feke. Brenda asks if this is another attempt by Delmuah to get promoted? Delmuah tells her that Feke is sitting right next to her and can explain herself. Brenda tells her not to call her line again and drops the phone.
Sankey believes that Phillip has finally fallen under Masters’s charm after all. Phillip wonders what Sankey is doing on the case? He thought she had been removed from it due to her desire for revenge and incompetence? Sankey dares him to try and get Masters, a man accused of jailbreak off for a few days. She wonders if he thinks it is some school exeat they are talking about?

Next on Tinsel
Barrister Eddy tells Phillip that legally, it is impossible to get Masters out even if it is briefly.