Lola talks to Bimpe about how they will make their project work but Bimpe sits there and looks lost till Lola shouts on her and gets her out of her dreamland. Bimpe jumps up and asks her what the woman with Greg means by they will see about that? Bimpe is bothered that the woman will employ Greg and that will mean the end of their show. Lola does not think that possible but they eventually agree to do something and get the two of them separated.
Phillip tells Amaka about their days when Sheila was caring for Fred and eventually had to throw Laide out of the house and how he eventually admired her strength. He tells her that there was nothing between her and Sheila. He tells her nothing happened between them and what happened at the pool the other day was Yahimba meddling. Amaka asks after the hospital. She knew what she saw at the hospital. Phillip insists that they just came out of a hostage situation and he also just heard of Kwame. Sheila was just there to comfort him. Amaka insists that Phillip living with Yaya is wrong; she is a bad influence and all. If they do not work out, it will be quite messy. Phillip reminds her that Yaya cannot stay at home and cannot afford a hotel. Amaka asks if they are in love? Phillip says for now, yes.
Bimpe and Lola also dig around for what to do to separate Greg and his new madam. Blackmail, kidnap, etc. Bimpe shows her some materials she dug up when they were working on the initial project. Lola thinks it is impressive and full of meat for a gossip journalist. Bimpe reminds her that she works for Tinsel Town.
A nut-eating & doubting Sankey and Segun visit Angela and ask all sorts of questions about the disappearance of her father while insisting that it is not an investigation. They are only there to offer their condolence. Sankey informs them that there will be an investigation later but not from her. She had been relieved of some of her duties following Masters’s light sentence. She eventually leaves and Charlie worries that the police is suspicious. Angela does not care. Her father is away and Masters is in jail. She is for once free of any weakness that anyone can exploit. She feels like new.
Ashiru asks Brenda about the news report speculating that Odyssey is in trouble. Brenda tells him it is all speculation. She may have taken her eyes off the ball but she has a competent team. He probes further but she asks that they enjoy the after dinner moment without bother. He agrees and after a while, he asks her what the silence is about? He is available now for her to use as a sounding board. She asks if he is going to be that intense every night after dinner?
Laide comes out and meets Amaka about to sit down to tea. She will get her tea and join Amaka but Amaka tells her that she is about to turn in. Laide asks her what the issue is? She says it is nothing. She is just tired. Laide refuses to give in and stands in her path. She reminds Amaka that she looked happy when she walked in. She asks why Amaka is looking at her like that? Amaka says she is good. Laide asks if she had been listening to Phillip spew his anti-Laide poison? Amaka says she can make up her own kind and walks out on her.
Lola and Bimpe try to decide what to publish from the deep stories they have. Bimpe does not want the woman to know the reports came from them. She is a politician and can make life difficult for her. They eventually talk about the young man that had a one-night stand with Atinuke and tried to blackmail her. This has made her cut off anyone that threatens her. Bimpe decides that is what to try.
Ashiru and Brenda discuss her issues. She tells him about her dirty fight with the Ade-Williams. Ashiru tries to get her to stop but she angrily rails against Angela & Dannie. He asks her to stop & she asks if he is an AA sponsor?
Majek visits & Phillip needles him asking if he is the one being visited or Amaka? Majek says he came to present his report on Phillip’s assignment. He watched the house & spoke with people around. They all say that the old woman’s son died recently in an armed robbery. His mum is only refusing to accept that fact.
Phillip visits masters& starts talking with the warder within earshot he asks Phillip to keep quiet till the warder moves away. Phillip is not happy Masters sent him on a wild goose chase. Masters reminds him that finding a man from inside is not an exact science. Phillip lays it on him. He tells Masters that he has a picture & Masters tells him to pass the picture to one of his contacts. When Phillip continues, he asks him to lay off the sarcasm & warns him that there may be a barrier between them but outside, there is no such barrier. He gets up and leaves, while Phillip is stuck on his seat.
Dannie visits to invite Brenda to come and talk about Kwame at the launch of After Dark. John tells her Brenda is indisposed. She insists that the security men said Brenda is around. As John tries to shoo her off, Brenda comes out & asks him to let go. She asks what Fannie wants but does not allow Dannie into her house. Dannie says she wants her to speak at the launch of After Dark. Brenda tries to talk her back into hating Angela but she says she has discovered an inner strength she never knew she had. Brenda asks why she is being asked to speak & Dannie tells her that no one knows Kwame like her. She can say whatever she decides to say. She agrees to think about it & throws Dannie out of her house!
Lola and Bimpe visits Greg to invite him as their makeover model. Bimpe sits on his laps and distracts him while Lola picks up his phone and sends a text from it. Greg says no but Bimpe insists he will make a good model. Girls will find him tasty and asks him to imagine what will happen if she finds him tasty? Lola and Greg scream at her at the same time and as she jumps off his laps, his phone rings and Lola and Bimpe smile at each other.
Dr. Gyang visits to ask Phillip when he plans to step down as chairman? Phillip says he never mentioned anything like that. Dr. Gyang says the public think he wants to dispose of his father and become chairman. Phillip replies that the public is not well-informed and he is trying to get Caesar. Dr. Gyang complain about the plunging share prices. Phillip’s phone rings and as he picks it, Dr. Gyang asks Yaya if her mother never told her that it is rude to stare? Yaya continues to starte at him without as much as a blink!
Angela picks a call and tells the caller on the other line that if he is the one, she wants him to know that he made it. She also wants him to continue to call to let her know he is okay.

Next on Tinsel
Ashiru asks Brenda to give him time to prove that he can be reliable.