Chuks demonstrates how he will hold his daughter up like Simba. Ene reminds him that their daughter is not Simba and he is not Mumfasa. She tells him that they were working on the list for the naming ceremony. They go back to the list & Chuks says the list needs to be touched up as it is their first and their time to celebrate. Ene reminds him that their financial position is not very balanced. He tells her it does not matter. They have their baby & he has his wonderful wife.
Amaka tells Laide how she embarrassed herself telling Louisa about herselft and Majek. Laide couldn’t believe Amaka told Louisa about their affair. Amaka reminds her that she is the one that advised that she faces her issues frontally and not give in to blackmail. Laide did not know that is what she is talking about. She advises Amaka to let things cool down and talk to Majek. Amaka is not ready to talk to him as she feels he crossed the line. Phillip comes down and ridicules Amaka for opening her mouth wide. He reminds her that she has to be in the office the next day. She reminds him that he is on his way to the kitchen. He agrees & tells them that Yaya needs a snack. Laide looks daggers at him.
Chuks & Ene continue to refine their list. Ene reminds him that her parents are ready to help financially. He says no. He is grateful to them but this is his first child & he intends to do it himself. Ene reminds him of their precarious finances. He looks at the list to see where they can make compromises. He stops suddenly & suggests they name their daughter Compromise Obi. Ene tells him that no child of hers will bear such senseless name. Chuks tells her that he was pulling her legs.
Chalice tells Angela that her father thinks its a crazy idea and is not comfortable with it. Angela agrees it’s a crazy idea. He says he explained the options and how FCC is looking for him so he agreed that he will only do it if it is fool-proof. They also discussed the option of going to trial & having his name cleared. Angela calls that a gamble, the result of which cannot be determined.
Sammie meets a moody Chuks in his office. She asks what the issue is? He says he has a naming ceremony to finance. They need money. Sammie thinks their takings is growing but Chuks says it has been dropping since December. They need to get Festac to arrange another artist. Sammie reminds him that it may be difficult with the way Chuks spoke rudely to Festac the last time.
Brenda sits and ignores a call from Feke. Dr. Ibrahim visits and apologizes for not calling first. He stopped by to see her before leaving town. He is leaving because of his testimony at Masters’s trial. He is concerned about her not starting work and lack of a relationship. Brenda is not in the mood for accepting advice from him and says so. He tells her it is good for her to start another relationship or she can start drinking, etc. she reminds him that he was discredited at the trial & asks him to ship out.
Funmi and others are discussing when Louisa comes in. They accost her for lying to them about her marriage to Majek. She reminds them that she simply kept her marriage quiet & did not lie about it. As they harass her, Amaka comes out & invites Louisa into her office. Funmi asks the others if they think she will be sacked?
Ene and Salewa share jots about motherhood. She is harried about taking care of the baby but when she smiles, it is all worth it. Salewa cannot wait to be a mother but Ene suggests that she has to wait. At least she is not ready to end up with these spare tyres. Salewa does not agree that Ene is fat. Ene says she likes the changes to some parts of her body. She will want to keep her bigger boobs but without the milk of course.
Charlie tells Angela that he spoke with some of his colleagues and their opinion is that her father will likely go to jail if he goes for trial. She asks him for solutions as that is a lawyer’s job.
Amaka informs Louisa that Georgette from HR is going to be present at the meeting and Louisa is okay with that. Majek is supposed to be a part of the meeting but is not at work yet. She asks if Louisa knows why he is not at work yet? Louisa asks if Amaka is asking her? How will she know? He didn’t come home last night & may never come home again. Amaka asks Georgette to leave. They will have the meeting another time. As Georgette leaves, Amaka tells Louisa that she does not need to pretend but Louisa attacks her and when Amaka tells her to trust her, she says she used to trust Amaka and her husband. She recalls the preferential treatment, the frequent meetings between Amaka and Majek and Amaka’s carefully planned slip of tongue. She believes that Amaka knew that her reaction will drive Majek away from home. Amaka protests her innocence.
Charlie and Angela look for ways to fake Nero’s disappearance. He suggests a fatal armed robbery but she thinks that will not work as he is homeless and will be difficult to prove during investigation. She suggests a ritual killing but he reminds her she does not have body parts lying around. She suggests they orchestrate a drowning. He agrees with that especially when she confirms that he can swim. They agree to put that into play. He will go and ask him. Angela eagerly says she will go with him before they agree that it is dangerous.
Amaka assures Louisa that she didn’t know. Louisa says that is difficult to believe after the preferential treatment. Amaka insists that she was acting on wrong assumptions then. She asks Louisa if they had a flight & Louisa attacks again saying she is the one that should be asking questions about Amaka’s affair with her husband. Amaka insists there was no affair. It was just a moment of indiscretion & Majek stopped it and kept her a a distance. She only understood the reason when she learnt of their marriage. She assures Louisa that Majek is not a cheating husband. She knows because she was married to one.
Salewa and Ene continue to discuss and Ene says she needs a vacation. Salewa agrees. Just then, the baby cries and Salewa gets her and gasps. Ene is alarmed at how hot the baby’s body is!
Dannie hands out flyers for distribution at Mirage spa and as she was turning to leave! she bumps into Ashiru. They hold each other for a moment longer than necessary!
Phillip visits the police station and sees Sankey sharing office with Segun. He asks what is happening and she tells him that her bosses are blaming her for Abubakar’s light sentence. Phillip jokes at that and Segun brusquely asks him what he wants? He tells them of his visit to Abubakar and Abubakar’s offer to help him catch Caesar. Sankey asks him what Abubakar wants in exchange? He tells her Abubakara is using that to cleanse his conscience. She tells him to forget it and he asks her why he should trust her? She tells him she knows the man. He reminds her that they once accused him of killing his father. She tells him that it is a Greek gift and should ask Brenda if he doubts her.

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