Greg asks why Bimpe did not ask him in? She says he is in now and asks what he wants? He says he came to check up on her. He noticed she was down at the gym earlier. She reminds him that she said earlier that she and gyms don’t mix well. He turns to leave and she asks him if that is what he came to say? Ene knocks on the door and asks Bimpe to let her in. Greg goes to open the door and leaves after that. Ene comes in and smiles knowingly at Bimpe.
Phillip asks Yusuf why he should believe him and asks if he really knows where Caesar is? He says he does not know but his client does. Phillip asks why he should trust this client of his? He also wants to know why this client did not come himself? Yusuf says his client is not exactly mobile at the moment and that is why Phillip needs to go and see him. He believes that the visit will be worth Phillip’s while. He gives Phillip a card and Phillip is shocked to see it is Alhaji Abubakar, the one that has been in the news recently? He asks Yusuf to tell his client that he needs help from a gangster as he needs a shot in the head. He asks Yusuf to see himself out.
Ene hopes that Greg did not leave on her account. Bimpe says he was already leaving. Ene asks her what Greg came to say? She tells Ene that he came to ensure that she is not ill enough to spoil his show. Ene asks why they cannot work things out? Bimpe confirms that she is not sick and adds that the only work out Greg knows is at the gym. He should go and cuddle exercise bags. Ene asks her to snap out of this mood as depression does not suit her. She agrees with Ene and says that Greg is not Adam Levine or the only man available. She gets up and tuches up her make-up!
Angela concludes her letter to her father and hands same to Charlie. She did not know her father is still in Lagos. She thought he has moved to one small town. Charlie tells her that it is easier to hide in Lagos. As Charlie leaves, Dannie walks in and greets Angela and Charlie. Charlie leaves and Dannie tells Angela that she is right. She abandoned Kwame and thought he will remain a trusted dog. She now believes it is not Angela’s fault. Angela reminds her that she was not herself when it happened and Kwame was not lonely for too long. Dannie says she came to ask Angela to join her in something she needs to do. Angela hesitates and she begs her to please join her.
Bimpe gets into Ziggy’s and gayly orders for a drink. She sits down and Greg comes to join her. He asks why they cannot talk like adults? Bimpe says she was upset at him previously but she is no longer. Lola joins them and says she was not aware they were to meet. Bimpe says there is no meeting. Greg came and sat down and so did Lola. She snatches Lola’s magazine and is surprised that Lola is still carrying a two month old magazine that had Miss Lagos on the cover! Lola says it is for research. Frank comes to take their order and drools over the picture. Greg tells him that she is not half as fine as Bimpe. Lola and Frank are shocked. Bimpe smiles.
Dannie thanks Angela for joining her. Angela says she also enjoyed it as she never got a chance to say goodbye to Kwame. She talks about how transient life is; here today, gone tomorrow. Dannie believes differently & talks about her options and how she believes that Kwame did not love her. Angela tells her that Kwame loved her. She explains that love is not always a force to everyone. To some people, it is just a spark. Dannie is doing all these for Kwame, trying to do things as he would. She thinks a lot of people find her selfish. Angela advises her to forget what people say. Dannie insists that she needs to make some changes. For now, she is busy with organizing a press conference for the release of Black Ananse’s latest movie. She begs Angela to show up at the event.
Phillip comes home and Yaya gives him a warm welcome. She asks how his day at the office went and he asks her if she wants to hear the truth? Of course. He tells her about the love triangle between Amaka, Majek, and Louisa and Amaka telling Louisa that she kissed Majek! Yaya snickers but asks how Amaka managed to kiss Majek? Phillip accuses her of hanging into the only juicy stuff! The story has kept the office buzzing as the staff were not aware of Majek and Louisa being married. She reminds him that it stops people from talking about him. He tells her about the visit of Yusuf and she asks what he did with the offer? He says he rejected it because his mum warned him against dancing with the devil. Yaya, whose legs are draped across his explains why he he should take the offer. Anything to ensnare Caesar will be great.
Greg leaves the ladies to go and attend to something in the office. Frank hails Bimpe as Greg’s beauty queen. Bimpe asks him to stop making her blush. Lola hopes she has been preparing for the makeover. Bimpe does not believe there is anything to prepare for. Lola gives her a magazine she has been rehearsing with.
Sankey complains to Segun about the journalists mis-spelling her name in the report. As they discuss, one guy comes in and asks how Segun is? He reminds Segun that levels don change! Segun orders him out and tells Sankey not mind the guy ma. Sankey tells him she is not bothered about anything and also asks him to stop addressing her as ma in front of people!
Phillip meets with Masters and immediately tells him that he looked taller on TV. Masters says he also has seen Phillip on TV and looks generally less-afraid. Phillip wonders why he should be afraid? He is the one that leaves here free. Masters says he will also leave there one day. Phillip asks why Masters offered to help him? Masters says he is trying to make ammends for all the mistakes he had made. Like trying to kill Dan? Phillip asks. He says yes. He wants to help them put Caesar down when he heard about the kidnap of Phillip’s baby sister. Only a beast goes after a child. Why? Phillip looks? Masters says he lost a child that he did not know exists.
Angela asks Charlie how her father is? Did he read her letter? He says Nero is okay and that he did not read the letter in his presence. Angela is worried and is thinking of how to help her father. She has blankets and food etc. Angela is shocked that she could let Angelique take control like that. Charlie shrinks and she asks if he is experiencing flashbacks of Angelique? He says it is okay. She tells him that they need to get smart and find a solution. Charlie asks if she can ask Masters for help?she says she cannot go down that rabbity hole again. Charlie suggests they send him abroad. Angela thinks it is risky and if he runs, he will be assumed to be guilty. He comes up with an idea he believes can work!
Phillip says he is not buying this godfather meets guardian angel story. Masters finds that amusing but says this is not an act. If Phillip wants Caesar, he can have him. Phillip says the police told him the same and Masters calls the police someone seeking for something in the dark. Phillip thinks this is a waste of his time and stands up to leave. Masters tells him to think about it; someone with his experience has some powers. Phillip does not believe that and gets up to leave. Masters tells him that he is not asking him for money for helping and wonders why he is not asking for money and wonders why Phillip is rejecting it?
Lola talks to Bimpe about the make over. Bimpe yawns and Lola asks if she had a late night? Bimpe tells her that she is the only one that can make a makeover look like a school project. Every girl has been looking forward to a makeover from a young age. Lola takes a call and asks the caller why the management is suddenly looking into her credentials? She tells the caller that he should not let the management touch any of her things. She is on her way. Bimpe asks if there is a problem? She says no.
Charlie tells Angela that they can fake her father’s death and when the police look the other way, they will spirit him abroad. Angela cannot believe it is coming from a lawyer. Charlie says that if they pretend Angela’s father is dead, they will be free to take him abroad. Angela asks him how they can pull this off? He says that is a good question.
Yaya massages Phillip’s shoulders and notes that he is really knotted up. He tells her that prison does that to you. She asks if Masters is as charismatic as he looks? Phillip says that you cannot trust charisma. She asks if he rejected Masters’s offer? He says yes and wonders if she has a problem with that? She tells him that Caesar is responsible for the shooting of his father. If she was the one involved, she will have all the gang lords hunt him down and have them bring him to her on his knees!

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A weeping Louisa accuses Amaka of intentionally rubbing her affair with Majek on her face. Amaka insists she is innocent but Louisa will not hear that. She says Amaka craftily let the information about their affair slip out knowing that Louisa’s outburst will drive her husband away.