Frank is discussing with Bimpe when Lola walks in. she walks off and Lola tells Frank that she came to see Bimpe. She joins Bimpe and Bimpe asks what she wants? Lola tells her that she wanted to know the make-up artist they are going to work with? She thinks that the one that worked on her is good. Bimpe has it covered. Lola tells her she is not bothered. Bimpe is the one who looks like the world is on her shoulders. She tells Bimpe she wants them to have a girlie talk over drinks. Bimpe gets up to go over her movie script. As she leaves, Lola gets up but Frank approaches her and asks her what he can get her? She does not want anything. He asks her what is wrong with Bimpe? She does not know and is not bothered. She prefers the new Bimpe so long as she does not affect their competition. Frank tells her that if Bimpe continues that way, they will not win the competition and he wants them to succeed.
Louisa is furious at Amaka’s news. Amaka asks if she didn’t know? She apologizes for doing that but Louisa asks her to shut up and calls her a stuck-up bitch and tells her that she is not sorry yet, but she will be very soon. Both of them!
Bimpe cuddles Ene’s baby so well that Ene asks her what is going on? This is not the Bimpe she knows. Bimpe continues to sing to the baby and talks about a child’s innocence that knows no disappointment. Ene continues to dig but Bimpe insists nothing is wrong with her. Ene digs deeper and asks what Greg has done this time? Bimpe insists that she did not mention anybody’s name. Ene knows but asks Bimpe to spill it out. Bimpe asks her whether Lola is finer than her? Ene wonders why she is asking? She says that girl has been stalking her. As Ene makes to advise her, someone knocks on the door and Ene asks Bimpe to get the door. Bimpe wonders why she should get Ene’s door? Ene tells her that she can get the door or use the energy to think about what to tell her in advice. Bimpe gets the door and it is Lola!
Charlie comes and tells Angela that he has found her father. She does not believe him. He explains to her that he saw the same person at the hospital, etc. She agrees and asks to be taken to see her father.
Bimpe asks Lola whether she is stalking her or what? She wonders why Lola is following her about? Lola says she is bothered about her sudden bad mood and is worried that it will affect their chances in the competition. She just wants to be friends.
Angela discusses finding her father with Charlie. She asks how he looks? Chales tells her that he looks beaten and does not have an address. He is jumpy and is dressed in old garbs, etc. Angela asks to be taken to see him but Charles says he cannot do that. Angela wonders what he is talking about? She wants to see her father! She asks him not to play with her or try to fool her. He insists that he is doing none of that. She then orders him to take her to her father! He tells her that it is dangerous for both of them as they can be followed. When Angela is buying none of that, he goes out to get Angela’s father’s agreement to see Angela.
Majek walks into AMaka’s office and Amaka tells him she has been wanting to reach him. He asks if she is looking to meddle some more in his private life? She orders him not to use that tone with her! He asks her whether it is difficult for her to keep her mouth shut? She talks about her reputation but Majek wonders why he should be bothered about her reputation when his wife has threatened to drag him to hell and back? Funmi and another staff walk in as Amaka asks Majek if it is her fault that Majek did not tell them that he is married to Louisa? Funmi and the rest open their mouths and walk out of the room when Amaka and Majek do not even spare them a glance!
Bimpe and Lola are in the gym and while Lola exercises, Bimpe stands there aloof. Lola reminds her that they came there to bond but Bimpe suddenly remembers she has a script to read. Greg walks in just then and hails them. He gives Lola a warm hug and throws a greeting at Bimpe. He asks what they are there for and Lola explains to him. He says it is good they are there as exercise releases endorphins which is an anti-depressant. Bimpe tells him that she is so upbeat now that if she gets anymore endorphins, she will burst into dolphins as she walks out on them!
Charles comes back in and tells Angela that he managed to convince her father to see her. He is waiting by the recharge cards seller down the road. Angela gets up to go but Charles advises again that it is not wise to see him. As they head out, they run into a gentleman blocking her door.
Amaka tells Majek that they need to find a way to manage the situation. Majek does not think there is anything to manage. He wonders why AMaka opened her mouth? She says she was not aware of everything. He tells her that there was nothing to tell. She reminds him that they kissed! He insists that it was just a harmless kiss. Amaka could not believe her ears. He insists that it was just a harmless kiss and she orders him out of her office. He brushes past Phillip on his way out. Phillip asks if there is anything he should know?
The young man that met Angela at the door flashes his id card. He is from FCC and is there to chat about her father. Angela asks Chalie to run along then. He asks who Charles is? Angela says he is her lawyer. The FCC guy asks him to run along then. He leaves and Angela asks the guy what he wants? He tells her he is there to ask if she has been contacted by her father? They have information that he has been sighted nearby. Angela says he has not been in contact. The guy tells her that they are there to tell her that they are around in case she needs them. He also reminds her that she will be in trouble if she does not tell them when he contacts her.
Phillip asks Amaka whether there is anything he needs to know? Amaka tells him that he is expressing his displeasure that she told Louisa that they kissed. Phillip bursts into a fit of laughter. He could not believe that first, Amaka kissed horror and then told his wife? What for? Amaka tells him that she does not need any more lecture and orders him out of her office. He walks out, laughing.
Bimpe calls Delmuah to tell her she is ready with the script and to find out when shooting starts? Delmuah tells her to ensure she has her lines right. Bimpe insists she has done that. Delmuah tells her to come tomorrow for the shoot. She however asks what is wrong as Bimpe does not sound like herself. Bimpe excuses herself to answer the door and it is Greg! She will call Delmuah back.
Charlie comes back and meets Angela sitting on her sofa looking morosely. She tells him that it is too dangerous now to go and see her father. She however wishes there is a way they can meet. Charlie says her father sent her a letter. Angela reads through the letter but at some point, Charlie starts reading the next line! She stops and looks at him. He tells her that he was reading as her father was writing! She finishes reading with a faraway look on her face.
Phillip tells Funmi to ask Louisa and Majek to come and see him. Funmi tells him that they have both left and separately. He asks her to go but she asks him if it is true? What? He asks. She wants to know if they are married? He asks her out of his office. She tells him that there is a lawyer waiting to see him. He asks her to send him in. Yusuf comes in and introduces himself. Before Phillip could ask him to sit down, he was already seated. He tells Phillip that he is aware that Phillip is looking for a certain Caesar and his client is willing to help!

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Lola, Bimpe and Greg are at a meeting at Ziggy’s. Frank comes across and picks up a copy of a magazine that has Lola on the cover. He comments on her beauty but Greg tells him that she is not as beautiful as Bimpe! That gets a chuckle out of Bimpe.