Bimpe is shocked at the treatment she is getting from Chuks. She considers Chuks a friend and expects him to help her along. He insists that he is doing nothing wrong. Even though she is his neighbor, he cannot run at a loss. He insists they either buy a drink or leave. Bimpe suggests she mentions Ziggy’s in the show. Chuks agrees.
Phillip calls Dannie to ask her what her plans are about the launch? She says she is leaving, going back to the US. He tells her that she needs to see her plans through. He looked through her plans and he likes it. She however needs to see it through. She agrees to stay and work with him.
Chuks asks Bimpe when and how Ziggy’s will benefit from the mention in her show? She reminds him of her days in Black Ananse when she used to endorse various products? He agrees to Ziggy’s being mentioned as a cool place to be at in the program.
Amaka frets about Caesar going to the children’s school and asked how close he got to Toochi and Ife? Phillip tells her no one knows and reminds her of the need to move into the house. She does not think there is any need for that. He reminds her that they need to stick together right now to ward off Caesar. She reluctantly agrees as she does not want to worry about that lunatic breaking into her home. He says finally!
Bimpe and Lola squabble in Ziggy’s over the makeup artists and stuff. Greg gets in and tells Lola that she is looking very beautiful. Lola enjoys the attention and when Bimpe turns with her own made-up face, Greg says she is just fine! That does not sit well with Bimpe. They eventually manage to get Greg poised off enough to leave them and go elsewhere.
Yaya orders for drinks in Ziggy’s and as she waits for her order, Lola comes in and recognizes her as the lady that left the police station with Phillip and asks what she is to Phillip; friend, girlfriend? She says she is happy to meet Yaya now as she can do with a quote for an article she is writing. She fetches her iPad and as she scrolls to the story, Yaya snatches the iPad and reads the story about the timing being right for Phillip to suddenly say that Caesar is back when he is on the block. She is not impressed and tells Lola that she is calling speculation journalism. She warns Lola to step away as she is getting into an area where hacks like her should be afraid to step into.
Dannie meets with Chuks and Sammie to finalize arrangements for the media launching of After Dark. They work through the arrangements and Chuks talks about the email from the event decorator saying she plans to decorate the bar in a weird manner. Dannie confirms she is the event decorator but that she will do a good job. As they are finalizing, Brenda walks in and asks what is going on? Dannie tells her. She says she could swear that it is for another thing as Dannie looks like her world fell apart. Dannie insists she is okay and Brenda sashays away. The whole room wonders what just hit them?
Salewa and Ene look through some make up and when they ask Bimpe’s opinion, she responds in monosyllables. They wonder what is wrong with her but she says it is nothing. Salewa reminds her that the launch went well and wonders why she is moody? Bimpe says she is okay. She just wants to go and wash the paint off her face. Ene is convinced all is not well and asks her what it is? Her phone rings and the caller asks if she is still interested in acting? They may have an opening for her.
Brenda meets with Ashiru at Ziggy’s and she thanks him for coming. He tells her he did not have much options. He is not sure they can be friends. He is only trying to help but she is not allowing him and wonders if she has any respect for him? He talks about her helping him get a job. What about his feelings? She tells him she does not have any problems. She only lost her brother recently and that is it.
Amaka and Laide come out with their bowls of ice cream and as they share a joke, Yaya, who is seated with Phillip remarks that the refugee camp is getting off to a good start. Amaka asks Phillip how long it will take to catch Caesar? He says he hopes it is soon so that they can stop looking over their shoulders. Yaya says she really hoped she met with the guy. Laide says it is not a nice experience. Yaya reminds her that she does not know her well. Yaya relishes a clash of egos; fireworks! Laide tells her the fireworks has already begun.
Amaka sits moping and Laide approaches to ask if she is okay? She says she is just thinking of something which is not important. Laide encourages her to share her problems and not bottle it up. Amaka is not sure this can be solved. Laide encourages her to share. She says sometimes you are sucked into what you didn’t plan and because you want peace, you get pushed around. Laide agrees that she knows what she is talking about but advises her not to allow herself to be blackmailed. She thinks it is best to confront it head on.
Brenda tells Ashiru about her staff she just released from her misery. She just showed her the difference between a copier and a scanner. Ashiru tells her that it is good seeing her relaxed. It could be the holidays. Brenda agrees. Ashiru gets a text and digs out his phone. Brenda asks if it is someone important? He tells her it is from Dannie. He has been meeting her occasionally; as a friend though. He just thought she should know. She tells him; whatever!
Bimpe meets Delmuah at Odyssey for the acting role. She asks where everyone is? Delmuah tells her it is not a proper audition. She asks if she got the role outrightly? Delmuah clarifies that things have been different at the office and they have decided to put their money together and produce something by themselves. It is going to be low budget. Bimpe asks what the budget is but Delmuah tells her that it is certain they won’t be able to pay her a lot but she will definitely be paid.
Ashiru meets Dannie in Kwame’s apartment. He apologizes for getting there late. She confides that there is no emergency. She just wanted to tell him that she will not be around for too long. She tells him about her finding out that Kwame cheated on her with Angela from Brenda. Apparently, Kwame wanted out of their relationship so badly he fell into Angela’s arms. Brenda also feels that she wants to snatch Ashiru and that is one more reason to hate her. Ashiru is shocked that Brenda knows about them. As Dannie cries about her seeming wrong choices, he consoles her, places a hand on her leg and wipes off her tears with the other. After a while he gets up to go and she also jumps up embarrassed.
Louisa meets Amaka in her office and Amaka tells her that she will not be blackmailed and want to put a stop to this whole thing. Louisa asks what she is talking about? Amaka tells her to stop acting ignorant about the whole thing. She made an innocent mistake because she did not have the full facts at the beginning. Louisa is still confused. Amaka tells her that she was not aware that Majek is married when they kissed! Louisa cuts her off and asks her to repeat what she just said! Amaka looks away very embarrassed!

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Bimpe tells Lola not to worry, she has it all figured out. Lola tells her that she is the one looking like the whole world is on her shoulders. She asked Bimpe to come out so that they can have a girlie chat over drinks. Bimpe gets up and tells her she has a movie script to go over as she leaves.