The doctor orders Chuks out of the delivery room. Ene insists that he should not try it. He sneaks out of the room.
Angela and Dannie tells Brenda and Ashiru that they saw the door open. Brenda looks two of them over and Angela tells her that Dannie is staying with her till she could sort out her accommodation. Brenda tells Angela that she looks well, very well; much better than herself. She looks them over and says they are a perfect match, a match made where she does not know! Angela asks that they talk but Brenda does not have time for chit-chat. Angela says that she is sure that Brenda’s boyfriend will not mind. Brenda scoffs at the boyfriend! Ashiru suggests that they leave so that they complete what they are doing. Angela agrees with him but Dannie tries to argue. Angela drags her off. Brenda is shocked that the two women that killed her brother are here looking better than her? Ashiru reminds her that Brenda died in a car accident. She grabs her bag and says she will complete this later.
Bimpe meets Chuks outside and asks where Ene is? He tells her she is inside. Bimpe wonders why he is not there with her? His mum calls and he asks her how long the labour is going to take? He promises to keep her up to date. Frank appears and Chuks asks why he is there and who is running the bar in his absence? He reminds Chuks that he has a host and believes they can manage for a moment without him. He believes Chuks will need a helping hand and it is not only him! He brandishes a flask of shack and cups and Chuks and Ene hold out their cups.
Phillip asks his father’s doctor how long it takes to get a donor for a heart transplant? The doctor says it depends on the patient and the country. The best bet is abroad as they don’t do much here but the expenses is crazy. Phillip asks hwo long it takes if it is for a baby? The doctor says it takes a shorter time; maybe three months. He asks if Phillip is asking because of his father? Phillip says no. the doctor asks who the patient is? He says he will get back to the doctor when he has all the details.
Chuks asks Frank how long it will take? Frank assures him that it will be over soon. He wonders how he got there to be waiting for a baby? Frank assures him that he is doing well and he looks forward to being in his condition. Ene’s father, Dike comes in and asks where she is? They tell him she is inside and he hugs Chuks and congratulates him on being a father. Chuks reminds him that he will also become a grandfather. He asks that they go in, but when they refuse to move, he asks them for the alcohol they are hiding? They timidly bring out the flask and he asks them for a cup and asks Frank to pour him a healthy quantity. They drink up and toast to the new baby.
Angela and Dannie vent about Brenda. Angela wonders if she thinks she did not lose anything at Kwame’s death? Dannie assures her that Brenda is always self-centred. Angela walks about screaming but Dannie tries to calm her down. She tries to teach Angela some meditation moves but when she talks about talking to the camera, Angela snaps out of it.
Amaka wonders how the board members managed to get there? They tell her they want the company to make a firm statement. She asks that they call the meeting to order, then.
Frank asks if Chuks spent the night out there in the waiting room? He says he did alongside Ene’s mum. They wonder how long it will take? Ene’s parents walk in and ask whether everything is over? As they try to think through what to do, Ene’s sister and Bimpe also come in. as they fret, Ene’s mum asks them to stop and allow nature take its course. Sometimes, labour can take up to three days. As the ladies scream, the nurse comes out and they rush him. Hshe tells them Ene is doing well and when Chuks wants to go in, she reminds him that the doctor specifically said he should not go in. He screams at her and reminds her that it is his wife that is in there. Ene’s father tries to calm things down but Chuks runs off towards the labour room before they could stop him.
Brenda and Ashiru are folding cloths and he suggests she take a step away from everything. She wonders why and he assures her she is over-reacting to things like she did to the sugar mummy thing. She says she was having a bad day but he reminds her that she avoided his calls for days. He suggests a vacation but she will not have anything to do with that; at least not then.
Phillip cokes into the reception and meets Omar. He asks what Omar is doing in the office? Omar says he is doing what he has been doing; work! Phillip riles him for not going home and actually doing well after his demotion when he expected him to resign. They throw barbs at each other till Omar walks out. Yaya calls him as Amaka steps into the room and invites him into the conference room. He tells Yaya that the meeting is going well and he will get back to her. She tells him she sent him a present.
Chuks walks in and sees Ene cuddling a baby. He is dumbfounded and gives her a peck. She tells him they have a daughter & he calls that the best Xmas present he has ever received. As they look at each other, the nurse comes in and tells him he has only five minutes. Just then, the whole family comes in and they crowd the whole place as the nurse struggles to keep the noise down. Ene’s mum breaks into a song!
Phillip joins the board meeting and Dr. Gyang was asked to tell him the news. He has been voted the chairman of the company in his father’s stead. They ask for his reaction and he tells them that it reminds him of his father’s absence and why he is away. He lapses into silence and is lost for words till Amaka snaps him back to reality. He asks for their cooperation in running the company which he has always been associated with.
Brenda tells Ashiru the story of her buying Kwame his first blazer. He has always hated formal wears but she insisted that he has to dress serious to be considered so. She took him to a shop and allowed him to choose what he wants. Happy at being allowed a say, he bought three.
As the board members file out, Phillip calls Yaya and chides her affectionately for sending him pictures of her while he is trying to run for chairman of a company. Amaka approaches and he gets off the phone. She wonders whether it is a boy’s club now? He reminds her that she is still the CEO. She wonders what the rush is? Fred will soon be back. He reminds her that Fred is still not back and they need to run the company. She says that what happened at the festival is not anyone’s fault and Phillip does not agree completely. She asks what parts? He wonders how she could trust Majek completely with security if she was not thinking with her heart. She is shocked that he is accusing her of fondness for married men and defends herself stoutly saying she did not even know he was married then. He wonders how that could happen? She tells him that they came to the company separately and keep their professional lives apart from their family work. She signed on with her maiden name. Phillip wonders what is there to hide and why they are being so secretive? He asks Amaka what she knows about the couple and Amaka is suddenly lost in thought!
Brenda dresses Ashiru in Kwame’s blazer and steps back to admire her work. She assures him that he looks great and wonders what they are doing in there with their Xmas holidays? She is sure that he has other plans, or is she the only person he hangs out with? He says he has friends from work. She asks if she is the only female he hangs out with? He is shocked and asks if she is asking whether he is seeing other women? She tells him not to appear so shocked, Kwame. A man has needs, she tells him and asks him to move into the flat since they cannot allow the flat to waste. He is shocked and reminds her that she just called him Kwame but she did not even hear him!

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