Ene is wheeled screaming into the labour room. Chuks assures the nurse that she is registered with them. As she goes for the doctor, Chuks tells Djinee to leave. He can handle it all alone as family.
Ashiru (The Good Samaritan) calls & Brenda allows the phone to keep ringing. She finally picks & he is happy she picked. She asks what he wants & he says he wants a reaction and asks if she is still angry at what one of his gym mates said? He lets her know he does not agree with the guy’s opinion. He asks if they can become friends again? She tells him Merry Xmas. He asks what she is doing for the rest of the day?
Chuks harasses everyone in sight; asking for the doctor. The doctor finally comes & he goes after her. The nurse confirms that the amniotic sac has not even ruptured. Chuks and blames Ene for gyrating like a video vixen at the dance floor. Ene insists she was not gyrating. They continue to argue back and forth and the nurse and doctor watch. They ask Chuks to stop agitating his wife but he won’t listen.
Amaka meets Freddy playing a game and asks if he never gets bored of those games? He tells her it is a new game. She asks how he feels about going back to the boarding house but he continues his game. She is not surprised after the shenanigans he threw the last time. Funmi calls Amaka to inform her that a board meeting has been scheduled for the next day to discuss the chairmanship of the company in Fred’s absence.
Chuks and Ene continue to argue and the doctor asks him to stop. He continues and they argue about who needs to work to bring the baby to the world. The doctor asks him to stop or she may be forced to administer a tranquilizer. He says he will not allow her do that to Ene. The doctor says he is the one she is going to tranquilize, not Ene!
Angela examines her gift and Dannie asks of she is still enamored? She calls Charlie to thank him for his gift. He congratulates her on her testimony. She asks if they can meet and he asks if there is anything he can do for her? She asks that they meet and catch up for old times’ sake. He will be there in an hour. She drops the phone and Dannie screams gleefully about Charlie but Angela tells her that it is someone she met in the past when she had dissociative disorder. Dannie asks if she has that? No, had, Angela explains. Dannie digs in to find out what it was like having an alter ego? After a while, Angela abandons her in mid-sentence and walks away.
Frank tries to reach Chuks but he is not picking. They hope Ene is okay. Phillip tries to convince one of the board members to come to his side on the chairmanship tussle. He says it is for the good of the company. The woman wonders why she should agree with him? What happens if Fred does not make it back? Phillip forcefully says it is not possible. Fred has to make it back!
Ene is still struggling with the baby with Chuks shouting counter instructions to what the nurse was saying.
Charlie visits and Angela thanks him for coming. She asks him to relax, she does not bite. He apologizes for giving her out to Brenda and she says she is the one that should apologize. She had someone else acting a part of her some of the times. She did things she is not proud of. He asks her what percentage of Angelique is left? She wonders if he misses her?
Yaya meets up with Phillip who apologizes for shifting the time of their meeting. He had a meeting with a board member to convince her to vote for him as chairman. She says it is sexy to be with the big guy. He asks if that means she is going with him? She replies that they crossed some line when he told her about his dad. He says he is thinking of going to the police with that story. She convinces him that the time for that has passed. If he does so now, attention will shift from Caesar to him and the tabloids will have a field day.
Phillip and Yaya are hunched over a table and he reminds her that he knows next to nothing about her. She says there is nothing like a little mystery to keep a relationship going. He smiles and she asks what will happen if she does this or that? She rubs his chest, arms, and lips and they lean over the table and lock lips in the full glare of the whole bar. Frank comes and coughs discreetly and tells them that a customer complained of the air they both burst out laughing!
Angela pulls Charlie’s legs and he stutters about Angelique. He eventually stops when he realizes what she is doing. She throws her head back and laughs heartily. Dannie appears and says she has not heard Angela laugh that brightly before and it feels good. However, she caught Angela’s nurse eavesdropping. She asks if Angela even still needs a nurse? Charlie leaves and Angela and Dannie screams for the nurse.
Ene labours at it and Chuks asks to go out briefly. Ene asks what for? He says he wants to call their parents and give them updates. Ene will not hear that and insists that he makes the call right there in the room. They started this together and they must end it together, she says while clutching tightly at his arms.
Phillip continues to smile and asks Frank to please apologize to the customer on their behalf. Yaya wonders why they should apologize? She turns in her chair and tells off the people behind her but Phillip pulls her back lovingly telling her that she is now back in Nigeria and here, people do not go around flaunting their personal lives. He asks if she still goes around with her knife and she tells him yes, so he better behave! They remain hunched over the table gazing into each other’s eyes.
Angela and Dannie wait for the nurse who appears and begs them that it is a reporter that asked her to keep an eye on Angela. They ask for further details and she says it is a female reporter and gives them a card. She begs them to allow her keep her job. Dannie tells her off as Angela dials the number. She orders her to carry her things and leave and never come back. The nurse quickly goes in and rushes out with her bags. As she steps out the door, Angela gets through on the number she has and is told that no one with that name works there. Angela a runs after the nurse but she had disappeared. Angela rushes back in and tells Dannie that Kwame’s door is ajar. Two of them rush in there and meet Brenda and Ashiru looking the place over. Brenda tells them that this is private property?

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Ene’s father hugs and congratulates Chuks on his becoming a father soon. Chuks passes something to Frank behind his back and reminds him that he will soon become a grandfather. Dike asks that they show him the way but stops suddenly and asks them to show him the alcohol they are hiding.