Chuks tries to convince some customers that they have an intimate show that they don’t want it to be too big and be bigger than the reason for the season. They says they will wait and see. He tells Sammy that they had better have a very good show or they are finished. Sammy says Pathois is not even picking her calls. Chuks calls Salewa to come and sing. She says she cannot just come and sing. She needs time to rehearse et. al. He asks her to come immediately. The customers that want her are waiting.
Peju interviews Eddy Edoma about Angela’s testimony at the trial. Eddy says Angela’s testimony this time around was quite solid; more solid than at the previous trial. If the defense cannot drill holes at her testimony, Masters will be convicted.
Frank, Sammy, Bimpe, etc wait around and wonder what they will do as there is no artiste and there is a crowd waiting to be entertained. Frank wonders where Chuks is hiding? He is the manager and should be out there facing the customers. Chuks and Ene comes out and Chuks hands out some Xmas memorabilia. The others ask what they will do? He says he is trying to buy time. Bimpe asks if he is supposed to be Santa? In that case, his costume is not complete. He walks across to the customers and wishes them a merry Xmas and goes ahead to crack a joke Ene hopes he is not going to use again. As they wonder what to do, Festac walks in and they nearly embraced her. Pathos is not around but she came with another of her artiste, Djinee. The customers are already taking pictures with him. Chuks asks Sammy to hit the social media and announce that Djinee is at Ziggy’s. They go into the office and Frank announces the artiste.
Laide calls Omar to ask how he is celebrating Xmas? He is doing nothing but asks if Laide told Phillip anything about what he said? Laide says not yet but she had been tempted to ask him. She goes on and on about how Phillip has been pretending to protect the family from Caesar when he is the one they should be worried about! She will not say anything to him till she gets something concrete. She is banking on Phillip’s brashness to get him to drop some clues!
Chuks and Festac and Djinee negotiate about his performance. Chuks wonders whether the guy is preparing to perform or something else? The guy moves to box Chuks who dodges into a corner. Festac gives Chuks a list of demands. Chuks says it is not possible especially as most of the items are for the manager. Djinee says he has a show to do and will leave Chuks to negotiate the list with Festac.
Angela screams at the private investigator for not finding her father. She does not want an apology but her father! She gets off her phone and Dr. Ibrahim knocks and she lets him in. He gives her a present to congratulate her on the trial. They settle down and he asks how she feels testifying against Masters? She says she does not know. He digs deeper and she says a part of her feels free while the other worries about what she lost before getting there. As they discuss, Dannie comes out to ask if it is okay for her to burn incense? Angela asks her not to since she does not absolutely have to do so. Angela explains to Dr. Ibrahim that Dannie is there till she can sort out her issues with Brenda. Dr. Ibrahim asks if she is irritated by Dannie’s presence? She acknowledges that being a nice person can be bothersome.
Phillip visits Sankey with a present to show that her actions are appreciated. He asks where the investigation is? She says they are following up on a number of leads. He asks if they know who gave Caesar and his gang access to the company and why? She says they don’t know who yet but they have an idea about why. It maybe someone that wants money, or does not like the way things are run or… He asks why there are so many maybes? She tells him that the evidence may not be in the person’s bank statement. They may have to dig into people’s vulnerabilities.
Peju doubts whether Djinee will perform at the bar? Festac assures them he will be out soon, and on cue, Chuks and Festac come out and announce Djinee. He comes out and starts rocking the ladies as Salewa sneaks in unnoticed. Ene and Bimpe compete for who will bend down more. Chuks asks her to slow down because of her condition but she refuses. After some rocking, she grabs her tummy and sits down. Chuks asks what is wrong? She thinks the baby is coming! All the guests turn and look at her!
Yakima asks Yaya why she is standing there as if she is expecting a present? Yaya asks if she should? Yahimba warns her to watch her mouth. She replies that at least her sister looks like she is getting presents. She looks so happy in her family photos. Yahimba asks where she saw her? She gives up her visit with Phillip and Yahimba is furious she forgot to mention it but asks if she made herself useful? She asks when Sheila is back in the country? Yaya says they did not get to that. Yahimba wrings her ear and calls her useless.
Ovie meets Masters and goes over his strategy for Angela’s cross-examination. By his assessment, Angela’s statement was damning. She is aggrieved and the judge looks sympathetic. Masters tells him that on her good day, Angela is better than the average. Ovie says he has prepared his strategy and by the time he drags her through every step of her colorful past, her testimony will be in tatters. Masters asks him to leave that for the next witness.
Cosmo comes out of the kitchen clutching Ife. He wants Phillip to help hold the crying child to allow Cosmo prepare lunch. Phillip asks where her mum went? Cosmo explains she went to the market. Salewa was to look after her but had to go off to a gig. Phillip accepts the crying child and gets her to stop crying.
Sankey visits Angela with a present to thank her for her testimony. She thinks it was convincing and masters may get the maximum sentence, thanks to Angela. Someone knocks and Sankey begs to leave but Angela insists she stays for a drink. She says no and they let in a messenger with a package for Angela. He delivers the package and Sankey follows him. Dannie comes down and tries to see where the present came from but Angela would not let her.
Chuks asks Ene what her gut tells her? She asks how he can be asking her that now? Djinee asks how she is feeling and she says she feels a lot better now. Bimpe asks the crowd to move back to allow her get some air but Peju will not give up the chance of witnessing a live birth on Xmas day. Chuks asks for a doctor and a lady says she is a midwife. Ene will not give birth in a bar in front of all these people. To the hospital, then! Chuks cannot lift her alone so Djinee lends a helping hand.
Laide rushes in and sees a dozing Phillip holding Ife. She rushes and snatches her away and asks him what happened? He explains Salewa had to go out. Laide says she should have told her. Phillip wondered why Laide is fretting? The baby is okay. She thanks him. He asks her what happened when she was born? Amaka told him she had health issues. Laide says she needed a heart transplant. Phillip asks how long it took to find a donor? Laide cannot remember, which he finds strange and says so. She says she was probably busy praying that she recovers.
Ovie thinks they have the prosecution in the right place. As far as the prosecution is concerned, Angela has delivered a guilty verdict but they have another think coming. Masters asks him to schedule a press interview with a mainstream media. Ovie wonders what he could want to talk about at this stage of the trial? He says he probably wants to share some good tidings of the season.

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Ene is in the labour room with Chuks and is screaming that as they started this together, they also need to end it together leaving Chuks in pain as she grabs his hands tightly!