Ene shouts that this is so bad as Chuks works on his papers. She says she ran out of airtime and she promised her mum she will call her. Chuks says she can use his phone. She says she still needs call credit and Chuks tells her that she knows where to get call credit from. She asks after the card she knows he has? He says he used it. He eventually asks her to let him complete what he is doing and he will get her call credit. She asks why he did not tell her Sammy is a girl? He says he has been talking about her forever in the house. She reminds him he forgot to mention she is a girl. She asks how long Sammy will work in Ziggy’s? he says she has good ideas and she will continue working there because Ziggy’s will always need a host.
Phillip grabs a drink and hears Laide screaming about what she cannot accept. Before he could ask her, she asks him what this is all about his boys scouts not letting her guests into the house? She has identified them and yet, they won’t be let in. he tells her that the guards did what is right. She asks what it is about her having to give advance notice of her movement into and out of the grounds? He tells her it is for her own good. He asks what is wrong with the house? She says she moved things around a bit. He sternly tells her that she does not have the rights to move anything around in his house. She reminds him that is Fred’s house. She asks if he is going to get drunk every night in front of her daughter? He tells her he is not about to change his lifestyle for them.
Ene finds her way into Bimpe’s apartment. After a while, she asks what is wrong? Why is Ene in her house? She normally would not do that. Ene claims that she came to thank her for attending the baby shower. Bimpe says she has thanked her a number of times and asks what the issue is? Ene says it is her cousin’s husband. He is beginning to spend too much time in the office with a new employee. Bimpe screams at the mention of office romance and calls it a marriage killer. Ene says her cousin’s husband is buying airtime for the girl. Bimpe says that is just the beginning. He will soon pay her rent and even buy her a car. She asks if Ene’s cousin’s husband is rich? She takes a second look at Ene and wonders why Ene is carrying her cousin’s issue? She asks if Chuks is having an affair? Ene quickly says no.
Dannie comes back with her books and Brenda reminds her that she asked her to leave. She tries to talk but Brenda says she will leave, if she is not going to leave. She tells Brenda to stop fighting but Brenda tells her that she will never allow her keep the shares and as usual threatens and rains insults on her.
Bimpe asks Ene if she is suspecting that Chuks is cheating? She says it is not Chuks. Bimpe asks if Chuks is having anything with Sammy? Ene insists it is her cousin. She asks Ene where her cousin’s husband works? She says he works in a bank. Bimpe asks if the cousin has seen the girl she is suspecting her husband is cheating with? If it is her, she will go and see if she is competition and warn her to stay off her husband. Ene says she will tell Chinwe. Bimpe reminds her that she said it was Chinyere. Ene gets up and runs off while Bimpe stares after her.
Phillip is having a drink as Laide walks up to him and Salewa. She is going out since her friends cannot come visit. She asks Salewa if she could look after Ife? Salewa says it is no problem. As Laide sashays away, Salewa plays with Ife but her phone rings and she dumps the baby on Phillip and runs off. He calls her back and asks her to take the baby. She thinks he should carry the baby a bit more. He says he has things to do.
Delmuah asks Brenda why and how Feke suddenly has all that power? Brenda says she promoted her. Delmuah insists that it is negatively affecting morale. Brenda asks her to then change her attitude. Barrister Ahmed comes in and Brenda dismisses Delmuah. She asks what brought the prosecutor? He says she has not returned his calls. She apologizes for being too busy mourning her brother. He tries to encourage her to testify against Abubakar, saying that Abubakar’s men cut Angela’s brakes. Brenda asks if he is sure and he says yes. She asks him to present that evidence to the court because she is not interested in testifying. He reminds her that he could charge her for obstructing justice and she tells him to go ahead with that.
Phillip comes into the conference room and meets Yaya packing up. He asks how her date with Omar went? She says everything was going well till Phillip showed up. He asked after them but was told that he seemed to have no space for her before. Funmi comes in and drops a document for Yaya and Phillip asks what it is? He blows up when he hears it is an invoice asking why they are invoicing when they have not done the job? Yaya says she does not want to shoot the commercial in Reels Studio anymore. Phillip is livid that she wasted their time. Amaka stops short of entering and listens to their discussion as Yaya asks Phillip if he will no longer ask her out because she changed her mind? He asks her what made her think he was going to ask her out?
Ene calls Chuks and pretends to be Chief E. E. Okpokiti. He wants a birthday party for his daughter in Ziggy’s. chuks says that is no problem. They will take care of everything. Chief Okpokiti wants to meet with a female staff that will understand what his daughter wants at Mirage Bar. Once the lady gets there, she will be shown to Chief Okpokiti. Chuks drops and calls Sammy.
Phillip discusses her play with Dannie and her plans to deal with Brenda. She insists that if she gets busy with work, maybe Brenda will leave her alone. Phillip does not agree and asks if that is the reason behind her telling Brenda that she could not hire a lawyer to defend her? She says it is possible or maybe she cannot afford a lawyer.
Amaka tells Yaya that she hears she has changed her mind about shooting the commercial in Reels. She wanted to come and discuss with her but she was with Phillip and they were having a moment. Is there anything to it? Yaya claims that there is. Phillip asked her out! Phillip walks out at that moment and asks if Yaya is still there? He thought she had left? She says she is about to get her bag. She brushes herself against Phillip as she goes back inside.
Brenda meets with Ashiru to discuss her day. He asked how she is doing and she says she is okay till Dannie ambushed her. He asks why he is allowing this get to her? Has she ever thought of letting Dannie have the shares? She says she will never allow that! She asks which side he is on? He says he wants what will give her peace. She says peace is over-rated. She has been fighting all her life!
Sammy gets to Mirage Spa and asks the receptionist for Chief Okpokiti. The receptionists checks and says they do not have any patron under that name. Ene looks on from behind her dark glasses and newspaper. Sammy says she will wait for a while after saysing she does not have a number to call. She goes and sits right next to Ene and calls Chuks to say there is no Chief Okpokiti. They agree she will wait a while for him and she giggles. Ene cringes. Sammy drops the call and asks Ene how far her pregnancy is gone? Ene hisses and waddles off leaving Sammy wondering what she said wrong?
Amaka asks Phillip that she heard that Laide and Ife has moved into the house. That is the right thing and now they are safe from Caesar. She believes that is what Fred will do. Phillip reminds her that she is still refusing to move into the house with Toochi. She says she is okay and he asks if she will allow him to upgrade the security in her home. She says she has it covered. He wonders why she can entrust her security to Majek? He believes that she is the one that is being stubborn here and not him. As she leaves, Omar comes out and asks Phillip what he had done? He could not handle common competition? Is that why he went to convince Yaya not to shoot her commercial in Reel? Phillip looks at him as if he is an alien.
Dannie gets home and is surprised to see that her door is open. She meets a large woman sitting in her living room and asks who she is? The woman asks her to carry her luggage and leave. Dannie asks who she is, how she gained access to the room and why she touched her things? The lady says she is the building manager and Brenda has asked that she be thrown out. Dannie says Brenda cannot do that. The lady tells her that the next time she comes in there, she will be trespassing!

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Dr. Gyang tries convince Phillip that he needs to step into Fred’s shoes to ensure continuity.