Frank comes in and meets Sandra bringing the chairs back in. He asks what is going on and she tells him she does not have anything to say. She asks him to ask her boss. He asks Chuks and Sammy answers that they thought that they should fill the chairs inside first. Frank reminds him that he suggested that first. Sammy leaves and Chuks asks Frank whether Ene liked the pizza? Frank glares at him.
Phillip asks Yaya if they are going to Ziggy’s for a drink? He asks her to step into his office for a chat. She asks if it is important as she does not want to keep Omar waiting. She steps away from Omar but instead of going to his office, he stops and asks her why she is going out for a drink with the help and suggests that it is not a good idea. She doesn’t mind and wonders why he is bothered? He reminds her that they had a good time at his house the other day. She agrees but reminds him that he has responsibilities to take care of. She leaves him standing there and walks out with Omar!
Chuks and Sammy discuss the bar’s affairs. Sammy wants to visit other bars to see how they are doing and making money. Chuks wonders where the money to do that will come from but brings out the debtors’ book & Sammy is alarmed to see the long list of debtors but Chuks reminds her that every bar has their own list. She thinks that some of the money will never be realized. Chuks insists that they had better pay up!
Sankey gets to her office and sees a gift and a card from Abubakar thanking her for saving his life. As she stares at it, her phone rings and it is Ahmed. He asks if she wants to hear the bad news or the really bad news? She asks if it is Emile and he tells her that Abubakar’s lawyers have told the judge that Emile is unstable to testify. They mentioned that he was treated for emotional disorder as a child. Sankey says that has nothing to do with this case. Ahmed tells her that if he had known, he would not have applied to put Emile on the witness stand. Abubakar’s lawyers are presenting their client as a victim who is being harassed because Emile could not handle the complication of his relationship with Angela. Sankey asks him what they need to do next? He tells her he is on his way home. They will decide what to do tomorrow. As he drops, Sankey flings the gift across the room!
Chuks tells Sammy that they can hire a truck and blast music from the back while distributing fliers. Sammy says that is not sophisticated. Chuks agrees and says they may play jazz or some Stevie Wonder things. Ene calls and says she is calling to thank him about the pizza after he asked after she told him the baby shower went well. He says he will call her back and she asks that he holds on and asks after Sammy. Chuks mumbles something and she asks if Sammy is hot? Chuks says he does not know. Ene says she wants to meet Sammy. Chuks asks why? She says she knows everyone in Ziggy’s. He mumbles and she asks him to get on with the meeting with his lukewarm Sammy!
Omar orders a beer and Yaya orders gin and tonic. He asks her why they are at the bar having a drink? She asks if he does not see it? He is like a closed book and she is curious. She has realized that the only way to get to see him for who he is is to try alcohol! Before he could respond, Phillip walks in and plunks himself on their table!
Brenda and her lawyer wait for Dannie to come but she is late. He asks if she is sure that Dannie knows the time of the meeting and Brenda says yes. They wait in silence again and suddenly, Dannie rushes in with books looking all disheveled. She apologizes for being late and says she has been reading up on all the legal terms to enable her discuss with them. The lawyer is alarmed that she is going to be discussing herself without a lawyer representing her. Dannie grabs her book and takes off again before they could do anything. He turns to Brenda to ask what to do? The meeting will take too long because he will have to explain everything to Dannie over and again! Brenda asks him to use her ignorance to their advantage.
Sammy reminds Chuks that it is possible they will not recover all the money. Chuks says they had better recover their money. she says she will call the customers and be nice to them since she has their numbers. Chuks wonders how she can be nice to people that are owing them? He however allows her and says he needs to run home and help his wife clean up after the baby shower. He will send her some call credit. As he leaves, she calls the first customer and cheerfully says hello…
Dannie comes back with her scattered books and Brenda’s lawyer explains things to her. She keeps asking him to repeat things she did not understand and he keeps doing so till Brenda explodes and screams at Dannie to stop! Everyone stops and looks at her!
Yaya asks Phillip what he is doing there? He reminds her that they are in a public bar. She wonders why he is sitting at their table when there are other tables? He says he likes their table. They try to continue their discussion as if he is not there but he keeps butting in while chewing on his drinking straw.
Brenda ordes Dannie to quit being melodramatic. She is not buying into this her bimbo persona. She threatens that by the time she finishes dealing with Dannie, she will know who she encountered. Her lawyer tries to stop her from making such statements with him present but she waves him off. I may be grieving, but I am not stupid. She threatens to deal with Dannie and Dannie says she is leaving since Brenda does not want to play nice. She packs her things and leaves as the lawyer tries to stop her.
Yaya suggests they play a game called five fingers. Omar asks why she is trying to keep things nice? She asks why he thinks she is doing so? She steps out to the ladies and Phillip tells Omar not to take this date thing serious. Omar asks him to say what Yaya is doing since he knows her very well? Phillip says she is trying to use Omar to get him jealous. Omar looks at him like he is a child!
Chuks tells Ene that their money will start rolling in soon. As he potters around the house, Ene asks him to help her with the gifts. He packs the things into the house and Ene immediately grabs his phone and reads the text to Sammy sending her credit and wonders what happened?
Brenda’s lawyer tells her that she did not help their case with her response. She does not seem perturbed.
Yaya comes out and tells the boys she is happy to see that they have not killed off each other yet. Omar asks her if she wants another drink? As she answers, Phillip asks if Omar wants to score some additional brownie points? Yaya tells him that Omar knows he does not need to do that. Just then, Omar leans across the table and plants a kiss on her lips! She asks what that was for and he says he thought there was a mistletoe overhead and apologizes. She smiles at him and Phillip tosses his drink down and gets up and leaves!

Next on Tinsel
Bimpe tells Ene that office romance is a marriage killer. She tells Ene that soon, the man will buy the girl gifts, pay her house rent and even buy her a car. She asks if her cousin’s husband is rich? Ene says no and Bimpe asks if she is talking about Chuks?