Ene’s baby shower is on with two other babes and Bimpe. They bring food and Bimpe tries to reach for it but Ene snatches it away. She brings out the wine she brought and Ene declines saying she is pregnant. The other babes are also not interested. They ask Ene how it is? She says she never knew she will find it difficult bending down to do her own laundry. However, Chuks has been helping. Bimpe carries her drink and says she will go and have it alone since no other person wants to join her. Ene warns her to be careful with the bottle.
Laide lands with her load of boxes and Phillip asks what it is for? She tells him that babies come with bags. He tells her that this is a temporary arrangement and calls Sankey to ask for update on Caesar? The earlier he is caught, the better, he screams into the phone. He storms out and Salewa sits there staring at Laide and Ife. She asks Salewa to say hi to her cousin. Salewa waves at two of them without saying a word.
Chuks tells Frank and the others that they need to set up tables and chairs outside to expand the bar. Frank says he has an idea. They wait but he says nothing. After a while, he repeats that he has an idea. Chuks asks him to come up with it. He suggests they fill the bar first before going outside. Chuks tells him that he is the one in charge of strategy and not Frank. He asks Frank to go and check the number of chairs and tables in the store. Frank refuses to move. Ene calls Chuks to ask that he helps them get pizza during his break. He tells her he will be working during his break. Frank offers to deliver the pizza. Chuks agrees and gives him money for four. Frank asks for transport fare, Chuks grumbles but pays up. As Frank runs off, he reminds him to come back on time. He still has the tables to arrange.
Angela watches TV and sees Emile’s attack on Masters. She calls Sankey and Segun picks up. She asks if Emile is going to be okay? He says he does not know. She says she is coming over to see. He tries to tell her to stay as Sheila does not think it is a good idea. He realizes that Angela had dropped already. Angela’s nurse goes after her.
Frank delivers the pizza and tells Ene that he only is able to get one pizza. He is ready to run off but Ene asks him to stay and have some food. He says he needs to run off before Chuks gets at him. She asks him what that means? He asks her to please give him a minute.
Salewa and Freddy play with Ife and Laide encourages them. She tells them that the baby is smiling at them because she likes them. As they continue to play with the baby, Laide tells Salewa to tell her about Titan. She asks what it feels like to date a celebrity? She says it does not feel like dating a celebrity. As they chummy up to each other, Phillip comes out and says he can see she is settled in nicely and asks when she will move into Fred’s room? She says they will not be staying in Fred’s room! He taunts her about worming her way into the house as she did earlier which resulted in her baby and reminds her that she is only in the house because Fred will want his daughter safe. As he harasses her, Salewa, who has been carrying Ife quickly dumps her back on Laide’s lap and suddenly remembers she has a baby shower to attend!
Sankey meets Emile in jail and could not hide her anger at how foolish he was. She wonders what he was thinking? That he can kill Masters in front of everyone? He tells her that if the police had not stopped him, he would have been able to get off his shot! He believes that Masters deserves to die. She reminds him that he has messed up their case and tells him that his mum is outside and will be coming in to see him. He says he wants to see Angela but she walks out on him.
Frank tells Ene that Chuks is trying to sack him by giving him deadlines, etc. Ene does not believe that. She wonders how Chuks can be trying to sack Frank by giving him work? Frank talks about Chuks hiring a hostess and she says she was skeptical at the beginning but wonders why they should not allow things settle first before complaining? Frank tries to convince her but Salewa breezes in and Ene tells Frank to run along.
Sankey gives Mrs Haruna the name of a good criminal lawyer. Mrs. Haruna says she knows another five that may be better. She asks what Emile’s chances are? Sankey says they need to check. Mrs. Haruna says she regrets the day her son met that… she stops as Angela walks in. She asks after Emile and Mrs. Haruna leaves. Sankey tells her that Emile’s chances are quite slim.
Phillip calls Funmi to ask after the office. He wants her to keep an eye on things and let him know what is going on. He asks after Omar and the client he is working for? Funmi says she has been around for like an hour. Phillip thanks him and signs off. His phone rings again and it is Salewa. She wants to know if he is okay? He says he is. His action earlier was to warn her about that viper. She asks if he is alright and he tells her that all is well. He asks why she is asking and she says she heard someone crying the other night and wanted to know if there is anything she can do to help. He tells her she must be having a nightmare and asks her to enjoy her baby shower. He drops the phone and wears a surprised look!
Bimpe asks after what Frank and Ene were discussing? She tells them it is nothing. She persists and Ene tells them not to mind Frank. He feels his job is threatened because Chuks hired a host for the bar. Bimpe scoffs at “Ziggy’s Bar Reloaded”. Salewa says that Chuks told her about the hostess and when she mentions it is a woman, Ene nearly had a fit and screams “you mean Sammy is a woman?”
Phillip comes in and meets Yaya and Omar on their way out. He asks what is happening and they say they are going for a drink. Yaya tells him it is more like a date. Omar bends towards her and tells her they need to run along. They both head towards the door but Phillip tells them not yet! He needs to have a word with Yaya alone!
Emile and Angela meet. She is furious at his trying to shoot Masters in front of a TV camera! She wonders what he was thinking? He says he is right. She did not want him to come back. She says she will do whatever she can to get him off. He will go ahead with the testimony for whatever it is worth, but asks Angela whether she will do the right thing and testify against Abubakar?

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Chuks carries the baby shower presents in and Ene snoops on his phone. She sees the airtime Chuks sent Sammy and is alarmed!