The new hostess, Sammy, is introduced to the bar staff who do not necessarily enthused at her presence and they make it clearly known. She says she has heard so much about them; Frank is the sulker, Dumebi the sluggish one and not much has been said about Sandra. They are not happy and clearly say it as they see it. Frank asks Chuks that they need to see. Chuks asks Sammy to wait for him in the office.
Phillip breaks off the intended kiss and tell Yaya that it is a bad idea. There are so many things that come between their having a relationship; her mother, Sheila being married to his father, etc. A lot of people depend on him now. Yaya asks why he is refusing to do what he obviously was going to enjoy? They were going to kiss and not burn down the building. He insists that for once, he intends to do what is right and not what he likes. She tells him that it is okay for him to run away from his desire. He asks if all she is going to do is help him get over his loneliness and wonders what is in it for her? She says she is a big girl and he needs not worry about her. He tells her he did not get that impression the first time they met. She says he should forget first impressions and walks off in a huff.
The bar staff all attack Chuks and he keeps asking them to come out with their issues one by one.
Sankey calls Mrs. Haruna to ask her to speak with Emille.
Chuks comes back to the office to tell Sammy that the waiters had plenty of questions about her. She stops writing on the board and he tells her that Ziggy’s used to be the classiest hang out in town. She asks what happened? He says it is a lot, Dan went to jail, Ziggy died and management changed hands a couple of times. They need to regain their swag. She says she is ready to help but she needs his cooperation. He asks her to come out with it. She says she noticed hostility from the waiters. He tells her it is initial gra gra. She needs his cooperation and he assures her she has it. He asks for her respect for his authority as manager. No more writing on his board. She agrees and asks for her pay to be decided. Chuks asks her to wait. He will soon hear from Dan.
Phillip gets home and Salewa bumps in screaming with ear buds on. She wants to discuss with him. He asks her to remove the ear buds and stop screaming. She does so and says she wants to gist. He asks her to find her mates. She leaves in anger. He calls Amaka and asks her why she is still keeping Freddy away from the house when he should be bonding with Salewa? She asks him to stop that and unlike him, she has real issues to deal with. He stops and she tells him that it is good now that he is sober and drops.
The doctor finishes with Masters and as he leaves, the guard goes to grab Masters but Ovie insists on having a word with him. The guard gives them just a minute. Ovie asks Mastres if the diversion created is to give them time to deal with Emile? Masters asks what he could do to Emile from prison? His hands are tied. Ovie asks what the diversion is about then? Masters says he is giving Emile time for his confusion to fester. Ovie does not understand. Masters says that if Emile has enough time, his youthful exuberance will overcome his cowardice.
Chuks visits Salewa and is swept away at the splendor of the Ade-Williams’s home. He thanks Salewa for rescuing him from the security men but notices her long face. He asks if it is because of the lecturer but she says no. he informs her that he hired a new hostess for the bar. She is not happy about that. As he tries to convince her, Phillip comes to call Salewa and Chuks proudly introduces himself as the manager of the bar. Salewa excuses herself to see Phillip and Chuks reminds them that refreshment will be nice.
Sankey talks to Segun about Emile.
Phillip and Salewa talk about relationships.
Phillip meets Yaya and invites her over to hang out in his house. She reminds him that he has responsibilities! He tells her he will allow her to see the family albums. She asks if he will? He says yes. She says she will be there at 8pm. Amaka comes out to meet them and is happy to see two of them. She is not happy at the idea of shooting Yaya’s commercial with Reel money. Yaya asks them to send her the bill. Phillip says they need to talk about this and goes off with Amaka.
Sankey comes in with Mrs. Haruna and she is surprised at Emile’s condition. Sankey leave them to talk. Mrs. Haruna tells him he needs to get control of himself and just testify. He says that is what everyone tells him. She tells him that he can walk away from it all if he wants. He asks to use her phone. She says she promised Sankey he will not. He asks to go on a walk with her. She hesitates but he reminds her that he is not going to do anything foolish. Besides, the guard will be with them always. She calls Sankey to ask for a favour.
Chuks tells Salewa about Sammy over drinks by the Ade-Williams’s pool. Sammy is supposed to groom the waiters. Salewa reminds him that he used to complain about TTK. He says Titi takes her’s overboard sometimes. He wants her to tell Dan to approve a salary for Sammy. She says she will tell him when he calls her later. He thanks her for the refreshment and asked for a take-away pack so that he can pack the remining food for Ene! Salewa smiles.
Amaka reminds Phillip that they agreed to keep Yahimba at arm’s length. He says that is what he doing. Amaka does not believe that he is achieving his aim by being too close to Yaya. She says they agreed to talk about Freddy and she is ready to allow him spend the weekend with Phillip. He hesitates and she asks if it is suddenly not convenient for him? He says it is okay. He looks forward to it. As Amaka leaves, he sends a text top someone and as he tosses his phone aside, it rings. The lab attendant in the hospital tells him that the preliminary result of the DNA test is out.
Emile and his mum sit in a different room from his hideout and share drinks. He assures his mum that he will testify at the trial. He asks if she is proud of him and she tells him yes with a pat on the back. He asks to use the restroom. The guard goes with him and suddenly runs back calling his colleagues to seal the whole area. Emile has escaped via the window!

Next on Tinsel
Mrs. Haruna is on the phone and asks Sankey if she has found her son? Sankey asks her to calm down and recount what hapopened to her. She tells Sankey that if anything happens to Emile, she will hold Sankey personally responsible.