Salewa begs Phillip to attend a show at the school where their guardians are to be present. Phillip says no. she begs him saying he is her only guardian and it would be stressful for her grand mum to come. He says he is quite busy right now. When she walks away dejectedly, he agrees and she gives him a big hug. He asks what the show is like? She says she will show him and before he could say no, she runs off to fetch her costume.
Chuks gets ready for work and Ene tells him that they need to start getting things for the baby. Things like what? He asks. She says things like a crib. He asks that they leave that for when he gets his first commission. She insists that they should start now. He asks her to tell him her favourite car because he intends to buy her that when he gets money. She insists that he concentrates on important things. He goes insisde to get a silly hat. Ene says she thought he had disposed of that? He dons the hat and leaves as Ene calls it a fashion crime!
Sankey and Segun discuss as the lawyer walks in. he is not happy that Sankey did not tell him about the presence of Emile Haruna. Sankey apologizes. He goes on and on but insists that they need to ensure that the witnesses are prepped for cross-examination. He insists on meeting Emile as soon as possible to prep him. They also need to be sure that Brenda is ready for the witness stand.
Chuks talks to Frank and Sandra in his silly hat
Masters orders Ovie to get him out of jail soon
Salewa dances for Phillip. When she is through, he gives her some pep talk about what to do on stage; less hand movement, etc. He wonders why she did not get the lead role as an Ade-Williams? She insists that this is all she could get. He says that will do. She thanks Brother Phillip. He tells her to cut down on this brother thing. Phillip will just do. She thanks Brother Phillip again as she runs off.
Sandra and Frank discuss Chuks’s over-bearing attitude. Sandra says that success has gone into Chuks’s head. Frank says that the full bar may not be due to Chuks. He wonders who wears that kind of hat to work?
Sankey visits Emille who is not happy that he is imprisoned. Sankey apologizes for the drab apartment saying that is all they could afford. He wants to see Angela but she wonders if he wants it enough to get killed? He is tired of staying in that house and Sankey says that will be over soon. They will soon start prepping him for the witness stand and he had better get some rest.
Phillip and Salewa have dinner. She asks him about his interview where he says he joined the hostages to protect Sheila. Yet they took Sheila hostage.
A woman makes a call for a young woman who comes out to meet her.
Sankey is in Laide’s house. She offers Sankey cookies or any other thing but Sankey is okay. She asks why Laide invited her over? Laide says she wants to know what plans the police have to protect her and the other hostages since Caesar is still on the loose. Sankey wonders if that is all? Laide asks if that is not enough? Sankey tells her that if she does not have any credible evidence that her life is in danger, then there is nothing she can do. Laide asks if her dead body is enough evidence? Sankey tells her that the police does not have a budget for public paranoia.
Frank complains about the way Chuks talks to them. Salewa comes in and cheerfully asks how they are doing and why they are not smiling? Frank says they are okay and sullenly walks away. Salewa asks what the issue between Chuks and Frank is?
Brenda meets with her new-found friend.
Laide asks Masters’s thug who he is? Is he Caesar?

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Sankey and Barrister interview Emille.