Frank and the waitresses discuss their sole customer who is taking pictures of herself. Frank thinks that she is the one scaring other customers away. He walks up to her and badgers her into getting up to leave. Chuks steps in and she complains that Frank was rude to her. Chuks chides Frank and invites her to step into his office to resolve things.
Phillip gets into the office and Funmi comes in immediately to invite him to a meeting at the conference room. He asks who called the meeting? Funmi says it is Amaka.
The lady tells Chuks that she is at the bar because her friend stood her up. Chuks tells her Frank was having a bad day. His girlfriend left him. He tells the lady, Kasi that she is the kind of customer they require. She asks what he meant? He shows her his wedding ring but she tells him that it does not stop some people. He wants her to invite her friends to the bar. She asks whether he is some kind of pimp? He tells her that there is something about fine girls that make guys spend money. She asks what is in it for them? He offers two free glasses of wine but that was not enough for her. She wants transport money for her friends and herself in addition. He agrees and they shake hands.
Dr. Ibrahim visits and asks the nurse for Angela. They ask the nurse to allow them discuss in private. He asks why she discharged herself from the hospital? She says she was getting cooped up in there. He is worried that she is not 100% okay and she screams that she will never be 100% okay. He is happy to see some fire in her. He was worried that the loss of her baby will affect her. She says that baby was her chance at living a normal life. She was worried at the influence of Masters on the child’s life but she chose to focus on the positives; baby clothes, etc. she fought Angelique so hard for that normalcy but now, that is not going to happen. She breaks down and he holds her hands with his one free hand. The other is still in a sling!
Chuks brings Kasi out to the bar and asks for a glass of wine for her on the house. Frank asks why? Chuks tells him that she will help them solve the problems in the bar. He went to Tornados and saw the difference between them. How? Girls bring guys and guys spend money. Frank thinks it is too simple. They however give the young woman her glass of wine as she calls her friends and invite them over to Ziggy’s Bar with a promise that they will have a nice time.
Chuks gets into Amaka’s and she remarks that it took him long enough. He reminds her that she bailed out too. She says she was away to rest but realized that she cannot be away for so long. She is back for the family. He says that things were chaotic while she was away. He could have handled it but it is okay she is back. They need to call a truce and walk for the success of the company. Funmi comes in and Amaka tells her it is time. She rushes out and Phillip asks what is going on? Amaka says she has been briefed on what is going on as Omar and Jimoh walk in.
Angela thanks Dr. Ibrahim for coming to visit her. He tells her that she needs to start her therapy immediately and she agrees to be at her best behavior. As she walks him out, he asks her for a favour. He understands that she will want to see Brenda but Brenda is going through a very difficult time right now. Angela promises to stay away from Brenda for now. Her nurse eavesdrops from where she is hiding.
The waitresses wonder whether Kasi is diluting the wine with water at the speed it disappears. Just then, two of her friends come in and join her. Chuks orders that a bottle of wine be sent to them. The girls reject the non-alcoholic wine saying it is for children. Chuks tries to appeal to them but they get up to leave. He asks them to wait. He was just waiting for customers to come in and as they start working, the wine will start flowing. One of the babes get up and when she starts touching Chuks’s arms, he quickly agrees to serve them champagne and runs from them as Frank and the rest have a good laugh.
Amaka asks Jimoh if it is true that he spoke with a lawyer? Phillip wonders what he will be talking to a lawyer about?
Brenda invites her lawyer to discuss what to do to Adanna and how to get her name off the shares. He advises caution and reminds Brenda that Adanna may not be Angela, but the last time she tried to deal with someone, it backfired but Brenda insists that Adanna deserves the hiding she is about to dish out to her.
The nurse massages Angela’s feet. As she winds up, she tells Angela that she could not believe that she was the one on the bed when she saw her. She was the one who put Abubakar back to jail. If not for her… as she prattles on about Angela and Brenda, Angela was not listening.
Amaka asks Jimoh what she wants? He says that he simply wants a man-to-man apology from Phillip for what he did to him. He was tricked into confessing and was humiliated in front of other staff. Amaka asks if Phillip has anything to tell Jimoh? Phillip would not say anything. Amaka reminds him anbbout business and family. He mumbles an “I am sorry”. Amaka chides Jimoh for talking to the press and reminds him that Fred would not be happy if he hears what he did. Jimoh apologizes for talking to the press. Amaka asks him to go and see accounts and his job is still there if he wants it. He says he will think about it. As he walks out, Amaka asks Phillip to erupt if he wants. He screams at her and asks what that was all about?
The girls continue to down drinks and Chuks and the waiters wonder how they can ever be useful? Frank says all they have to show for them is the free drinks. Just then, three guys walk in and are happy at the sight of the babes. As they settle in, one of the babes sashay to their table and seductively ask one of them to take a picture of her and her friends. The guy quickly agree and make a job out of it!
Ashiru takes a call from the Football Association offering him the job he applied for and which he was turned down for. They offer him the job. The next thing he does is to call Brenda and happily tell her about the offer for a job. He offers to take her out to celebrate. She tells him she does not feel like celebrating but is very happy that he now has a job.
Amaka tells Phillip that aggravating Jimoh by lying and intimidating him was not the best thing to do now. They are in the middle of a major production and losing Jimoh without lining up a replacement would not work. He insists that she only brought him there to undermine his authority in front of all staff and it has nothing to do with work. Amaka asks why it must all be about him? If she does not know well, she would have thought that he was out to destroy his father’s legacy!

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Peju was going to move to another topic but stops and asks Phillip what he meant by saying that he aspires to be a fraction of the man that Fred was. Phillip asks if he said that? Peju asks him if Fred is still alive? Phillip starts fidgeting.