The waitresses gossip about a bobo that has been calling them before Chuks comes in dressed nattily. He asks if Frank has told them he is now the manager? Frank says no. Chuks tries to do it but Frank quickly tells them that Chuks will be helping out. They ask if Frank is no longer in charge? Chuks delivers a Martin-Luther-kind of speech till Frank rudely reminds him that they need to get back to work as customers will soon start coming in.
Funmi asks Omar how he is faring in the editing suite? She thinks Jimoh may be working him too hard. Omar says he will survive. They think that a movie on the hostage crisis will be a hit and ask each other who will play each of them? Omar tells Funmi and Jimoh that they are thinking of actors while he is thinking of money. Majek comes into the room and they ask him who he thinks will play him in the movie? Majek sullenly hands out a document to each of them. It is a non-disclosure agreement from Legal.
Chuks talks to the waiters and Frank about ways to turn the fortunes of the bar around. He writes it down and they keep reeling out new things till he had no space on his flipchart to write anymore. They had things like extra salaries, new toilet, new dishes, Malaysian meals, a new cook…
Dannie comes to visit Phillip and with little or no chit chat, he asks why she came around? She says it is about Black Ananse. Phillip wonders if it is about the shares? He advises her to cut a deal with Brenda. She insists that Kwame left her those shares and there is a reason for that. He advises her that if she must deal with Brenda, then she had better be strong. He knows her as his half-sister and the other half is Rottweiler. He insists that if she wants to tango with Brenda, then she had better think with her head and not her heart!
Chuks cleans the board and Frank asks why he is cleaning up what they told him? He says that he can sum it all up in one word; he scribbles nostalgia on the flipchart. He insists that what the customers want is nostalgia. They want to feel welcome. He accuses the waiters of scaring customers away with their long faces. Dumebi drags her feet and Frank takes too long on his lunch break. He is setting a 15 minute lunch break for them. Going forward, he will set up a customer service survey and if the customers are not happy, they are not happy. He asks them all to get up and Ziggy with it.
Omar asks who the idea of the NDA is? Majek insists that it is the legal department’s. Omar shows others page 3 of the agreement which states that they cannot make money from the hostage crisis. If they tell the story to outsiders, they will be sacked and sued. Others shout. Majek promises to negotiate with the legal team. The others all get up and leave. Omar asks Majek if he will sign the agreement? Majek reminds him that he is also a staff.
The staff meet Feke and asks how Brenda is doing? She tells them that Brenda is still not up to work. They all agree that Brenda needs to get out of her grief and run the company. They are falling behind on production and have already lost one project. They ask Feke to get back to Brenda but Feke asks why she is the one that will go to Brenda? They tell her that she is the only one that Brenda listens to right now. They complain about the risk of working in a place with very few people at the top. Some of them talk about considering other options.
Chuks complains that Frank did not tell him how bad things were at the bar. Frank reminds her that no one begged him to apply. He reminds them that the way the bar is, soon creditors will come for their things, and when that happens, they will not be able to pay salaries and eventually lock up the bar! As they despair, he asks them to cheer up, now that he has their attention. They wonder what is there to be cheerful about? He tells them that they have to be happy so that customers will feel the warmth when they come in. just then, a patron walks in and asks for a bottle of stout. Frank asks if that is all he wants? Chuks reminds them to give the customer exactly what he wants. He goes to welcome and sit the guy. The guy looks up with a surprised smile!
Funmi and Jimoh complain about the NDA. Omar tells them that it is not the end of the day. Funmi grumbles about her hospital bills and being gagged. They remind her of the last time she refused to sign a document and got fired. Omar advises that they not over-react but think clearly and then respond.
Angela answers the door when she is told it is the nurse. The nurse was hired to take care of her. Angela tells her that the doctor will not allow her go if she did not hire the nurse. The nurse tells her that the first thing she wants to do is get her off her feet. The nurse tells her that her job is to take care of her. Angela tells her that she now sounds more like a bodyguard than a nurse. She tells Angela of the man that tried to stab her while she was in coma. She concludes that Angela’s life is in danger. Angela tells her that her life has always been in danger and she would rather be dead than live her life in fear.
Sankey brings Emille home to a new place with a home sweet home! He looks around and complains that the place is smaller than his closet. She welcomes him to the kind of apartment that normal people live in. she assures him that he will have a police guard. He asks if it is only one? She insists that no one knows he is around and if anyone finds out? He reminds her that she said no one will know he is back. She tells him that they are tracking Masters’ men and if they find out where he is…? He says he wants to see Angela. Sankey says she knows Angela also wants to see him but it is better he keeps a low profile. She offers to pass a message between them.
Jimoh comes in to meet Majek and tells him there is no way to do this so he will come out with it. He thinks Funmi is the leak. He talks about how she was complaining loudly about the agreement. He asks if Majek is serious about talking to Legal about amending the agreement? Majek thanks him for the information and asks what he means by amending the agreement?
Sandra comes back smiling from the customer’s table and they all complain about over-smiling. They ask Chuks for how long they will keep smiling? He tells them that every customer likes coming to a happy bar. Frank thought all they want is a cold bottle of beer. He asks if they are not enjoying the smiles and they all shout no! They wonder what will happen when Uncle Dan comes back? He says he will no longer be sacked because his success will save his job. The customer calls them and one of them goes to meet the smiling customer with a big smile!
Angela looks at the mirror in her sitting room and sits down to stare at Kwame’s picture on her phone gasping his name!

Next on Tinsel
Jimoh rush into Ziggy’s screaming at Phillip with Majek behind him. Phillip wonders what is wrong with him? He is already fired! He gets up and taunts the guy to throw a punch if he feels strongly about it. Majek tries to restrain them but Phillip continues till Jimoh grabs his shirt. The lady drinking with him jumps up.