Laide wants to move into Fred’s house. Phillip asks if she is insane? She says Fred mentioned that he wants to be a father to Ife just like he was to Phillip and his other children. Phillip thinks she is imp[ossible and insists that is not what Fred meant. Laide insists that is what was said and Phillip asks her to wait for Fred to come back then to implement what she heard. She asks if Phillip wants to go against his father’s wish? Phillip calls Cosmo and asks why they let Laide into the house knowing what she is capable of? Cosmo says it is the security men and Phillip tells him to see Laide off and he will change the security men if he needs to.
Bimpe screams at the producer to take his hands off her. He asks her to stop telling everyone he is the producer of the show.
Brenda and Dannie square up over Kwame’s will. He willed most of his shares to Dannie and made a provision for Brenda and the family. Brenda is livid and tells Dannie that she will top her from getting her hands on the shares if it is the last thing she does. Dannie asks if she thinks she wanted Kwame dead so that she can lay her hands on a few shares? She loved Kwame! Brenda tells her to stop talking about love. Kwame is her brother. Dannie asks if that makes her the only person that is good enough to love him? She tells Brenda to get over herself and Brenda jumps up and she gets up and squares up to her! A lady comes out to ask why they are raising their voices and the lawyer uses the opportunity to escape!
Frank comes to see Bimpe and Greg at their table. Bimpe introduces him as her friend and Frank asks them to let him know whether they need anything. Greg asks Bimpe when last she hit the gym? She says she is more of a spa person than gym. Greg tells her the gym is good for her and she asks whether that is why he is uptight? He says the show is killing and he needs to run off. As they discuss, Lola comes in and asks why they are away from work while she has been the onlyh one working?
Amaka is struggling to keep hold onto the meeting as she is attacked by Dr. Gyang and the other hostile board members. She insists that she is on top of the whole thing and the company came out of the hostage situation looking good. She gave them printouts from the company website to show that the fans are still with them. They disagree loudly and insist that the festival went well. As they argue, Phillip saunters in and apologizes for his tardiness. They ask what he is there? He tells them he is there to represent Mrs. Ade-Williams and gives them her signed instruction.
Greg leaves the ladies and Lola asks why she is not respecting herself? She is shadowing the producer. Bimpe reminds her that she was also running after the guy. She says the guy came unto her. Bimpe insists that she has nothing to do with the guy. She asks why Bimpe is hanging around the guy then? Bimpe tells her that Greg is not her type.
The lady in Brenda’s asks why they cannot reach a common ground? Brenda insists that there is no common ground.
Bimpe gets to Ene’s and meets her doing some breathing exercise.
Phillip gives the board members update on Fred’s condition and assures them that he is there to support Amaka.
A hospital staff comes to see Angela and asks her to get up and go for her bath. She insists that Angela can go take her bath herself. She tries to get up and suddenly remembers that no one is talking about her baby. She asks the lady to tell her about her baby. The lady looks away and Angela grabs her hands.
Majek comes into Amaka’s office and asks whether she is okay? She says all is well. Phillip is back and everything is okay. Majek listens as she rants about her working all hard to make the festival a success and now that Phillip is back, all is well. They have forgotten how many times he walked away and she has a mind to allow him run the company down. Majek asks why she is letting Phillip get to her? He insists that she needs to take some time off and get some air. He asks after Toochi and she says he is okay now that his nanny is back. She invites him and Louisa to dinner and he insists that she does not tell Louisa that they have discussed the issue. He does not want her jumping to conclusions. Phillip barges in and asks what is going on? Amaka tells him she is not ready to talk to him. He says that is all okay as he is not there to talk to her!
The doctor tells Angela that they were not aware she was pregnant when she was brought in. before they knew it, she was already having a miscarriage and they do not know whether it is natural or due to the stress of the accident. She apologizes and Angela asks for Dr. Ibrahim.