Brenda’s staff argue about keeping the news about Kwame’s death from Brenda. Nnenna wonders what they will do when Brenda finds out that they knew and hid it from them?
Sheila wonders why Phillip is just telling him about the hostage situation just then when it started since yesterday? As she frets, Amaka calls Phillip. He puts her on speaker. She tells them that they have a problem and they all need to meet in the house. They ask her what the problem is and she cuts off the phone.
Dr. ibrahim calls Sankey and she tells him she is on her way out. He is shocked at the news that Kwame is dead. He asks how Brenda is doing and she says she is not sure that Brenda herself knows how she is doing. Dr. Ibrahim asks what that means and she tells him that makes two of them. She tells him not to be shocked if he gets a second patient soon. She drops the phone and asks Segun to tell her how the news leaked? He tries to hedge and she shouts at him to answer her. He tells her it happened in a residential area and anyone, including the hospital staff could have talked. The traffic department could also have leaked the story to make their bosses decide who has jurisdiction over the case.
Chuks comes back to meet Soji in high spirits. Soji tries to play down the discussion but Chuks was still pushing him to conclude the discussion. He wonders what could be complex about it till Soji tells him that they are not interested in his designs!
Chuks asks what Soji wants to tell them? Soji is not sure. Chuks asks if they are going to pay well? Soji says they are willing to pay better than well. Chuks asks him to accept the job. He says no but Chuks asks him to take the job and bring him along. He does not think he has that kind of power. Chuks insists that he takes the job. They will arrange the rest.
Amaka tells Sheila and Phillip that she ran into a problem at the bank. They could not raise more than 10% of the amount the guy is asking for from the bank in the short time available. She wants them to dig into their personal accounts and see what they can get. Sheila asks if that looks like it makes sense? Does the guy look like he can be negotiated with? As they discuss, Amaka’s phone rings and it is Caesar. She panics and asks what to do?
Chuks tells Ene about the job while she admires the design. He wonders if she heard what he is saying? She says she heard. She thinks that something good came out of his first call. He wonders what the good news is? She says Soji at least got a job out of it. He tells her they have decided to ask Soji to accept the job and negotiate to take him along. Ene wonders if he is sure that Soji has the power to negotiate this? Chuks tells him that it is a guy thing. She will not understand.
Brenda’s new friend talks to someone on the phone. He came back to contribute to the sports industry in Nigeria but the way things are going, he will go back to the states. He drops the phone and looks at his iPad and is shocked at the news about Brenda.
Soji tells Frank about the new job and Frank agrees that the guys must want him due to the amount they are willing to pay. Soji is still concerned that it was Chuks’s design that got him the call and now they do not want Chuks again. Frank encourages him to go for it. He asks Soji to think about it before seeing them again and Soji says he will see them immediately he leaves the bar. He asks what Soji will do and Soji tells him he knows what he will do. Frank wishes him luck.
Majek asks Amaka to allow him to talk to Caesar.
Soji negotiates with The House of Gamji. They do not want Chuks and needs to
The doctor tells Dr. Ibrahim off.
Amaka is pulled off Majek by Phillip and led away. Sheila asks Majek to tell her she can fix this mess. Sheila’s phone rings and she tells Yahimba this is not a good time. Yahimba says she is at her door step and she knows Sheila does not want to see her but she just came out of surgery and she has to see her. Sheila asks for 5 minutes. She drops the phone, Lola calls to remind her of the texts she sent her. She asks if Yahimba has called the police? She has been calling them but they are not taking her serious. Yahimba tells her she is working on getting her out of the sticky situation. Lola asks her again to help and she tells Lola to conserve her battery life. She is in front of the police station right now!
Chuks runs after Soji and calls him selfish for not rejecting the job and putting money befre their friendship.
Feke and the others go to see Brenda but she does not agree that Kwame is dead
The hostages are hungry but Caesar asks for Ife. Fred intervenes.

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Dr. Ibrahim sits beside Angela’s bed and monitors her condition.