Chuks wants to make 20,000 copies of his catalogue that he will send to all airports, salons, etc and will shoot it with only super models, Oluchi, Alek Wek, etc. As Soji makes calls, Ene asks if he is hiding money from her or how does he plan to make 20,000 catalogues? Chuks says they will probably make 30 copies and keep them at Ziggy’s. maybe a few drunks will see it. Ene suggests they use local models and .. They can also use local models. Ene suggests they use their friends. Soji gets off the phone and says he does not have much luck with the models. They ask him to forget those ones. Chuks suggests they make e-catalogues and they are all happy with that. He wants them to start that night.
Sankey gets into the hospital and asks Brenda if it is true she ran her car in front of Kwame’s? she says there was nothing she could do. She asks after Kwame and Sankey tells her it is okay but the traffic police have a couple of questions for her. She asks who Brenda’s friend is and Brenda remembers she does not know his name. he introduces himself as Ashiru Badmus and wonders if they had met elsewhere? She says no and starts screaming at why they will not allow her see Kwame? She is his next-of-kin!
Ene and Chuks are happy Salewa could make the shoot and wonders how her parents allowed her out that late? She says they were too busy eyeing each other to know what she is up to. Frank comes in and asks for money before he can model. He has signed up with an agency and they will demand that. soji asks him why he cannot work for a friend and reminds him how many times Chuks had lent him money or covered up for him. he agrees but he will keep the clothes. Chuks asks him to see his agent; Ene. Ene’s father and her sister walk in. he announces that he came to see what his son-in-law is doing!
Amaka is not happy Phillip kept her long at the door and asks for Tare and Toochi. He says he left them at Reel. She asks why he said they were there with him? before he could answer, her phone rings and she answers thinking it is Tare but it is Fred telling her to hold on for someone that wants to speak with her. Caesar takes over the phone and asks whether she received his package which he reads off the package number? She wonders what he is talking about? He orders her to email all the staff and tell them not to come to work for the next week. She should tell them the office is being fumigated. She asks why she should do that? he tells her it is a hostage situation and she had better do that except if she wants dead bodies!
Bimpe comes in and complains that she was not invited for the modeling? She heard about the modeling from Obiora and though she is a professional, she can help a friend. Chuks hands her a dress immediately and she disappears and re-appears to take her place in front of the camera. Chuks asks Ene to go dress up. She says no. her sister drags her off. Her father asks whether she should be taking pictures in her condition but Chuks assures him Soji is a professional. Ene comes out dressed up and everyone hails her. Salewa provides music and Ene thrills everyone to the point where Chuks had to beg her to stop because of the baby!
The doctor tells Sankey and Segun that they don’t know what happened. They think Kwame was not wearing a seatbelt and would have hit his head on the windshield. They will have to do an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Sankey and Segun are devastated. They wonder how to tell Brenda? Segun asks after Angela and the doctor tells them that is a different matter entirely.
Amaka, Majek and Phillip discuss what to do about the situation. Amaka tries to call Tare and asks her to call back. She asks Phillip whether he knows if they are in Reel? He says he doubts it. She insists on going over to the studio but they advise her against that. They ask her not to do so as it will make things worse. Phillip asks what she is doing about the guy’s demands? Will she email all the staff?
Ene’s father corners Chuks and asks what the pictures are for? He replies that they are for a catalogue of his works. Father-in-law is impressed and recognizes Soji as the person he mistook for Chuks the first time. Chuks tells him Soji is taking the pictures all for free. Father-in-law thanks Soji and Soji admires his outfit which he says Chuks made for him. soji loves the outfit and asks whether father-in-law minds doing a little modeling? Father-in-law does not think so and Chuks, who is behind him give Soji signs to stop till father-in-law turns to look at him!
Brenda discusses with her new-found friend about herself and Kwame. She believes that sometimes, Kwame is just there to frustrate her. She had been there for him all these while and things are going well with them but sometimes, he can be head strong especially when an emotionally-unstable unavailable woman comes along! She asks if he does not have anywhere to go to? She knows she is boring him. he says he is not going anywhere till she gets information about her father. She tries to convince him to leave but he tells her he can also be head-strong himself!
Caesar complains about Amaka not obeying instructions. He tells Fred that if they do not hear from her, they will move to plan B. He asks his boys to put on the phones till the one that went on patrol is back. Just then, Amaka calls and he asks why it took her so long to obey simple instructions? She asks to speak to Fred but Caesar says he is okay. There is no need for that. she asks if he has a baby there? He says yes. He has two of them. He asks if they are all Amaka’s but she says nothing. He puts the phone on Ife’s ear and asks her to speak with Amaka but says she is shy. He asks everyone else to say their names and when Amaka hears Tare’s voice and confirmation that she is with Toochi, she nearly breaks down. When the roll call is over, she asks what he wants? He says he needs cash; N250 million. Everyone’s jaw drops!
Sankey drags the doctor out of the room where Angela is and asks if she can hear them? The doctor says no. Sankey asks what happened to her wrist? The doctor says she seems to have cut herself but she seems to be strapped in unlike Kwame and that saved her life. She says Angela’s signs are okay but she is not awake. Sankey asks what that means? The doctor says she seems to be in a coma.
Phillip asks where Caesar expects them to get N250 million from? Amaka wants to make a counter offer but he says no. You cannot negotiate with such a guy. Amaka tells him he can say that as it is not his child that is stuck in there. He reminds her that his father is also there. They think of what to do and Majek says they need to keep journalists out of the whole thing. Amaka says the journalists be damned. She needs to get her child out of there!
Salewa tries to apply make-up on Ene’s father, but he says no to even powder. He will rather have his face shining before they give him a skirt to wear! Ene tells him that Chuks made him iro and buba. He asks where to stand and Soji shows him and asks him to be just natural. As they start taking the pictures, Frank produces a walking stick and props and father-in-law happily takes them on. After some shots, he invites Chuks, Ene and his kids to join him. they all take pictures and when it is over, Chuks thanks all of them for their support of the project.
Sankey, Segun and the doctor comes out and Brenda quickly rush to them. They all wear stony looks as she asks them for news. She turns back to her new friend and runs off while the other three stare at the walls.
The hostages discuss as Caesar and his team confer. He turns back to them and asks Fred whether he thinks the ransom is too much? Fred tells him it is extortionate. He feigns surprise and asks why he thinks it is too much for all of them? He asks Miss Nobody what she thinks? Tare, Miss Nobody tells him to leave her out of it. He asks how much she thinks is a good price? She says N1 million is okay. For all of you? He asks. Laide says N10 million and he asks her if she is making an offer? She keeps quiet and he moves onto Omar. As he plays with them, the journalist Phillip locked up in the toilet bangs on the toilet door asking to be left out! Caesar and his boys cock their guns and wonder what is happening?

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One of the gunmen point his gun at the door while a scared Caesar contemplate what is on the other side of the door.