Phillip is asleep with bottles of drinks strewn around him. his phone rings and he picks the wrong one. Amaka is calling to ask where Tare is? He does not know where she is. She asks where Toochi is and says she is going to stop over the hotel. He calls Tare and tells her voice mail Amaka is stopping over.
Sankey orders people around at the accident scene. Vince tries to get an update on what happened. The other thug tells him how Brenda cut into the path of Angela and Kwame and how everything scattered. Vince is bothered that they are not aware whether Angela survived or not.
Chuks and Ene get back home from the scan and as Ene speaks to her father on the phone, Chuks admires the picture of his son. Ene reminds him that it could be a girl. He is also looking at the photo upside down. He turns the photo and says the baby has his ear. He notices Ene is not looking too happy and asks what is wrong? She is bothered that the baby is almost there but they have not bought anything. The money they won from the game show is also running out quickly. She is disappointed when Chuks turns the discussion to food.
Brenda insists that she wants to see Kwame. The nurse insists that she needs to relax first. She insists that she is okay as she walked away from the scene herself. She is bothered about Kwame. The nurse insists she must be seen by the doctor before she can go anywhere and when she gets to know that he is going for surgery, she becomes agitated and asks for her phone. The nurse says she is not allowed to give it to her but she insists. The nurse abandons dressing the wound on her face and goes away.
Chuks tries to wake Ene to go to the market but she pretends she did not hear him. He asks the baby to tell his mum to wake up. Ene asks why he is disturbing the baby? He tells her to go to the market. She is tired and it is late. He says the market will be free then. She asks him to go but he says the man provides while the woman makes the food. She reminds him that they provided the game show money. He asks her to go get food as he is hungry and if her parents visit, they will need to eat. She asks him to get a pen and paper so that she can make a list. He is happy.
A nurse stops by Sheila’s ward. She asks after Fred. She is writing a story which she feels Fred will like to make into a movie. Cosmo calls to ask what Sheila will need? She needs nothing and asks if Fred is home? He is not. She gets off the phone. The nurse continues her real life tale turned to movie but Sheila politely tells her that it has been a long day and she needs to rest. As soon as she steps out, Sheila calls Fred again to ask if he is still going to make it to the hospital? If he cannot, he should let her know.
Chuks and Ene prepare the list of things for the soup. When the list is complete, she writes the amount and Chuks screams that it is too expensive. Ene tells him how she has been managing to budget. She passes him the list and says she is tired. He wonders why they made the list then? She says she made it for him to go and get. He does not need to bother about her. She will eat the soup in the fridge. He looks daggers at her as she drags herself away.
The phones ring and Caesar asks Laide to answer the call. She refuses and he asks one of his guys to put off the phones. If the phones keep ringing, someone may suspect something. They put off the phones and he is happy at the silence. He asks Omar if he likes his gun and offer him the pistol. He will not be angry if Omar takes it, he says. After a while, one of the guys march Funmi and another staff in at gun point and tells Caesar that they just took them around for nothing. Caesar complains that this has turned to a wild goose chase and someone has to pay. That person is Fred. Fred quietly asks Tare for Phillip? She does not know. He must be somewhere drowning his sorrows as he had gone before the whole thing started.
Brenda asks the nurse to get her hands off her face. The lady insists that she needs to relax and not move so much. Brenda insists that she wants to see Kwame. The nurse insists that the doctor needs to see her first. Brenda pushes her hands away and when the lady insists, she knocks her tray of equipment away. just then, someone comes in and Brenda recognizes him as the guy that drove her behind the ambulance. She asks if he knows anything about Kwame? He says he does not know. He only brought back her phone. She grabs the phone, calls Kwame but the line goes nowhere.
Chuks eats bread while Ene eats her eba and soup. He asks how the food is and she says it is nice. She cooked it herself. She asks how the bread is and he says it is the best bread he has ever buttered. He eyes her as she enjoys her food and after a while, he starts complaining about how she is eating all the food. She asks if he thinks it is easy to carry this load? He believes she is using the baby as a reason to eat up everything! Soji comes in and is happy to see food especially the vegetable soup. Chuks asks him if he saw a sign that says buka on their door? Soji is surprised and he says he cannot afford to feed an additional mouth especially a mouth as big as Soji’s! Ene tells Soji not to worry. She will make noodles for him. Chuks is surprised that he is eating bread when there is noodles in the house but Ene reminds him that he just said he is enjoying the bread. She reminds him that Soji is a visitor as she goes to make the noodles.
Fred tries to talk to the gun men but Laide tries to stop him. he asks her to relax. The situation needs to be handled delicately. He asks Caesar to let the other people go. They can sort things out among themselves. He asks Caesar to tell him what they want. They can arrive at something. Funmi asks why the gunmen are not masked? Omar says it is because they don’t know what they are doing. One of the staff tells Funmi that it is because they are not bothered about showing their faces. That means no one is leaving there alive. Funmi is worried. Fred asks if the gunmen want money? He can wire the money to them. Caesar says they only handle cash. Fred assures him he will not pass their account details to anyone. Caesar does not believe him. Fred asks them how they got in and they say they came in as workmen. Fred asks who let them in? Caesar laughs and says the person that let them in is in trouble. He tells them all that they are now his hostages. No one leaves there without his say so.
Soji admires the picture of the baby and asks Chuks if that is a tail after looking at the baby’s head, two legs, etc. He is happy Chuks will soon become a father and that will make him an uncle. Ene comes out with the food and admires the pictures Soji came with. Soji says he was just coming from a meeting with a client. Chuks arrives at an idea and everyone wonders what he is up to again? He will make an album of his clothers which he will send out to prospective clients. Ene and Soji agrees it is a good idea and he quickly starts putting on his shoes. The others ask where he is going to and he says he to Soji’s studio. Soji reminds him that it is already night but he thinks they can make do with the studio lights! There is no one to model the clothes now, Soji reminds him.
Brenda tells the guy that brought her to the clinic that she does not bite. They are seated in the waiting area and she asks how she got to his car? He says he ran into the accident and offered to help when they were waiting for an ambulance to take her to the hospital. He says he saw the ambulance attendants bring out the victims from the cars and Brenda quickly asks how they are? He says he did not get a good look. She tells him that her brother was in the car. He expresses his sympathy and asks if there is anyone he should call to come and stay with her? She says she has no one but her brother.
Fred tries to convince Caesar to provide his account details for a wire transfer. Caesar insists on cash only. Fred asks if he is willing to wait till morning to follow him to the bank? Caesar suddenly arrives at an idea and asks who the boss in the office is? Fred says he is the one. Caesar says he knows Fred is retired and asks for the current boss. When no one answers, he grabs Omar and says he looks like authoritative. He however pushes Omar aside and goes over to Tare who is clutching Toochi. He asks her who the boss is and she says she is not even a staff. He asks if she is Fred’s daughter and she says no. he wonders how she got involved in the first place? She says that beats her too. Caesar cocks his gun and aims at Toochi’s little legs and threatens to shoot him if they do not give him the name and telephone number of the boss. Fred insists that he is the one and Caesar tells them this is their last chance to give him the name of the boss!

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The doctor comes out and Brenda rushes in that direction but the doctor does not look too optimistic.