Chuks let’s Bash in and he keeps singing. Bimoe’s asks what he is doing and he says he wants the whole world to know that she is not treating him well. She thinks they settled it at the restaurant but he says he left there so that she will not tell him what he does not like. He is not angry and breaks into another song. Bimpe tells him to stop. She will do anything to make him stop and go home. He stops and asks if she has agreed? She says yes. He tries to hug her but she refuses and sends him home after he shakes hands with Chuks and everyone. she sees him out and when he comes back, Chuks and Ene let’s her know she had agreed to marry Bash.
Tare comes back in and tells Phillip he was rude. He tells her to remind him to stop her when next she tries to start her motherly instincts. She asks why he did not stay for the film? He complains the movie was bad but she thinks that he did not even see the movie at all. He was on the phone all through. He says he did not like Omar and the film proved he is a charlatan. She asks why he left the film if he wanted to get that involved in Reel Studios? He says she knows why and now they are there… As they move into each others arms, Lola and Funmi fall over each other.
Brenda asks if Kwame’s tirade had to do with Angela? Kwame is not happy Brenda meddled in his life again. Brenda tries to deny it but he recounts all she did to Dannie; paying her to string him along, Thelma and now Angela. Brenda reminds him that he did worse things to his relationship with Thelma than she did and says she is not against his relationships. She just wants him to date a sane, selfless emotionally available woman so that he can stop putting his life in danger and having her clean up for him. He reminds her that she is the one that makes pacts with criminals. He tells her that she is the one that needs her mess cleaned up and this time, he will not be available to do that.
Phillip and Tare stare at the intruders and ask Funmi what is going on? Funmi tells them she was looking for something when Lola of Tinsel Town came in and she was trying to get rid of her. Phillip and Tare do not completely buy that. Funmi explains that Lola was trying to record their discussion. Lola introduces herself: Lola Adebayo, at your service. Tare recognizes her as the lady that was hiding behind a pillar at the Pre-premiere cocktail. Phillip says he knows what to do to Lola!
Phillip pushes Lola not the toilet and she protests that he should not touch her. She knows about him. He asks what she knows and as she brandishes her phone, he snatches it from her. He locks her in the toilet and hopes she brought a snack as she reminds him that he has no right to delete anything from the phone. As he leaves, she fishes out another phone and tries to make a call but her call credit is low.
Chuks and Ene launch into a Bimpe song but she asks them to stop. They are supposed to help her find a way to stop Bash. Her phone rings and she refuses to pick because it is Bash. Chuks and Ene ask her to pick or they will pick the call. She snatches the phone bu it had cut. She calls him back and he is happy she called. He asks that they need to go house-hunting. His first lady should not be living in a boys quarters especially as there is no girl quarters. She says she has to go baby shopping with Ene. He says it is okay. He will ask the agent to get a good house and they will go and see it later. She agrees and when she drops the phone, she tells them Bash wants them to go house-hunting and if she ends up with Bash, so are they! They look startled.
Brenda orders Kwame to stop there. She asks if Angela is the reason why he is walking out on her? He stops and tells her that the reason why he is not bothered about his relationship with Angelique is that for the first time he is involved with anyone without feeling the need to control her or change his live for her. She asks what he means? Is Angelique some kind of fun-buddy? He says their relationship is just for the moment. Nothing else matters. She asks if he will be okay if the moment is all he got? He asks what she means? She says the Eason she struck the deal with Angela was because he knows that Masters will try to prevent Angela from testifying against him and she will not want him caught n the cross fire. He does not believe her. His people call to ask for his car for a shoot. He asks them to pick it from Brenda’s. bend a asks him to use hers but he says he wants as little as is possible with her now. He does not wan to end up lonely like her. She insists she is not lonely. Se has… He asks wha she has? Him?
Soji asks Bimpe to start going home. She says she wants to stay away so that Bash will get the message and leave her alone. Soji asks her to simply tell the man she does not want. She asks if he thinks she has not tried that? The man wants to buy her a house! He asks if that s not what she had always wanted? She asks if he thinks Bash will leave her alone if she says she has a dangerous disease? He asks if Bash bought a house for his other wives? Bimpe says she does not know. Soji tells her that the other wives will scratch out her eyes if she as much as nears their houses. She jumps for joy and tells him she has he answer now.
Peju refuses to give Bimpe the address of Bash’s wives insisting that she does not cover the Yoruba movie industry. Bimpe does not agree and reminds her that she covers the Ade-Williams. Peju tells her hat she has heard rumours about he and Bash and promises to give the addresses in exchange for an interview with Bimpe. Bimpe agrees and Peju writes the address but refuses to hand it over till after the interview. Bimpe tells her that she has a strong relationship with Bash Agbabiaka governed by a contract making him a producer of 5 movies that she is to star in. She snatches the address from Peju and leaves.
Angela asks Angelique to let her out as Angelique keeps trying to work. As she screams at Angela to stop, Feke comes in and she asks Feke to get out if she is not going to do anything but stand there and watch. Feke says she came to get her opinion on a document for the workshop. Angelique asks her if she looks like she is bothered about a workshop right now? Angela tells her that she thought she is the one acting insane and going to get them locked up? She tells Angelique that Feke will call for help as soon as she gets out. Feke leaves and Angelique agrees to send a text to Nero to get Angela off her back. She tells Angela that soon, she will be free from the effects of the Perspex prescribed by Dr. Ibrahim and then Angela will go back to being the weakling she had always been.
Sankey tells Segun ha it is working. She will keep texting until she can confirm that all is well. Segun does not think it will work. If Angela finds out it is not her father, no one knows what will happen. Sankey hopes that they have not lost Nero permanently. Segun asks after the security situation with Angela and Sankey tells him she has no protection. Waziri pulled her protective detail when se refused to cooperate wit the police over the trial. Segun cannot believe that anyone can be that dumb and asks what Ankey plans to do? Nothing, as it is not her case.
Phillip fetches drinks from his father’s things. Tare asks after Toochi and he says he is okay. As he goes to pour the drinks, she remnds him that they are alone in the room. He smiles at the thought that they are sharing the same thoughts. He drops the glasses to reach for her but she says she needs to check on Toochi. he is furious at this her new found motherly instinct and wonders where it came from? They quarrel over it again and she tells him she is not asking for any proposal. She wonders what issue he has with Fred and Sheila and why he hates Omar so much? He tells her to stop sucking up to his people. If he wanted to marry a woman that his father likes, he would have married Amaka. Or Sheila, Tare adds. He stops cold and asks what she means? Why is she bringing up Sheila now? Se tells him they were talking about women Fred will like and Sheila is his wife. He stalks out leaving her more confused than before.
Vince reports to Yusuf about arrangement to carry out their assignments. Brenda got the message loud and clear. Yusuf asks after Angela? He hopes i will be made to look like an accident. Vince says it will be arranged. Next time Angela enters her car, it will be the last.
Phillip walks past the maintenance people in the reception without even a glance. The guys worry about the steady unexpected traffic. They must get what they are looking for. The other two working inside come out to say they have not seen what they were looking for. Their leader orders them back inside to continue looking.

Next on Tinsel
Bimpe, dressed in iro and Buba asks two smartly-dressed babes dressed that she is looking for Bashir Agbabiaka’s wives. They tell her she has found them and wonder what they can do for her. She is surprised but manages to tell them that he kind of wants her to be his third wife. They exchange look and jump up in joy to hug her but she screams at them to wait.