Amaka and Majek suddenly break loose as her phone rings. She picks up and gives rapid fire instructions to Louisa including asking her to send out a report to the press as she has not had time to review it. She drops and tells him that was unexpected. He tells her that he still needs to send her a report on the security for the festival and he will send it in right away to show he is not shirking his responsibilities.
Bimpe comes in and interrupts Chuks and Soji’s game of cards with it was you abi? Or is it you? Two of them open their mouths and wonder what is wrong with her? She laughs and is happy that they believed her. She tells them that was how the judges at the audition looked when she read her lines. Chuks asks why she is speaking English when she auditioned for a Yoruba movie? She said it was the first line. Once she got going, it flowed. She calls it a flair for languages. They ask her to show them. She grabs her scripts and reads the Yoruba that even Chuks that does not speak Yoruba knew had issues. He asks Soji for confirmation and Soji agrees that it is only Japanese Yoruba that sound like that as they go back to their game of cards leaving Bimpe with an open mouth.
Angelique gets home and orders Angela not to say a word. Angela asks her how it went? She warned her that Masters will see through her and he did! She would have handled him better as they know what to tell each other… Now, Angelique has gone to mess the whole thing up. Angelique asks her what will happen now? Angela tells her that she knows how ruthless Masters can be. She looks worried when Angela confirms that Masters will kill them off for that!
Bash enters Bimpe’s apartment and makes fun of her Yoruba. He says that her director told him how her Yoruba went and that it cannot be interpreted by anyone except herself. Bimpe asks if he came to also laugh at her? She had been told that her Yoruba sounds Italian. He says that if it is Italian, then it can be interpreted. She asks him to go with his movies and when he tries to go, she holds onto him. She asks if he can get someone to speak her parts? He sits her down and asks her to speak a little Yoruba for him. She speaks the one that makes him cover his face. He suggests that he will buy her Yoruba movies so that she can watch and learn the language and behaviours. He suggests one of his movies and she yawns and he asks if she does not like his movies? She quickly says no. She did not say so. She however suggests that she will learn Yoruba from Bash, while Bash will allow her teach him English and table manners. He agrees since it is what she wants.
Laide is home and when someone knocks, she preens before asking the knocker to enter. She is visibly disappointed when it turns out to be Amaka. Amaka is surprised when she mutters so he will not come and asks her who she is expecting? Fred? She asks Laide whether she actually came back to Reel to work with Omar or to lay a trap for Fred? Laide complains that Fred did not come to see his baby. Amaka tells her that Fred cannot leave Sheila now. She asks what is wrong with Sheila and Amaka refuses to talk. She however notes that Laide’s countenance improved when Sheila’s problem was talked about. She mutters about having a difficult day and when Laide digs further, she clams up.
Bash and Bimpe share a meal in a fancy restaurant. He tells her that he can take her to a place where she will enjoy the amala and gbegiri so much she will bite her fingers. She insists that he learns to eat the sandwich with a fork. He struggles with the bread and cutlery and says he prefers his Agege bread with beans. Bimpe teaches him how to hold the fork and knife and reminds him to chew with his mouth closed. He wonders how he will enjoy the food when his mouth is closed? As he struggles, Salewa enters and greets them. Bash struggles to keep his mouth closed and greet Salewa at the same time. Bimpe insists that after the meal, they will go to the cinema where he will watch a movie to improve his English. He tells her not to blame him if he sleeps off at the cinema!
Laide prods Amaka about the bad day she is having and she eventually tells Laide about starting something at work and it’s not working out. Laide is surprised and asks who the person is? Amaka will say nothing. Laide casts herself as an ally who had also been abandoned by her man. When Amaka is not talking, she suggests they have a drink.
Bash and Bimpe get to her apartment and she apologizes for the movie saying she thought they will be showing a movie at the cinema. He says it is okay and asks her if she learnt her grammar from watching movies? She says yes. He asks if she also learnt how to dress from the same source? She says that was a natural flair. He asks after her parents and she wonders what he wants with them? He asks where they are and when she says they are in the graveyard, he comes to hug her but she pushes him off. He asks her what the problem is? She wonders who says there is a problem? He tells her that he had done everything she wanted but she will not reciprocate. When she tells him she is a virgin, he laughs so much and tells her that she does not need to lie to get him to leave her alone. When she asks what she means, he tells her that he is also a virgins (sic).
Angelique is popping her pills when Charles sends her a message that they need to talk. She quickly deletes the message.
Laide pours herself and Amaka a drink as she gets a call from Omar saying that he had finished the edit. She drops the phone and breaks the news to Amaka. Amaka is happy that it is all over and they toast to harvest. Laide insists that Amaka should take credit for what she did. Amaka is just happy it is over and she no longer needs to lie. As they share a drink, Toochi starts playing and Amaka acknowledges that she needs assistance with managing him. She had a nanny once and had to sack her just to prove that she can manage it all. She wonders why they try to show they are power mums? Laide listens and says she knows what to do. Amaka wonders what she means and tells Laide not to do anything that will affect Fred and Sheila’s marriage.
Ovie visits Masters in prison and after informing him of progress, he asks how the visit by Angela went? He wants to know whether he was able to get what they can use to discredit Angela’s testimony at the trial. Masters wonders why he is interested in that? Ovie needs to know what to do about the trial. He reminds Masters that he asked him to get Brenda as a witness and now, she is trying to back out. Masters tells him that Brenda will not do that. when he presses for further information, Masters reminds him that he does not discuss any other plans with him other than legal strategy. Ovie reminds him that they are on thin ice and with the possibility that Emile Haruna can come back to testify, they need to tie up whatever loose ends there may be. Masters wonders whether he likes hearing his own voice and why he keeps repeating himself? Ovie watches with dismay as he gets up and walks away.
Bimpe tells Bash that she does not want to lead him on. Bash asks whether she does not like him? That is not what she means. She just does not want to lead him on for a long time. He says he is okay. She asks what he will do if she tells him to wait for ten years? He says it is kay. One day, the ten years will be over and when they are married, she will no longer have any reason to stop him. Surprised, she asks what he means? He asks if Bimpe won’t marry him?
Amaka gets home with Toochi and calls Hope who is surprised to hear from her. Hope asks after Toochi and Amaka tells her that he misses her. She apologizes to Hope for the way she handled things and asks her to come in so that they discuss and work out an arrangement that works for both of them.
Kwame walks into Angelique’s apartment and she asks whether he is missing her? He tells her that he knows that she is a split person who is only needed when Angela is hiding away from some pressure and wonders what she is doing about it? She is shocked at first and then perks up and tells him it is good Angela is out of the way now. He shares her feeling and wants Angela away for as long as possible. He asks what Angelique is doing with the pills Dr. Ibrahim brought? She says it is for the condition Angela has. He tells her to google more. The pills she is taking is meant to restore Angela as he scatters the pills on the floor. Angelique is stunned!

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