Angelique wonders what the questions are for? She thinks they should get down to the business of the day especially after all the trouble Masters went through to arrange the conjugal visit. He tells her that Angela will never take him for granted as she is doing and asks her who she is? She smiles and tells him that he is right. She is not Angela. He tells her that he wants to talk to Angela. She tells him that Angela is not there. She has become the hard woman he has always wanted. He held her and shook her screaming that he wants Angela! She tells him Angela is not there with them.
Bimpe reviews her contract and Bash asks what she is looking for? She asks him that she hopes that the contract is not meant to tie her to him. he asks her to take the contract to anyone she wants to review. She will not find any such provision. The contract is only meant to enable her prioritize his films. She is happy and hugs him but he hugs her closely and she pushes him off. He asks her what the problem is as they are all alone? She tells him that nothing can happen between them tomorrow or next or anytime soon. He reminds her that her five picture contract deserves to be celebrated. She tells him that they cannot celebrate anything as this week is not conducive. He looks confused and she seems to make it worse by telling him that she is borrowing her grandmother’s red dress. He thinks and after a while, he catches her drift but tells her that he can at least hold her and she agrees to a hug.
Phillip & Tare cuddle and she says she says she likes hotels but is he going to get a flat soon? He says they are only in town for a while. She asks when he is going to the hospital? He asks what he is doing at the hospital? She tells him Sheila is in the hospital. He asks how she knew and she replies that she passed by the hospital and the girls told her. He asks what she is doing snooping around and she reminds him that she used to work there. He accuses her of beating a guy over for forgetting some things. She asks him to get back to the original subject and say when he is going to the hospital? He reminds her that he is not on talking terms with Fred but she tells him that she remembers his telling her how his mother died. His father is going through the same things and he needs to be there. He asks if she will hold his hands and she asks if he wants her there? They agree to go together.
Masters tells Angelique that she will not talk to him like that. She tells him that it looks like he does not want the hard tough woman she thought he wanted. He tells her that she is not the woman he wanted. He asks her what she wants and she tells him that she wants them to join forces and build a formidable team. First, he has to cut Brenda loose and return her land to her. Angela will never treat him that way, he tells her. She tells him that there is no need punishing Angela again for whatever she did to him and he should forgive and move on. He does not agree that life is that simple as he gets up and leaves. She orders him to come back and reminds him that she is wearing the dress he wanted her to wear when he refused to turn around but he walks away.
Soji tells Chuks about Bimpe and Bash’s embrace. It was so tight it seems like it was heading somewhere. Chuks asks what is there? Soji reminds him that Bimpe said there is nothing between them. Chuks says every girl says the same thing. Even Ene said the same thing at the beginning till she became pregnant. Soji asks him to get serious and he tells Soji to allow Bimpe live her life.
Amaka tells Fred that he does not know how sorry she is. Phillip opens the door and tells Tare that they are all in there. They come in and Phillip asks if there is any news and Amaka says Sheila is in surgery. Phillip tells them that Tare wanted them to know how Sheila is doing. He also says it looks like Amaka has finally let out the secret about Tare. He awkwardly says they will be going after Tare assures Fred that Sheila will be okay. As they leave, Fred tells Amaka that she should be going back to the studio as she has a company to run.
Soji knocks and gets into Bimpe’s apartment and says he wanted to know earlier whether Chuks was in her apartment. She tells him that Bash has gone as he looks around. He asks her after the hug and she wonders what it is he is concerned about? He reminds her of the day she met Bash and she corrects him that it was the day he was nasty to her. He asks whether she would not have met him if he had not been nasty to her? She tells him that she likes Bash and if she did not want him around, she would have kicked him out long ago. Bash has a heart and she likes him, like an uncle.
Fred waits by Sheila’s bedside and as he drinks water, she wakes up. He smiles at her and tells her that the operation went well. The doctor says it is successful. She reminds him that he cannot sit there permanently looking over her. He tells her that someone has to ensure that she is okay. She tells him that if he does not leave, she will get up and kick him out herself. He smiles at her and gives her some water to drink.
Bimpe calls Salewa to beg her to come and help her with some new words from her new script. Salewa says she cannot come immediately and Bimpe has been doing just fine. Bimpe says the new word are too heavy for her and she needs Salewa right now. Salewa says she is busy preparing for her two tests. Bimpe says she will pay but Salewa does not have time even when Bimpe offers to come and see her. Bimpe drops her phone in frustration.
Sankey and the new investigator come back to her office and he asks her what she was thinking hiding a microphone in Masters’s bed during the conjugal visit? Sankey insists that she wanted to catch Masters in the act but unfortunately, he found the microphone and gave it to a warder! Segun who they startled screams at their inability to get anything on Masters! He shrinks to one corner when Sankey glowers in his direction. The interrogator tells her that what she did is illegal and she replies that same applies to Masters’s conjugal visit. She is reminded that the case is no longer her own and she is meddling but she insists that at least she is doing something and asks the other policeman what he is doing? The guy leaves to go and report to their superiors to call Sankey to order. When he leaves, Sankey tells Segun that she is going to Dr. Ibrahim. She will bring Angela out even if she has to pin Angelique down and pull Angela out of her throat!
The Tinsel Town journalist reports back to Yahimba that she called the Ade-Williams family house pretending to be a family member and learnt that Sheila is in the hospital. Yahimba asks why she is there? She does not know but she thinks that it is some form of surgery. Yahimba asks her to call the hospital and find out what is wrong with Sheila. She should offer money if need be. She also reminds her that every information she gets must be reported to her first before the editor.
Sankey meets Dr. Ibrahim over Angela. He insists that he has done what is required and they need to wait now and see how it goes. Sankey tells him that she does not have time to waste. She asks how long it will take for the drug to take effect? Dr. Ibrahim says he does not have a clear idea. He insists that he has gone quite close to breaking the law over this. She screams at him that he needs to get Angela to appear as they do not have time. He screams that the only way to make Angela appear…and stops himself. Sankey encourages him to go on. He reluctantly says that it will take another traumatic event to force Angela to appear.
Bimpe cries into Soji’s office in search of a Yoruba coach. He says he does not know any coach. She reminds him that he is Yoruba and he reminds her that she is also Yoruba. She says Salewa was helping her till she decided that her studies is more important. Soji tells her to sit down and read. She murders the words and he corrects her. When she starts again, he tells her o wait. He needs to put noodles on the fire. She says they just started and he replies that she needs energy as she has a long way to go.
Sankey talks to Dr. Ibrahim about creating a traumatic event to make Angela re-appear. Dr. Ibrahim insists that the only thing that can make Angela appear quickly may be a threat to a loved one. Sankey thinks of a threat to Nero.
Amaka gets back to the office and breaks down in tears. As she cries, Majek enters and asks her what is wrong? She tells him that it is all out in the open. She was trying to protect everyone but has burnt herself. He takes her in his arms and tells her it si okay, things will sort itself out. He hugs her close and when she comes up for air, they suddenly realize how close their mouths are and as they consider whether to close the remaining gap…

Next on Tinsel
Ovie visits Masters and asks him how the conjugal visit went? He wants to know if there is anything from the visit that they can use to prove that Angela is not fit to stand trial. Masters explaodes on him and wonders whether he likes hearing his voice? When he leaves, Ovie looks worried.