Bimpe tells Bash to stop but he says she should not let the kiss fall down. He eventually stops and she asks why he is grabbing her like that? He tells her he is a man and she is a fine girl. She says she is tired and her head is killing her. He reminds her that she spent the whole day shopping. She says she was taking care of him. she eventually tells him that she has a lot of things to do and needs to read the script given to her by Awero and she is sure he has work to do too. He agrees to let her rest but after giving him a kiss. She says no and he leaves.
Kwame gets to Brenda’s office to explain what happened. Brenda is not interested. He insists that he is not there to offer explanations about his personal life. Brenda insists that he must be spineless to fall for crazy Angela, and wonders what how he can be cheating on Dannie? He tells her that all is not very well between him and Dannie, he can control himself. He only made a choice she does not agree with. He tells her the person is a different Angela. Brenda wonders whether he had gone so far to believe Angela? He tells her that he was there when Dr. Ibrahim brought the drugs and it is to suppress personality disorder. He reminds her that she had noticed the differences herself and he agrees with Sankey.
Bimpe displays her traditional dance skills for Soji, Salewa, Ene and Chuks. They are impressed and ask why she had to learn traditional dance? She tells them about the family setting and that she had to learn to dance to act. Chuks asks if that is all for Bash? She says it is for herself and Salewa confirms that Awero, Iya Thunder is good. She tells them about the family setting and how the old takes care of the young. They have taught her courtesy and Soji did not believe that but Salewa confirms that when she went to the village, they made her kneel down on two knees. Soji and Ene high-five each other when Ene reminds Chuks to respect a married woman. While they were talking, Bash texts Bimpe and she tells them she had to go and meet him at Ziggy’s leaving them wonder how many times they meet in a day?
Fred gets back and apologizes for being away for longer than he expected. Sheila asks that they leave for the hospital. He asks if she does not want to know where he has been? She is more concerned about her upcoming surgery but he tells her he cannot keep this secret from her. Amaka has been keeping some secrets from them. Laide is back and has been working at Reel on the set of Harvest.
Sheila asks him for details and she tells him about Laide working with Omar on the competition and having to direct a part of the movie. Sheila asks whether Amaka hid this from him and he says yes. Sheila does not care about the movie but asks after the child? He tells her about the young baby that he found in the studio and how Amaka lied about the baby. She asks if the child is his and whther he wants to go and see her? He will take her to the hospital and when she is okay, if she interested, they will decide what to do with the baby.
Kwame shows Brenda information about the drug Angelique is on. She asks what it matters? It simply means that she is mad and he should stay away from her. He says no, Angelique is different from Angela and they need to stay close to her. Brenda tells him that he has just sacrificed his little intellect on the altar of desire. The alter ego came out of Angela and why is that different?
Bimpe asks Bash why he wants to spend so much time with her? He says she is his Bimp Pimp Pimp. She gets a call from another producer who asks to audition her for a movie. She mentions it to Bash whose face changes and she agrees with the person on the phone to be at the location in 30 minutes.
Brenda tells Kwame that it is not important who Angelique is. It is even worse if Angela is different. She knows Angela well and how to deal with her. This new Angela is different and smiles too much. Kwame insists that Angelique is what he needs now. Brenda asks why he is always hankering after unavailable women? First it is Telema, then Dannie and now he is trying to pursue Angela? She calls him a child and all and tells Kwame that Angela can have her land and everything but she cannot snatch her brother. Kwame insists that they can still get her land back from Angelique who is not as emotional as Angela. Brenda asks him to stay away from her at all costs.
Bash is not happy that Bimpe is going to audition at Reel Studio. She tells him that this is the first time they are coming for her and she wants to go and audition. He insists that she shows him loyalty and stick to his movies but she will not have that. she insists on taking care of herself, which is what she had always done and if that means that she will not star in Bash’s movie, then fine. She jumps up and leaves with Bash packing up his things and running after her.
Laide plays with Ife and apologizes to her for deceiving her that her father is coming!
Funmi is back and Amaka accuses her of being away from work. Funmi is surprised that she is being looked for. Amaka asks if she is suffering from guilty conscience? She says she did what her conscience says is right. Amaka accuses her of being the source of leaks in the office and insubordination. Funmi insists that she is not the source of the leaks and Amaka tells her that she is happy to say what she is going to say next. She is fired! Funmi says she cannot do that and Amaka says she just did and calls Betty to come and stay with Funmi till the security men throw her out!
Masters is shown his bed and when he starts examining it, the warder tells him that it is not a hotel. He continues checking till he finds the recording device. The warder says he did not know it is there. He simply hands the thing to him to take away. the man tells him that his visitor will soon be there. As he leaves, Angelique walks in.
Bimpe tells Bash to go away but he insists that if she does not open the door, he will not go away. she gives in and opens the door. He comes in and tells her that she looks fine when she is angry. He goes ahead and tells her that he does not normally do this but he hands her an envelope. She opens the envelope to see a five film contract. She screams and asks how he did it when he does not believe in contracts? He tells her that whatever his Adebimpe wants, she gets.
Fred tells Sheila who is on the stretcher ready for surgery that she will make it. She assures him that she will see him on the other side. Amaka comes in and he tells her to leave. She insists that she came to apologize to them for all the lies. She would have told them herself. Fred insists that it is the wrong time and Sheila assures him that she will be fine especially as the surgery is non-invasive as the nurses wheel her into surgery.
Angelique and Masters sit down on the bed and he asks her why she is there? She says that is what he wanted and she had been thinking of it though she did not believe that he can arrange it. He asks whether she does not mind that he had made her life difficult of late? She says she knows that he is angry. He asks if she does not mind that he set up her father and forced him to flee the country? She says he had always reminded her to be independent and now that her father is out of her life, it makes things easier. He tells her that Angela’s father is everything to her and asks Angelique who she is? As he holds up her face, she smiles at him!

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Sankey screams to Segun that she will go to Dr. Ibrahim and will pin Angelique down and pull Angela out if she has to do so!