Fred asks Cosmo to take Funmi to his study but Sheila says it is not necessary. She gets up and leaves. Fred asks Funmi what it is but she thinks it may be better she leaves. He insists that she says what brought her. She tells him it is Laide Cole. What about her? She is back and working at Reel. Fred asks if Amaka is aware of this and Funmi says yes. She also tells Fred that the baby he was holding the other day… But Fred tells her it is enough and calls Cosmo to see her out. Just then, Amaka calls him but he does not pick.
Yusuf consults with Dr. Ibrahim & thanks him for seeing him. They settle down and Dr. Ibrahim asks him to start from the beginning. He instead asks what Dr. Ibrahim’s dictaphone is for? Dr. Ibrahim says it is to record his thoughts. Yusuf asks what he will do if someone he knows turns to someone else? Dr. Ibrahim does not discuss other patients. Yusuf suddenly says he will come back tomorrow and pushes down the tray of documents on Dr. Ibrahim’s desk as he stands up. Ibrahim bends down to pick them up and he walks off with the dictaphone. Dr. Ibrahim realizes what he did, runs after him but he is gone.
Bimpe asks what Soji is still doing in her house? He says Bash told him to sit and stare. Bimpe tells him to leave but he says that Bash will kill him if he does not take care of his Bimp Pimp Pimp. She says it is not his business what Bash does. Chuks comes in and says he is there to save her. Soji asks who told him and he says Bimpe called him and Bash called too. Soji tells him that Bash brought food, wet cloths, etc. Bimpe tells them to shove it. What ever they say about Bash, he is caring unlike two of them. She believes that it is the smell of her dead body that will bring them to her room!
Tare and Phillip get back to their room and she tears him apart for suddenly breaking apart at the sight of his father. He insists that he is worried at the sight of Laide getting back in the family business, etc. She asks him to do something about it if he thinks that Amaka is not running the business well. He agrees to do something but they end up in each other’s arms and mouths first.
Angelique discusses with Angela. She insists that she is doing all these for Angela. Angela is sure that she will slip up after a while. Angelique insists that she is taking the new pill well and people like them. They are powerful together. Angela does not know what she is talking about. Vince knocks and is let in. Angelique remnds him he is a wanted man and wonders how he comes into her building when it is possible she is being watched? He gives her a bag. The boss wants her to wear it for her appointment and walks off.
Bash is stuffing chips and chicken into his mouth with both his knife and fork to Bimpe’s disgust as Salewa and Titan enter the bar. After the introductions, Bash insists that Salewa and Toks sit with them. Every Bimpe’s friend is his friend. Bimpe asks them to order whatever they want on Bash’s account. Salewa says she gives Bimpe private Yoruba lessons. bash is happy to hear that and launches into a long loud tale of how to force Bimpe to hear Yoruba by dumping her in a village where people don’t speak English. Salewa and Toks cringe and Salewa quickly suggest they sit at another table to avoid attracting attention to Titan. As they leave, Bash hacks his chicken like a butcher & wonders why they left!
Angela tells Angelique that Masters wants to see her in that dress not Angelique. Angelique says they cannot risk her being with Masters. Angela asks if she is afraid? Of what? That Angela will fix things? Angelique reminds her that she could not fix things in the past. Angela tells her she could not handle her betrayal of Masters in the past but now, she knows what to tell him. Funny thing is she also knows what it is but Angelique will not say that. Angelique gets up and walks off.
Angelique appears in Kwame’s flat and asks whether he misses her yet? Kwame forgets whatever he was working on before she knocked!
Salewa and Bimpe enter Bimpe’s flat and she commends Titan’s car. Salewa tells her that he did not mind dropping them off. He is on his way to the studio to record another single. They settle down and Salewa asks Bimpe to read from her script and she will correct her Yoruba. Bimpe slaughters the words and Salewa snatches the script from her. She asks why Salewa and Titan moved to another table at Ziggy’s? Salewa tries to be nice but Bimpe insists. She tells her that Bash is razz! Bimpe is in thought and Salewa wonders whether she wishes that he is not the way he is? She says no!
Sheila comes out to meet a Fred that is looking lost to find out when he wants to have lunch. He asks when she want lunch? She reminds him that they agreed twice, already. He is surprised at that and his phone starts ringing. She asks him to pick it up but he says it is not now. She says she will go and pack her things for the hospital. He tells her he will go out for a minute but she will be back in time to take her to the hospital. She calls him as he leaves but he did not answer.
The new waitress wonders why Lola wants her to buy the VIP pass to Reel Again Festival in her own name? Lola says she does not want to go as herself and the extra in the envelope is for the girl’s trouble. the girl thanks her and as she gets up to leave, Yahimba calls her to ask that she finds out why Sheila was not at the press conference with Fred and to also confirm that they are still together. Lola says she will be attending the Reel Again Festival even though she is banned officially. She will try and crack the Ade-Williams open. Yahimba wants her to bring everything she gets to her first before going to the editor and clicks off. Lola wonders what it is about.
Sankey thanks Dr. Ibrahim for bringing this to her notice as Segun bounces into her office. It is even good he did not catch up with Yusuf or the end would have been messy. dr. Ibrahim wonders if this does not put Angela in danger? Sankey is not bothered and says the stolen device may just save Angela’s life. As she drops, Segun asks what stolen device she is referring to? She tells him about Dr. Ibrahim’s dictaphone and how she plans to use it to save Angela. She was trying to stop Angela from visiting Masters but finally arrived at a plan since it is Angelique, she will not remember anything from that night and when Masters tries to jog her memory, he may end up saying one or two things from that night which they will use against him in the trial. Segun wonders how they will know what happened during the visit? Will Angelique tell them? Sankey smiles demurely!
Bimpe bounce into Chuks’s with a bag of clothes. She gives Chuks a dress for Ene and other comfortable things for her. Chuks digs into the bag and thanks her for the nice stitches on the shirt. Bimpe snatches the shirt and tells him they are not his. He wounds why she will be buying shirts for Soji just because he visited when she was sick? She says they are for Bash!
Yusuf tells the warder that he will be denying Msters the right to a fair trial by not allowing him listen to the information on the dictaphone in private. The warder wants to get authorization from his boss. Yusuf insists this is privileged information between lawyer and client. The warder shifts a bit and he plays Dr. Ibrahim’s diagnosis of Angela and Angelique for Masters.
Amaka and Laide meet at the reception and confirms that no one has heard from Funmi yet. She tells Laide that she suspects that Fred knows. Just then, Fred walks in and without batting an eyelid at Laide asks Amaka to come with him!

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Kwame wonders what Brenda is talking about? She says she has decided that Angela, who she calls that silly little girl… Someone calls out from inside the room to ask who Kwame is talking to? Brenda is wondering if that is not Angela when she walks not the sitting room swathed in his beddings!