Tare comes back and Phillip taunts her for coming back. She asks him what they are doing there and he tells her it is a party and at some point, they will drink and get back to the hotel, etc. She asks what is going on in his head and he says she does not want to know what is going on in his head now. She says they had a good time in Ghana, Nairobi and now they are home, he has turned into something else. She asks him to share what is worrying him if he wants a relationship. He opens up and says the last time he was back, he got into an argument with his father and it did not go well. Just then Omar enters and is hailed by everyone in the party and Phillip walks across, introduces himself and asks if Omar is the one sleeping in his bed?
Bash visits and sees Bimpe shivering and covered up. He asks her to get back in bed and orders for food and fruits. Bimpe tells him she needs aspirin not food. He insists that she needs to eat and be strong enough to go to the hospital. Bimpe is not interested in going to a hospital but Bash insists and comes back with a sponge to cool down the woman on fire!
Omar wonders what Phillip is talking about and Phillip launches into a tirade about Omar and the film and working with Laide. Omar insists that he was invited to make the film and Phillip thinks he cannot take credit as Laide shot half of the film. Omar thinks this is not a discussion to be had but Phillip also accuses him of cozying up to his father. Omar says he cozies up to nobody. Tare tries to take him away but he insists that he is having a conversation with the man of the moment. Tare points out that the man is not interested. Phillip continues and tells him not to have high expectations of his father or he should ask Brad Pitt, referring to Laide who just walked in. He hails her and asks for more drinks.
Brenda ransacks Angela’s office for some letter and when she did not find it, she sits down to wait.
Bash feeds Bimpe but she says she is tired. He insists that she eats a little more but she says she will throw up if she eats again. Bash insists that if she throws up, she will have space for more. He insists she eats to be strong to go to the clinic. She insists she is not going. She wants only aspirin. Bash asks what is with aspirin? She will go to the hospital. She complains that it is the rehearsal that made her sick and she does not understand why she should dance traditional dance. He laughs and asks how she can go to the farm without hoe and cutlasses? He then calls his driver to go get a doctor to come visits as Bimpe says she does not like hospitals.
The warder tells Masters that he has a visitor. Masters tells Sankey that if it is a civilian that does this, it will be called corruption. Sankey reminds him that it must have cost him more to arrange conjugal visit. She is there to wipe the smile off his face. Sankey agrees that she cannot stop Angela from visiting him but she is there to appeal to Masters’s conscience not to see her. Masters insists that he does not have any other motives other than to spend time with a woman he has affection for. Sankey insists that if Masters wants to see Angela, this Angela is different. He tells her that for once, they are in agreement.
The doctor tells Bash that Bimpe is okay, she needs only rest. He gives them a drug for her which Bash asks him to give his driver to drop him off and gives the doctor some money for his troubles. Bimpe’s phone rings as she sleeps and Bash picks the call from Soji. He asks if Soji is just calling now? What if Bimpe has died? Soji insists that Bimpe is okay. He wanted to find out how she is doing. Bash says she is sleeping. He drops the phone and calls his driver to chide him to come back quickly and not beg the doctor for money. He drops the phone and sings about Bimpe’s beauty as she closes her eyes and pretends to be sleeping.
Tare begs Phillip to come let them go. He says he is ready but needs to say good bye to his evil step-mother. Laide asks what he said? Omar asks if Phillip really wants another scene? He is ready for anything. He wonders whether Laide still wants to wed Fred, or she wants to sink her hook into Reel as he can see she has Amaka where she wanted. Laide faces Phillip and says she thought he had grown up. Instead, he still sees everything from his insecure point of view. She asks Tare to take him home and sober him up. Phillip suddenly allows Tare to take him out of the room! Laide’s phone rings and she steps aside to take the call. She tells the caller that she has given him what he wants and is very alarmed when she hears what the caller wants and asks how on earth she is going to get that?
Soji visits Bimpe and Bash is there. He asks why it is taking Soji so long to get there when he said he was close by before. He asks how long Soji is there for? Soji wonders why he is asking and he says he has a meeting to go for and Bimpe needs someone to stay with her. Soji agrees to stay and he tells Soji that there is food in the kitchen and he must make sure Bimpe is fed when she wakes up and he should force her if she refuses to eat. If her body is hot, he should get clean water and use it to cool her hands, face and legs and not touch anywhere else!
Sankey tells Masters to forget what she said. He says it is okay. They are in agreement. She tells him that she knows he does not want Angela to testify against him. he says that did not take long to figure out. She replies that in Angela’s current state, she is no threat to Masters and asks him not to destroy her life as she walks off.
Masters calls Yusuf and gives him instructions about a job he needs to take care of personally.
Amaka asks after Funmi. The staff she asked says she has not seen her but she heard Funmi went to Fred’s house!
Bimpe wakes up and asks Soji for Bash and what he is doing there? He says Bash has gone out and he came because she called him. he asks if she is hungry because he warmed pepper soup. He tries to feed her and she asks what it is? Soji tells him Bash asked him to feed her. He tries to feed her but she snatches the plate and eats out of it. He feels her face and screams that she is still hot. She says she has fever and if she is hot, she will take a shower.
Dr. Ibrahim is pottering about his office when Yusuf taps his back. He turns quickly and is startled to see him. Yusuf says Dr. Ibrahim comes highly recommended and hopes he can help him. Dr. Ibrahim asks how he can be helped and Yusuf asks if he is not supposed to lie down?
Fred asks Sheila to remind him to ask Cosmo why the gardener has not reported. He sits down beside her and tells her that he was going to tell her after the surgery but will tell her now. She asks what it is and he tells her that Phillip is back and he came back with his girlfriend, Tare Duke. A beautiful girl, he says and remembers that she used to work for Sheila. Just then, Cosmo announces Funmi and when Fred asks what the matter is, she requests to see him in private!

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