Fred asks when Phillip came back? A couple of days ago. Fred asks when he would have mentioned his come back? He says he did not think Fred will be interested in knowing that. he introduces Tare to Fred as his girlfriend. They have been together since February, since Valentine’s Day. Fred asks if Tare lives in Ghana? No, she stays in Kenya. Fred wonders how they make the long distance thing work? Phillip tells him they manage to make it work and he should not be discussing his relationship secrets in the reception with everyone listening.
Angelique does not think the prison is comfy enough. Masters promises to make it more cozy. All she needs to do is say yes. She wonders what kind of woman meets with a prisoner in prison? He tells her it is the type that professes love to the prisoner. She agrees and says she cannot wait to be in his arms again. He gets up and tells her she will be contacted as he walks away.
Soji and Chuks share groundnuts as Bimpe walks in and stops at the sight of Soji. Ene welcomes her, she is the person she wants to see now. She drags Bimpe down and tells her that her picture with Bash Bash is all over the papers. Bimpe is horrified as they ask her to tell them what is going on. Are they now dating? She says no. she had told them the truth. Then why are you seen everywhere with him, Ene asks? Soji says he wanted to ask the same question. Bimpe says it is because the man does not hear word and it is all Soji’s fault. If he had not acted like a fool, she would not have met the man in the first place.
Fred tries to make small conversation with Phillip who is not in the mood as Amaka joins them. She tries to defuse the tension but Fred asks Phillip to come out and tell him what he has in mind. Phillip stops and Amaka and Tare wait with bated breath! Phillip starts and Amaka urges him to stop but Fred asks him to go on. He tells Fred that he always wants the truth but he may not be able to deal with it. Just like in this case. Everyone waits and he says like the case of Yahimba! He learnt that Fred eventually threw her out? Fred says that further details became available and Phillip wonders why Fred did not bother to let him know.
Soji is restrained by Chuks and he says he should be allowed to reply Bimpe. Bimpe is also fuming at him when Bash walks in! he immediately hails Chuks and descends on the garri and groundnut Chuks and Soji were eating. He enjoys the stuff as he hands a bag to Ene for herself and Bimpe, who he calls Bimp Pimp Bimp! Bimpe hides her face in one corner as the man loudly downs the soaked garri. He eventually looks up and sees Soji and says that his face looks familiar. Bimpe brightens up as she tells him that it is the Soji, he hates to see. Bash goes after Soji and dresses him down in his loud and colourful language.
The thug drops off Angelique and when he opens the door for her, she calls him a gentleman and tips him before coming down from the car.
Bash apologizes to Bimpe for the embarrassment and leaves. Chuks, Soji and Ene laugh before she comes back in and tells them she does not want to hear anything. They stifle their laughter and Ene calls them bad friends but tells Bimpe that the man is handful and wonders why she is going out with him? she says she is not going out with him. soji laughs and says he has been buying her presents. Bash calls her phone and she tells him that they need to talk.
Laide and the editor continue their editing as Amaka comes into the room to find out how they are doing? Laide says they are okay. Amaka sees Ife and asks why she is not at the crèche? Laide claims that she woke up with a cold. Amaka wonders why she woke with a cold on a day Fred will be at the studio? Laide asks why Amaka is reacting like she brought in explosives to the studio and asks Amaka to get a staff to watch Ife.
Bimpe tells Bash that they need to talk as they settle into a chair in her apartment. She says she has something to tell him but he has something else to tell her. She agrees that he goes first. He calls her thrice and says that he supports her acting career and will make her the lead actress in the five movies he is about to shoot. Now that he has said what is on his mind, it is now Bimpe’s turn. Bimpe stutters and tells him that she is okay. She wants to get to know him better!
Brenda meets Sankey and tells her that Masters’s lawyer came to tell her to testify for Masters at the trial. Sankey waits for the punch line. Brenda wonders what else she is expected to say? Sankey wonders what they have on her to force her to testify? She says they think they have something on her. Sankey asks for the next then? She knows that Brenda did whatever she did to get her land back and not for Angela. Brenda says she has her land, which rightfully belongs to her back and now she wants out and needs Sankey’s help. Sankey asks how she will know that Brenda is not involved in Akpobo’s torture, disappearance and possible death? Brenda is shocked to hear that!
Brenda tells Kwame that her visit to Sankey was for a solution and not another problem. Kwame asks if the police knows what is going on? Brenda screams that she is losing control and she does not like that. Kwame thinks that she has her land now and now that the police knows she is being blackmailed, things can’t be worse. She says that if Akpobo is dead, if the police dig deeper, she can be an accessory to murder. Kwame does not agree with that. She says that if Masters was not involved in the equation, she may be tempted to believe that. she wants to go and see Masters again. Kwame says no, it is not a good idea. Brenda worries that Angela has started going to see Masters again and she needs to sure that they are not back together and Masters trying to back out of his promise. Kwame agrees that it is possible as he saw someone pick up Angela today but he could not see who it was. Brenda asks him to dig deeper but he reminds her that he is supposed to stay away from her on Brenda’s orders. Brenda tells him that circumstances have changed.
Fred wraps up the press statement and the questions come in about Sheila’s absence. He says she travelled but is celebrating with them. Peju asks why Phillip shot his movie in Ghana? He shot it there for the sake of the movie. She asks of the rift between him and his father? He says there is no rift between them. She asks if Black Ananse will one day be celebrating something like this? He says he will and his father will be proud of his eclipsing his achievements. Amaka steps in at this moment and declares the press conference closed. Peju asks for pictures and Phillip poses with Amaka. When they ask for his picture with his dad, he disappears to get a drink after whispering to Amaka to ask what will happen when his dad finds out about Laide? Amaka suggests they get on with the pictures till Phillip comes back. Tare is not happy with his conduct and tells him so.
Chuks and Ene cozy up to each other as Bimpe rush in to announce herself as the next queen of entertainment. She is about to sign a five picture deal. Ene and Chuks are surprised but ask how it happened? She tells them that Bash is a movie producer. They are surprised and Chuks asks which movies he produced? Bimpe thinks about it but decides against mentioning names and asks how it matters?
Angelique complains that the prison environment is all creepy and she hates the place. Angela reminds her that it is a prison. She says she would not have gone back to that place if not that she wants the land back. Angela asks that she be allowed to go instead but Angelique does not want her getting all mushy with Abubakar. Charlie calls her and she snaps at him on the phone. She asks what he wants and he reminds her that they were supposed to go out. She tells him that it cannot be that day and shuts off the phone.
Fred tells Amaka on the phone that he will be in her office resting. The staff taking care of Ife is alarmed when she hears this but before she could do anything, Fred had entered. He asks why she is not outside with others? She did not say anything. He asks whose baby she is carrying? The ladies says she is not her baby and Fred wonders whose baby it is then?

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Phillip tells Tare that they had discussed this last night. She says he was too drunk to hold any serious discussion. He tells her to get off trying to get some brownie points from the in-laws as no one is ready to put a ring on her finger just yet. She keeps down her drink and deals him a sound slap before walking out of the room full of people!