Phillip asks what else they are hiding from his father? Amaka talks about the press conference they had that day and Phillip asks, then? Amaka says Laide is back. Phillip adds with the baby. Amaka tells him how they took on Omar and Laide. He is surprised that she kept it from Fred. The righteous Amaka?
The drummers keep drumming and Bimpe keeps begging them to stop but they will not stop begging her to accept their boss. Soji joins the dance and she beats him. when they will not stop, she runs out of the bar.
Dr. Ibrahim calls Sankey to tell her about his visit to Angelique. He has delivered the drugs. Sankey asks if he thinks she will take it? He tells her that Angelique is still in control and she had a friend visiting. Sankey asks if this is a real friend or another imaginary friend? Dr. Ibrahim tells her that it is a “he” and that he met them in a compromising state. Sankey waits for the big news and when he mentions that it was Kwame, she blew her top and drops the call!
Phillip blows up on Amaka. How can she hire Laide for the project without telling his father when the project is about honouring him? Amaka insists that she did not have any choice. It is either she takes Laide in or Omar walks. Phillip thinks Amaka has fallen so low as to lie to Fred about Laide and accuses her of being on Team Laide. Amaka reminds him hotly that she has been the one left to fend for the company so she is on team Reel. In addition, there is Sheila’s health to consider. He asks what other skeleton she is hiding in the office? She says all she is asking for is to be allowed to tell Fred herself. Phillip asks if she is sure she wants to tell Fred? Amaka insists that she does not have a choice. Phillip asks if she is sure this is not about the adopted daughter trying to keep the natural daughter away from her father? Amaka deals him a slap but he ducks and leaves.
Bimpe calls Bashiru to warn him about sending drummers to her. He does not understand what she is saying. She insists that he not send her drummers again. He apologizes and says he will send trumpeters instead. Bimpe cannot believe her ears but as she rants, he asks whether he should send his driver to come and pick his “sunsine” in a deep Yoruba accent? Bimpe slows down when she hears shopping mall in Lekki and asks him if she heard right? He says yes and after that, they will go for lunch. She quickly agrees and lets out a whoop when she drops the phone!
Brenda tells Kwame that Masters’s lawyer came to see her to ask, nay order her to testify against Angela. He asks her what she replied? She says that was after she had gone to the police station to tell them she will testify against him. He asks if they knew what she discussed with the police? She says she does not seem to have a choice. She does not know what to do. He says he also has things on his mind but suggests that she plays along with them but tell Sankey what they told her. She tells him that she is with Masters on this one. Angela is not fit to right now. She has completely lost it.
Bimpe goes for lunch with Bash and as he eats loudly, the whole restaurant looks at them with Bimpe covering a part of her face. She quietly refuses all his offer to eat out of his hands. When he is through chewing his chicken with his fingers, he talks about her show and how Soji is no match for her. She tells him that she is happy being single now. He loudly asks what of tomorrow? What will she do tomorrow? She says she is okay and does not want people to see her as a joker. He tells her that he does not consider her only a fine face.
Amaka gives Funmi instructions for the press release and as she finishes and asks if Phillip is still around, he bursts into the office and asks if she has calmed down? Amaka asks Funmi to excuse them. As Funmi leaves, Phillip asks if she has sufficiently cooled down and notes that he is already being slapped before he spends a full day and calls that a record. Amaka reminds him that he ran away and cannot come back now and start accusing her of stuff she did when she was struggling to survive.
Bash brings Bimpe who is laden with shopping bags home and she thanks him for the nice evening but she is tired and will not be inviting him in. As he sees her off at his car Chuks comes out to meet them. He hails Chuks, who he calls “Sukkus” and Chuks hails him back. He comments on the shopping and how Bimpe likes good things. Bimpe keeps rolling her eyes but Chuks refuses to get the hint. Bimpe reminds Bash that he will be late for his meeting and he tells her that the people he is meeting have no choice but to wait. Chuks tells Bash that Bimpe used to be his muse for his designs. Bash happily calls him a tailor and asks if Chuks can sew him some Yoruba oytfits. Chuks tells him that he can give him some specials if only he gets the measurement. Bash says there is no need to measure and reads out the measurement for his chest, tummy and legs. Chuks insists that he needs proper measurements and two of them head into his apartment hand-in-hand leaving Bimpe to fend for her numerous shopping bags.
Yusuf visits Masters and he asks what he has for him? Yusuf tells him that she is here. She calls herself Angelique now and sometimes she uses her left hand. Masters thinks and recalls that she shot him with her right hand. Yusuf adds that the people in her office thinks she is possessed. Masters asks if she is still seeing her psychiatrist? Yusuf says yes, but not for long. He also tells Masters that they saw a man’s belt the last time they checked Angelique’s flat. He asks if Masters still want to see Angelique? Masters thinks for a while and asks that she be sent in.
Chike and the lead actress wraps up the last scene and there is so much back-slapping and all. Haruna asks the ladies what they are wearing for the wrap-party? Omar complains to Laide that the last scene lacks depth. He wanted them to build up to that scene. Laide insists that they will take care of that in post-production. She congratulates him on his first film and he insists that it is not have been possible without her. She goes off to show her daughter the studio. Haruna and the girl gossip about Fred’s latest daughter.
Angelique tells Masters that she is here. He could not wait to see her. As he watches, she asks if he invited her to give her the silent treatment? He says she is different. She tells him that this is the real her. He made her into that. He tells her he heard she now calls herself Angelique? She wonders how he hears all these things even inside there? She asks what else he has heard? He asks how he turned her into this? She insists that it is her way of dealing with his absence, etc.
Haruna toasts the babes in the office and they are ready to hit the party. As he goes in to get something, Fred comes in with Funmi. He is happy that everything is ready for the program. He cannot wait to see the re-make. Just then, Phillip comes out with a babe and Fred screams his name!
Masters asks Angelique what she wants? Why did she come? She reminds him that he invited her. What does he want? He tells her that if she is independent as she claims, then what is she doing there? She should stop batting her eyelid and apologize. She tells him to call off his dogs. This fud between them has gone far enough and she loves him. How can he believe that she will betray him for Emille? He asks how she ever believed that she can betray him, shoot him and get away scot-free? He asks her to prove her love and she asks him to tell her how? He tells her that he can arrange for them to meet in more intimate circumstances. She asks if a conjugal visit is even allowed? He says he can make it happen and asks if she will give herself to him?

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Brenda tells Sankey that she has her land which rightly belongs to her back but now she wants out, which is why she is talking to Sankey. Sankey asks how she can be sure that Brenda is not in cahoots with Masters and that she knows nothing about the torture and disappearance of Akpobo? Brenda is surprised at the news of Akpobo’s disappearance.