Bimpe asks what Soji means by saying she needs to find someone to occupy herself with? He apologizes and she starts screaming that she has others who value her time. Frank comes to the table and she tells him that she is having a conversation here. Frank tells her that a gentlemen sent her a drink. She tells Frank to take her to the gentleman that knows how to appreciate a lady.
Omar asks Laide how she came to start directing the film so fast. He was warned about how Laide treats her friends. She asks him to quote Amaka all he wants. He reminds her of what she said about how important the competition is. He wonders why she is te one taking advantage of the whole competition now? She insists that he is the one that created a problem and Amaka and herself had to deal with it. He is surprised at how fast she went from being Amaka’s enemy to her friend.
Frank takes Bimpe to the gentleman that bout her the drink. The ma is sucking his drink loudly from his cup. He introduces himself as Agbabiaka Bashir. One of the independent movies of our times, 37 movies per year, 7 movies per year. He tries to kiss her hand but she screams as she snatches her hand away. She asks if she can call him Bash and he thanks her for cutting his name short. She askss for the names of the movies and he goes, Eni Ori Obi, Wife Material, etc. He asks her to kill him if anyone confirms he is lying. She asks if they are not Yoruba movies all? He says it is good she is a fan then.
Dr. Ibrahim tells Sankey that Angelique has agreed to take the drugs. Sankey is quite happy at the news but asks why Angelique still forgets things? Dr. Ibrahim says it is due to the extreme trauma she went through after betraying Masters. It is an escape mechanism. He educates Sankey on the concept of split personality. Sankey says it confirms that Angelique will not make a good witness. Dr. Ibrahim disagrees. He thinks his evaluation confirms that Angelique will take the drugs so long as she believes that it will keep her in control. Sankey worries that Angelique will throw the drugs away but Dr. Ibrahim thinks otherwise. They agree to stay the course and wait for Angela to re-surface.
Bimpe quizzes Bash about the quality of the movies but he says they churn out quantity and give people money to make it good. Soji escapes while Bimpe deals with Bash Agbabiaka. She gets up to leave but he insists that she must have another drink on top of him, in his words! She says she will gladly have another drink on him next time but he insists. She refuses to sit down so he insists on dropping her off. First, he gulps down his drink loudly and sets off with her.
Angelique parks her car and one of the thugs accosts her to say that Masters wants to see her again. She tells him they should stop meeting like this. He insists that his boss wants to see her and she walks off. She stops and tells him that the last time she went to see his boss, his boss was not nice to her and walked out on her. She asks if the boss said why he wants to see her? He says he does not quiz his boss. He will tell her when they will go and this time, she will open the door herself!
Amaka speaks with Chike’s agent and they agree that Chike has to honour his contract or face the music. She tells Laide the same and Laide asks if she is the one to tell Laide or Amaka? Amaka says she will do it. Omar walks in and Amaka says she has no time now but Omar tells her that if she is talking about Chike, he is in costume and ready to shoot. They ladies are shocked to hear that.
Bash Agbabiaka sees Bimpe home and she thanks him but says it is not necessary to get to her door. Ene stops when she sees them and gets back in the shadow. He tells her that he appreciates her talent and she thanks him. He asks her to give him her tomorrow. She says her tomorrow is tight. He says he wanted to take her to a party being hosted by Diamond Lady. Everyone knows Diamond Lady is more than 40 but in other not to cause trouble, they all accept hat she is 27. She promises to see if she can make out time for that. He hugs her for agreeing! Ene welcomes her from her perch!
Omar paces the reception as Funmi comes out to ask if he is still there? She reminds him that they have not had time to say a proper welcome. She hopes that now he is back, he will resume directing the movie. He asks her not to speak too soon. She wonders what he means? Now that he is back, she hopes he will resume shooting and Laide will no longer show up. He says he is playing it by the ear. She insists that he must take his chances and not let the ladies decide for him. Their discussion move to Hike as Amaka comes out on her way home. Omar stops her and reminds her they have not had a chance to have a proper chat. She tells hi. She does not have time for a chat and leaves. Funmi calls him a gentle boy and says that confirms what she told him!
Brenda calls Sankey about the news she read that Masters is going to trial. Sankey is not ready to discuss with someone whose motive she is not sure of. Brenda insists that she was just trying to help Angela but Sankey asks her if there is a sign on her face that reads idiot? Brenda is pained that Sankey does not believe her. Sankey insists that she is busy and asks Brenda to call her back when she is ready to talk. Brenda quickly asks her if there is a chance she will be required to testify at the trial if the case goes to trial, Sankey tells her it is when not if! Bend a asks if she will be required to testify? Sankey reminds her that it will be if she has any part to play. She tells Benda to call her when she has anything to say.
Masters asks what the next step is? Ovie says he has done everything he can to delay the trial but now it is out of his house. Masters asks whose hands things are in? Ovie says it is in his hands and he needs to know where Brenda fits into the whole thing and why Angela is visiting Masters? Masters tells him that he is not paid to ask questions. Ovie insists that he is paid to protect Masters in court and he needs answers to do that. He tells Masters that the prosecutor called him to threaten to disbar him if he suspects that they are tampering with witnesses. Masters tells Ovie that he does not have a choice but delay the trial and get him a list of all the witnesses and the rest he will take care of. He gets up and leaves Ovie to himself.
Amaka complains about the cost of getting Chike back to the set. Omar says mone is not everything. No one is paying Chike a dime. He cut clips of the scenes that had Chike and released them online. Amaka and Laide are horrified he released the movie before time. He tekkies them that people who saw the teasers responded positively to them on social media commending Chike about them. He showed the comments to Chike and that was it. Amaka wonders why they did not think of that? Omar says he knew what he was doing when he let Chike do those stunts. That he does not talk so much does not mean he does not know what he is doing.
Bimpe comes into Ene’s house and asks after Chuks? Ene says he went to buy recharge card. She asks if she told Ene about the man that brought her back? Ene says she is an adult and can do what she likes. She says the man is her uncle o. They have not seen each other for a long time. That is why he was hugging her like that. Chuks walks in and gives Bimpe a package. She opens a wrist watch which they consider expensive. Chuks says it can pay their house rent 5 times and yet it was abandoned outside Bimpe’s door. Ene laughs at the gift from Bimpe’s uncle!
Angelique speaks with the prosecutor and insists that she is so busy that she cannot come to his office as he asks. She suddenly shouts hello like the phone is cutting off and shuts it off. She gets out of the car and walks not her office. As she passes the thug asks Yusuf if he told Masters about Angelique bringing a man into her apartment? Yusuf did not think it important to tell Masters but they thug is not happy especially as Angelique is not sorry about what she did.
Amaka and Laide and Omar discuss who directs the movie? Omar says the show had to go on and he started it. Amaka asks what will happen if someone decides to walk off? He says that will never happen but Amaka insists that Omar abandoned the movie. He begs Amaka to give him and Laide some time and when Amaka leaves, he asks Laide to remember urging him on during the competition. She insists that she did nit ask him to run off. He tells her that he has a feeling that she had a plan from the beginning to use the commotion to get back to Reel and wonders what Amaka will say if she knows that she had been right from the beginning? Laid tells him to stop laying a guilt trip on her and tells him to look how far he has come and who made it happen. He asks her to make it happen and leaves her.

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Chuks and Ene tease Bimpe about her family friend or is it uncle, who buys her expensive presents!