Ene bursts in and joins Chuks and Ene at breakfast without being invited. Ene asks what she is doing? She says she came to say hello to them and asks Chuks why he is not happy? She is coming to ask for a discount o. Ene says that is not going to happen anytime soon. She jokingly asks if they have sacked him? Ene says there was a mistake. They thought Chuks was her. Bimpe does not believe her. Ene asks why she is all dressed up? She says she is now a big star and soon, they will no longer see her there. She takes a call and after shouting, gets back to the table and carries the plate to herself with Ene screaming at her.
Brenda comes in and Angelique greets her cheerfully. She has decided to approve the budget for the writer’s workshop. Angelique is quite happy and tries to shake hands but Brenda put her hands behind her back. Angelique asks why she changed her mind? She says Angelique seem to believe so much in it and if she fails, she would fail publicly and she is not intending to stop that. besides, now that she has her property back, she can afford to be gracious. Angelique tells her to enjoy whatever gets her going!
Funmi comes into Amaka’s office and after giving her instructions for the day, she asks if Funmi has anything to add? She says no. Amaka is surprised as she has been having much to say of late. She says she does not have an opinion as she is just a simple office manager. Amaka wonders why she does not have anything to say now that Laide is directing the film? She says her opinions do not count.
Vince bounces into Angela’s empty apartment, checks himself on the mirror and goes ahead to count her pills before switching them. On his way out, he sees Kwame’s belt and stops to take a picture of it.
Bimpe sits as Ene dresses up. She asks Bimpe what with the long face? Chuks says the long face started after her call. She tells them that the gig she told them about has been cancelled. It is not only one but all of them. She says it is okay. There must be other acting gigs coming up. She asks Madam Big Belle about the sex of her baby? Ene asks when they started talking about her baby? She says she needs to know as the aunt of the baby. She asks when the baby is due but they tell her it is not for public consumption. They both get up and she asks where they are going to? Job hunting. She suddenly remembers that the day is already spent and runs off leaving Ene and Chuks staring after her wake.
Sheila calls Amaka to invite her to dinner. She says she will not be able to make it. She is busy. Sheila tells her that she is allowed to invite him over? Who? Amaka asks. Sheila tells her that Fred and herself have this theory that she must be busy because she is juggling a relationship with work. Amaka tells her that the only man that keeps her from work now is her son.
Bimpe walks into the bar with her eyes behind dark shades. She orders for chapman and shows Frank where she wants to sit as she does not want these fans disturbing her. Frank wonders which fans? She points at all the people in the bar. Ash she walks to the place, a guy walks into the bar and waves. Bimpe thinks he was making for her but he walks right past her. She changes her direction and moves to a different table. Frank asks if she is no longer sitting where she chose and she asks if a famous customer cannot choose where to sit?
Angela dishes out instructions to Feke about things to get ready for the workshop. She says she wants all the items procured instantly. Feke agrees that they need to get everything ready before Brenda changes her mind. She tells Feke that the workshop must happen irrespective of Brenda’s opinion. Kwame comes in and Angelique welcomes him warmly with a hug causing Feke to open her mouth in shock! As Feke and Kwame were getting over this, she asks Kwame if he forgot something in her place the other night? That got Kwame to take a quick embarrassed look at Feke who now looks shocked.
Frank asks Bimpe if she wants another drink but she gets up and bumps into Soji on her way out. Soji asks whether she is on her way out? She says no. as he makes to says she has finished her drink, she says she was escaping a fan that was hustling her. She asks to share his table and he agrees.
Fred asks Sheila if she was able to reach Amaka? Sheila says yes but she declined the invitation to dinner. She said it was work. Fred agrees that they are working hard right now. Sheila says Amaka denied that she is not being kept busy by a man. Fred hopes she will soon find happiness. Sheila asks if he is insinuating that it is only a man that can make Amaka happy? Cosmo announces Omar and Fred welcomes him. he apologizes for barging in on Fred but says he must speak with Fred now. He settles in and Sheila leaves them. Fred asks how the shoot is going as he feels that is the only thing that is keeping Omar from him. Omar asks if he had not spoken with Amaka in a while? Fred asks if all is well? He says that is why he came. He messed up big time, he says.
Angelique tells Kwame that she guess she has a lot to thank Kwame for. He wonders what she is talking about? She tells him that Brenda came to throw her weight behind her workshop. Kwame says she cannot be sure of that. as Angelique fusses over him, he asks her to save her breath for her criminal lover. He came to ask what she wants him to do at the workshop and how much she is ready to pay. Besides, Phillip just wrapped up at Accra and he wants to know how much time he can invest in her workshop. She turns back and writes what she wants and the rate she is ready to pay and hands it to him. she wonders why he is being so passive? She thought they had some connection the other day or has Brenda gotten to him? he spits out that Brenda does not tell him what to do. She asks how he gets some fun or does he still depend on LDH? He wonders what that means? She says it is Long Distance Handcuffs. She asks what he gets other than steamy phone calls and cold baths. She invites him to stop by her apartment in the evening for a celebration. He tells her he will read what she wrote and revert.
Frank came around to ask if Bimpe is still there? Soji is surprised and reminds Bimpe that she said she just got there. She says she was in the bar in the morning and just came back. Frank says Bimpe has been spending so much time in the bar, not that he has been complaining. Bimpe says she just fumigated her house and had to spend time outside. Soji says he thought fumigation clears after 12 hours? He just fumigated his own house and it cleared in 24 hours. Bimpe says in addition to fumigation, she painted the house and also electrocuted (sic) it! Electrocution? Frank could not hold back his laughter. As Frank leaves, Bimpe wants to find out what Soji is up to next? He says he has this seminar for customs agents and Bimpe jumps on it and says she has been meaning to educate herself in customs practices. As Soji tries to understand what she means, she hustles him out of the bar.
Omar tells Fred that after the accident, he had to decide to continue. Fred says he is just hearing about the accident on set. Omar thinks they kept it from him to avoid disturbing him. Fred says such things happen. Omar says he wonders if killing someone is worth it? Fred tells him that such things happen. Omar tells him about his family being a long line of medical practitioners. Fred wonders if his family supports his going into the movie business? He says they do not and for the first time, he is beginning to think that they are right.
Kwame gets into Brenda’s office and as Brenda welcomes him, he tells her that she did a good thing by approving Angelique’s workshop budget. Brenda is alarmed that he has heard already and he tells her that he is just coming from Angelique’s office. She tells him that she approved the budget because he is going to be there and asks how regularly she will be getting feedbacks from him about the workshop? She says that she is also just coming from Angelique’s office but there is something creepy about the place. It crawls on your skin. Kwame agrees that Angelique is all touchy-feely. Brenda thinks that is a polite way of saying it. She tells Kwame that she is beginning to be forced to believe Sankey’s mumbo-jumbo about Angela suffering from a split personality but waves off such a suggestion. She notices that Kwame is lost in thought and scolds him back to reality. As she lapses back into her discussion, he suddenly jumps up and as she calls him back, he runs out of her office.

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Omar asks Laide what is going on with the shoot? She asks if he is blind? They have been shooting all these while, directed by her! Omar’s jaw drops.