Amaka arranges a sleeping Toochi on the couch while Laide and her daughter wait. She asks if Amaka knows when the crèche will call back? Amaka says she does not know. It will take a while. She asks Amaka to hold Ife while she fishes out something and Amaka grudgingly does that and hands the child over immediately with Laide asking really? She suggests they call the crèche back but Amaka insists that they cannot be pushful. Amaka takes a call from Funmi and Laide rightly guessed that it is the crew asking for their director. Laide packs up and Amaka asks where she is going to? Work, laide says but Amaka does not think the studio is the right place for the child to run around. The AD calls again and Amaka asks Laide to go. She will look after the babies till the creche calls.
Sammie comes in and tells Angelique he has good news. He hands over the note with Akpobo’s hand writing on it. Angelique checks and sees a shopping list. Sammie says it is his shopping list and produces the right piece of paper. He remembered that Akpobo wrote Brenda a note and bamboozled a staff member with legalese. He says they only need to get the paper to the righ people. Angelique tells him that she will talk to him when he gets the document to the right people and gets ready to go home.
Bimpe sneaks up on Chuks reading a newspaper in his office and shouts Thief, Police! Chuks dives under the table before he realizes it is Bimpe. He asks her what she did that for and she laughs at him. He asks what she is doing there and she says she came to congratulate him on his new job. He asks who told her he works there and she says it is not important. It is however time for him to show how good a neighbor he can be. He reminds her of the free food and appliances she borrows from them. She says his presence there should get her discounts on all the spa treatment. He asks her to leave and she asks if that is how he brushes Ene off? She came to tell him to spend more time listening to Ene and he gets up and asks her to spend her time minding her business.
Laide is directing Chike when the assistant brings her phone. She reminds her that she said no calls but the lady says the caller keeps calling. She takes the phone and asks what the caller wants as she steps away from the crew. She insists that she had paid the caller and wonders how much it will cost to get him off her back? He tells her and she says anything is better than these calls.
Bimpe asks whether the receptionist will not talk to her? The receptionist says she will not gossip about another staff. Bimpe claims to be Chuks’s neighbor and friend and says she is looking out for Chuks. The receptionist says she does not need to worry. Sheila is quite impressed with Chuks’s qualifications and references. Bimpe is surprised and says that is not Chuks. She asks the staff for the CV but the receptionist refuses.
Dr. Ibrahim visits Sankey and Sankey wonders why he is there? He says he is there for his patient’s sake. He tells Sankey that Angela walked into his office and Angelique walked out. Sankey wonders why that is a problem? They are always exchanging personalities. Dr. Ibrahim tells her that the Angelique he met is quite formidable and insists on holding control. Sankey hopes that Angela will appear in time for the trial.
Bimpe speaks with Ene about her visit to Chuks’s office. She is bothered that Chuks appeared jumpy as a goat even for himself. Ene says he must be busy at work. Bimpe says he threw her out of his office just like he did Ene. Ene says she must have crossed the line. Bimpe says someone told her Sheila is quite impressed with Chuks’s CV. Ene says it is true and reminds her that Chuks is qualified to run the spa. He used to run Ziggy’s Bar she reminds Bimpe. Bimpe wonders if Chuks spiced up his CV but Ene insists that he did not. She typed the CV herself. Bimpe then wonders how they find his CV impressive? Ene tries to defend him but she cut her off and reminds her to stop selling her husband to her as she knows him quite well.
Dr. Ibrahim tells Sankey that he cannot change Angela’s prescription without her consent except if he has the law on his side. Sankey asks how Angelique gets her prescription filled? Dr. Ibrahim says she comes to get them filled in and it is almost due for a refill. Sankey asks how they are sure that Angelique will take the pills? Dr. Ibrahim says she is a survivor and will take the pills to get her going. They however need to work fast as Angelique keeps getting stronger by the day. Sankey asks what he will have her do?
Chuks calls Ene and asks if she has something to tell him? she wonders what he is talking about? He tells her that Bimpe came to the office to insinuate that Ene has some grievances. Ene says it is not grievance but she is dissatisfied. He wonders why she will talk to Bimpe of all people? He suggests that they should keep Bimpe at arm’s length going forward. He also tells her that he is up for the plan she has around making children’s outfits. She smiles and assures him that it will work well. She tells him that Bimpe talked about his impressive qualifications and how the spa staff are impressed with it. He wonders who told her and tells Ene that they actually need to cut off all relationships with Bimpe going forward.
Amaka is still with Ife when the crèche calls back. She complains that she has been waiting for their call all these while and asks if she can bring the kids? She thanks the caller and says she will bring them right away. before she leaves, she checks Ife’s nappies to confirm that she is good to go but what she sees there makes her check again.
Laide reviews the scenes shot with her crew and is happy with what they achieved when Amaka comes in. She is happy with the result and dismisses the crew and moves on to Amaka. She asks after the kids and Amaka says they are at the crèche. They agreed to take care of the babies for a while. Laide asks for how long and she says long enough for them to finish shooting. Laide wonders what she will do after that and Amaka says she can hire another carer. Laide says she will rather Ife mixes with other kids. Amaka asks whether Ife has been spending time on her own? Laide says yes. Amaka asks why and she says Ife has had her own little complicated life. Amaka leaves and leaves Laide worried.
Angelique gets ready and Angela looks on and tells her that Masters will see through her. She insists that she will get through because she is Angela. Angela begs her to at least find out what happened to her father? Angelique semms not bothered and Angela begs her. She tells Angela to stop groveling. She hates it when Angela grovels. She asks how she looks and walks off.
Majek comes in and sees Amaka. He remarks that the look n Amaka’s face shows that telling Fred about Laide did not go well. Amaka says it did not happen at all. She has decided to tell Fred after they finish shooting. By then, Sheila’s surgery would be over. Majek thinks that it may still not be easy then. Majek remarks that Amaka seems to be getting more comfortable with laide around. He asks if he should track Omar down but Amaka says no. she has an adult making the movie now and if he insists on behaving like a petulant child, he should be allowed o stay away.
Angelique marches out in her dangerously short skirt and approaches the car. She gets there and asks Vince to get the door for her. He says he will get the door when he sees a lady. She says she will in that case go in her car. As she steps away, he gets out of the car and says she cannot do that. she wonders why and he says she cannot make demands. She reminds him that his boss really wants to see her and she can just refuse to appear. He opens the door of the van for her.

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Sheila tells Brenda about the impressive qualifications of the manager she hired who has a degree in sociology. Brenda says she is aware of the first degree but the person is a woman. Sheila insists that she hired a guy. Brenda asks if the person said he used to be her PA? Sheila says yes and Brenda tells her that in that case she has been had!