Funmi and two others discuss and blame Omar for the accident. One of them says it is due to Omar’s inexperience. Funmi insists that Chike insisted on doing the stunt himself. She thinks he could sue the studio. Amaka and Brenda come out of the office with Brenda insisting that they still have a discussion to conclude. Amaka disregards her & tells Funmi she is going out and they can send whatever she needs to work on to her. Hassan says that Omar is a doctor & that catches Amaka’s attention and she repeats that!
Dr. Ibrahim talks to his dictaphone about his unleashing Angelique and giving her control over Angela’s body inadvertently. He believes Angelique too is in need of help and dangerous.
Chuks and Ene snuggle on the couch as he tells her the story of his meeting with Mr. Roast Okuko. She lauughs at his experience. She is sure the man would have wanted to throw Chuks out. Chuks says he ran before the man could do that. She asks why Chuks did not tell her before going for the interview? He says she was dressing up & he had to leave. She talks about her own job hunting and how the guy told her she is not the kind of woman he hires. He means that he does not hire pregnant women. Chuks asks if he told her that? She says yes, but she gave him back fire and left him with his mouth hanging open. He tells her not to take it to heart as these marketing companies want only slim ladies. She looks at him quizzically and he quickly corrects himself, saying they hire tiny girls who they dangle before customers. Ene agrees and says she heard that the girls sometimes do more than dangle. He says she does not need a stressful job. His phone rings and he is invited to an interview at Mirage Spa.
Angela begs Angelique not to do it. Angelique asks if she is bothered about the bright eye shadow? Angela begs her because she is putting people’s life in danger. She asks what happened to her father? Angelique does not know. Angela threatens her and she screams that all she knows is that daddy not being around uncomplicates things. She leaves Angela staring at her from the mirror and goes out.
Chuks is quite happy at the call and Ene tells him she is happy but begs him not to blow it. He should not go in acting all cocky. He says he knows what he is doing and goes online to search for spa industry trends. He says by the time he is through, he will blow Sheila away. Ene tells him that it takes more than an Internet search to learn spa management. She advises that he goes in humbly and not raise hopes. He says they must ally like him considering the speed with which they called him. He tells her not to worry. Her own call will soon come.
Amaka meets Laide pacing and Omar sitting down morosely. She asks how bad it is and Laide says it is shocking and Omar is taking it very hard. Amaka says she heard he is a doctor? Laide says it is complicated. Coming from a long line of doctors, he was expected to join the family clinic but he followed his passion for making movies. Amaka goes to Omar and asks how he is doing? He says he is not the one she should be worried about. Amaka assures him that t is not his fault but he insists that he let Chike do the stunt.
Sheila remembers meeting Chuks before. Chuks confirms he was selling Ginger supplement. He stopped because the product was not doing what it said. Sheila wonders why he did not include his entrepreneurial foray in his CV? She says Chuks has a very interesting resume. He thanks her & commends the spa. She asks what he knows and he reels out a number of things the spa. she is impressed and asks if he had run a spa before? He tries to gloat but finally says no, he read up after he was called. She is happy at his honesty and offers him the job of an administrative assistant. He thanks her profusely. He is ready to start now.
Angelique gives instructions to Feke about fetching the script writer and arrangements for the writer’s workshop. Feke is surprised that they are still going on with it after Brenda cancelled. Angelique insists she is running the show and also asks that Feke sends Kwame an invitation to the workshop and book him a room. Feke asks if Brenda sanctioned that? Angelique tells her to ensure everything goes well. Feke leaves and Angelique calls her dad and leaves him a message.
Sheila introduces Chuks to the front office staff. Chuks is happy and when Sheila asks if he has any suggestions? He says Sheila runs a tight ship but he has some ideas about how to streamline staff. Sheila is sure he will tell her that soon enough. She gives him his appointments letter.
the doctor comes out to Amaka and Laide’s relief. She tells them the actor is lucky because of the excellent first aid he received. He should be up and about in a day or two. Amaka is surprised and relieved and asks if they can see Chike? The doctor says yes! They turn around to invite Omar but he was gone!
Funmi asks if anyone has heard from the hospital? The others say they are sure they will soon get information. As they discuss, Amaka and Laide come back and tell them it is good news. The doctor says he will be back to work soon. The others are surprised and she tells them they can go back to shooting immediately though with a re-arranged schedule. She asks if anyone has seen Omar but no one has.
Dr. Ibrahim calls Sankey to tell her that there is a problem with his patient. Sankey asks if he is going to give her information or is this some other Dr. Patient mumbo-jumbo? Dr. Ibrahim says Angela is his patient, not this Angelique. Sankey becomes interested immediately and asks him where they can meet immediately?
Chuks says he will transform the spa but Ene reminds hi. That he just started work there. He says he has ideas but Ene tells hi. To slow down. He asks why she is pouring sand in his garri? She reminds him that he does not won the spa and should thus not tear the walls yet. He talks about Sheila and Ene asks if he is crushing in his boss already?before he protests, she tells him it is a joke. He pulls out his appointment letter and his countenance changes. Ene wonders what is wrong but he says I is nothing and shoos her away.
Amaka and Laide come not the conference room and meet Omar lying face-up on the table. They tell him Chike is okay and should be back to work soon. Amaka asks why he is lying on the table? He gets up and says it is all a joke. They wonder what he is getting at? He says someone could have died today but they remind him that he may have saved a life. He wonders if that is worth risking a life to get a perfect shot? They remind hi. That a lot of people depend on that industry for their livelihood but he thinks it is meaningless.
Angela packs her car and sneaks up on the guy that is shadowing her. She calls him new guy and tells him to loosen up. She asks him to go and tell Masters that she wants to come and see him.