Chuks’s former manager asks what he is doing there? Chuks says he is working and asks what he is also doing there? He says he is coordinating the waiters as a manager. Chuks asks how things are at Roast Okuko? The man says he does not know. He left the place a while back and now works here as the manager. He is wondering why Chuks is trying to do his job. Frank takes off as Chuks blabs. The man tells him he will gladly throw him out.
Brenda asks if it is a bad time to meet Sankey? Sankey says no and asks what she is doing at the station? Brenda says she is there to tell Sankey what is going on? Sankey wonders what she means? Brenda reminds her that she was dragged down to the station the other day and Sankey reminds her that she firmly said nothing is happening. Brenda tells Sankey that Masters is really out to exact a revenge on Angela. She is there to tell Sankey what the plans are. Sankey asks if Masters told Brenda that? Brenda says he sought her help, she played along and is there now to tell Sankey what is going on. Sankey laughs heartily and asks if Brenda wants her to believe that this is all for Angela’s benefit?
Omar and team rush to Chike’s aid and he gets someone to call the emergency service. He gives them a clear idea about what is wrong with Chike’s leg in clear medical language and ends that they will need an ambulance. He gets up and screams for the stunts company.
Brenda asks Sankey whether she believes that she will associate with Masters if it is not appropriately necessary? Sankey laughs at her. She says she did what she did to protect her company. Sankey says she thought it was to protect Angela? Brenda says she does not like Angela but Angela owns a chunk of her company’s shares and if there is an opportunity to put Masters away, she will love that. She also reminds Sankey that she asked them to look out for Angela. She is only obeying instructions. Sankey says she does not look like the instruction-obeying type. Brenda gets up and asks Sankey to give her some space. Sankey says she will give her enough rope to hang. As she gets up to leave, she takes a call from Feke and her countenance changes!
Chuks is all dressed-up and Ene gives him his new CV. He thanks her but says it is too honest. Ene says it is good. That way, he will not have to lie. She reminds Chuks of the time Bimpe beefed up her CV and she got a job as an interpreter. Chuks thanks her and asks after the vacancy at Mirage Spa. He will through there and drop his CV. They bump into each other on their way out. Honesty before Beauty, he says but Ene says Honesty and Beauty will go together.
Amaka pitches the new project to Dr. Gyang. He does not agree with the extensive changes being planned for one project. She says it is not one project. He is bothered about the expenses and low sponsorship. She reminds him that this will remind people about Reel Studios and the festival will also help them especially from the re-make of blockbusters like Harvest. They eventually agree after he argues about the cash flow strain etc. She hopes that after the festival, they will no longer need World Movies though Dr. Gyang hopes that World Movies will have seen her administrative acumen after six months. He says he will toast to that and she says she will hold him to that.
Chuks bounces into Mirage Spa to apply for the new role. The ladies tell her they have received more than enough CVs. He says he wants to see their madam but they tell him she is not around. He begs them and they accepts his CV and Ene’s. they tell him not to call them. They will call him if they need him.
Angela gets back and Dr. Ibrahim asks how she feels after her long walk? He wants her to relax and reveal Angelique to him. she lies down and he tries to get her into a relaxed state and asks if Angelique is there? Angela takes deep breaths and after a while, opens her eyes and tells him that she asked him not to do that again. He tells her, “Hello Angelique!”.
Ene stops by for the interview. The man says she is not what he is expecting. She says she will be able to fill in the role. He says the role is a marketing role and asks for her marketing experience? She says she is a fast learner, etc. he laughs and says he can see that she is already relating with mankind well and she has a huge job in front of her. He tells her that she is not suited for the role.
Dr. Gyang thanks Amaka for a very productive meeting.
Angelique tells Dr. Ibrahim that he is braver than the last time they met. He asks why a fine girl like her wants to hide behind someone else’s image? She says she is okay but bothered at Angela’s weaknesses. Dr. ibrahim asks if she does not like Angela? Is that why she wants to take over? Angelique says Angela will not allow her to take over.
Brenda marches into Amaka’s office to ask why she stole her theatre days? Amaka says she stole nothing and Brenda reminds her that she demanded for the dates. Amaka insists that those dates are important for them due to their anniversary. Brenda says she can always get another date if she wanted. She rants that all these Ade-Williams and their antics cannot take over her company. First they tried to take her land and now, her company? Ever since they shut down Dan’s prison movie, they have turned into a movie mafia. Amaka tells her that no one is trying to steal her company.
Ene asks the interviewer what he means that she is not suitable for the role? He insists that she is not what he is looking for. She says she has the requisite academic qualification but he insists that she is a youth corper and inexperienced. She pushes and the guy says that is why he does not hire women. They take time off and get pregnant, etc. ene asks if she is being rejected because she is a woman? He tells her that his mum was a farmer and she never took a maternity leave. She stands up and tells him that she intends to work for as long as is possible before her delivery but not at his crummy company where she is sure that his mother will be ashamed of him.
Amaka confronts Brenda and tells her that she can have any other dates she wants apart from those days and if she wants those days, she should make the theatre owners a deal they cannot refuse. As Brenda takes on her, she reminds Brenda that if she does not want to be accorded the privileges of an Ade-Williams, she should get something else to hang on. Funmi bursts in and tells Amaka that there has been an accident on set. Amaka abandons Brenda and rushes out with her.
Dr. Ibrahim discusses with Angelique and asks if she has anything to do with Nero? She says the man was out of it already. He asks why she did it and she says Nero was distracting Angela from her. He tells her that she needs to get help and she asks if he wants to put them back in the nut house? She reminds him of what happened the last time they were put there. If she had been in charge then, she would have acted faster and would have put down the man who connived with Reginald to put them there. she gets up and says their discussion is over. He says she cannot leave with Angela’s body. She asks if she cannot and deals him a blow on the lower tummy. As he bends over in pain, she marches out before he could make a call.

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Brenda insists that they are in the middle of a discussion but Amaka ignores her and tells others that she is off and any urgent things should be sent to her. As she turns to leave, she overhears Funmi and Hassan discussing Omar and turns and asks Omar is a doctor?