Omar comes back into the conference room and Fred wonders why he is not going home yet? He says he wants to watch some of Fred’s old movies to help him hone his skills. Fred leaves as Funmi comes in. she asks Omar who Laide Cole is to him? He tells her that Laide is a family friend and he wanted to make movies so he picked her. Funmi wonders if they have some other motives? Omar says he has better things to do with his time.
Brenda insists that she will say no word till she has her lawyer present. Sankey reminds her that this is a friendly chat. Brenda insists that the chat could be used against her in the future. Sankey asks if she has done anything that can be used against her? No more word from her.
Louisa sits down and orders for a drink and the Tinsel Town journalist joins her uninvited. Her phone rings and after taking the call, she accuses Louisa of shutting all the journalists out of their studio. Louisa thinks that is the best decision Amaka has taken. She tries to push by insisting that the film can do with the publicity but Louisa insists that they will be informed at the right time. The journalist insinuates that they are being kept away because the shoot is already a fiasco as she walks away prompting Louisa to turn and face her!
Funmi gets into Laide’s office and Laide is happy she is free at last. Funmi tells her that she knows who she is and Laide says she will expect so. Funmi reminds her that she went on air once to spoil Fred’s name. Laide says that is one way of looking at it. Funmi says that the staff know her intentions and are keeping their eyes on Laide. Laide chuckles at her loyalty to Fred and subtly reminds her that she is a receptionist. Funmi insists that she is the office manager. Laide agrees!
Fred tells Dan of his visit to the studio and how watching the young ones work affected him positively. He stops when he notices that Dan was not listening and asks him if he called TTK? Dan does not think there is anything to say. Fred reminds him that he is the one sitting there morosely. Dan says he cannot go back to TTK as he has nothing to offer her. Fred reminds him that he proposed to TTK and she agrees in spite of other choices she had. He is the only constant in her life. Dan says TTK came to Fred to ask for money because he cannot satisfy her. Fred tells him that he has not been born, the man that can satisfy a woman. If there is one, then his marriage to Sheila would have been that of perfect bliss.
Salewa gets home and gives TTK her letter. She wonders why Dan is writing to her but eventually reads it. She chuckles and Salewa asks what the letter is about but she insists that the letter is for her and not to be shared. She wonders if she should respond? Salewa says it will be rude if she does not. She asks for a piece of paper and Salewa produces one. She starts writing and Salewa tries to peep but gets shooed away.
Sankey tells Brenda she can go. She wonders if Sankey is tired of detaining her? Sankey tells her she is using very strong words. Brenda wonders how a friendly visit turned into dragging her down to the studio? Sankey tells her to check her sensitivities next time she colludes with a criminal. Brenda says she is not colluding with him! Sankey tells her that she knows something is wrong and she intends to get to the root of it!
Salewa and Maami discuss their plans to reconcile TTK and Dan. She tells Maami things are working well and Maami tells her that her grandfather is on his way to the house. He will assist to reconcile TTK and Dan. As they were talking, TTK comes out and they switch to discussing pounded yam. TTK looks for her magazine and leaves and they get back to their discussion till she comes back out. Salewa is worried that the plan may not work.
Angela tries to reach her father on the phone without success. She drops and blames Angelique for her father’s absence. She wonders if he has been arrested or run away? Angelique assures her that she would have been called if Nero has been arrested. Angela asks her what she did with the money and she insists that she did nothing. Angela asks who else has access to the money and Angelique reminds her of the man that she loves who got her the land in the first instance! She taunts Angela about her love for Masters!
Sheila comes out of the room and nearly falls over as Fred comes in to meet her. He insists on calling her doctor but she insists that she is okay. She is only having a moment. As they discuss, Salewa bumps in and asks for Dan. She is surprised at the look on Sheila’s face as Sheila starts coughing again.
Salewa comes in and hands Dan his letter. He opens it and as he starts writing, she suggests that they try something else. Instead of writing a reply, he should try and talk to TTK. Fred comes in and agrees with Salewa. Dan wonders why they are ganging up against him and Fred tells him that as the oldest member of the family, he has called for a family meeting to discuss the issue between him and TTK. Dan wonders what Fred’s own is in the matter? Fred tells him that as he followed him to request for TTK’s hand in marriage, courtesy demands that he calls everyone and informs them if that changes and he has done that. He suggests that Dan writes to invite TTK to a talk before the whole families meet. Dan proposes to hold the talk in Ziggy’s but Fred says it has to be at a neutral venue. Salewa suggests a park near their house and Fred agrees.
Masters asks the lawyer about the situation with plan two? He says the authorities are away Nero is back to the country. It is only a matter of time before he is arrested. Masters is not interested in his arrest. He asks about the NGO and is told that the NGO is trying to keep the news under wraps so that it does not affect their reputation. Masters says they need to get the news to the press and convince Nero that Angela stole the money and pinned it on him so that he will turn his back on Angela.
Fred asks Sheila to tell him the truth why she did not want him to talk to her lawyer? She says she decided to go for chemotherapy instead of surgery. Fred wonders why and she says it is because of the way his first wife’s death affected him. he tells her that they will go to the hospital tomorrow for her surgery.
Salewa brings TTK Dan’s letter. She is distressed that he wants them to meet. Salewa wonders what the issue is? She does not want Dan to see her in her disheveled state. Salewa asks her to get ready so that they go for manicure, etc. she gets up happily and as she goes into the room, Maami calls Salewa to tell her that she is on her way to the house with her grandfather. Salewa assures her they will soon be out of the house. Shortly after, TTK comes out and they happily scoot out of the house hand-in-hand!
Angela asks the person at the door to come in. It turns out to be Charlie. He came to discuss their case and when he sees how she is looking, he asks what he can help with? She tells him it is about her father and tells him about the missing money and how it turned up in one of her accounts. She does not know where her father is now. He assures her that he may be coming to look for her. He however asks her if she is sure she does not know how the money ended up in her account? She gets annoyed and orders him out for daring to think she is a thief. He assures her that he is only asking all the hard questions and advices her to work on her answers. He leaves after reminding her that she knows where to find him when she is ready to continue.

Next on Tinsel
The sneaky Tinsel Town journalist approaches the studio with a picture and the security man stops her asking for her tag. She assures him that she is there to supply the picture and reminds him that she was just talking to the props guy outside. He considers her answer and when she insists that she is in a hurry and he is delaying the shoot, he allows her in!