Snaky asks Brenda what she is doing visiting this prison? Brenda wonders why it is Sankey’s business where she enjoys fresh air? Sankey is sure that Brenda is breaking the law and when she missteps, Sankey promises her that she will be there to catch her. She tells Sankey that as usual, she does not understand what Sankey is blabbing about. Sankey promises to give her enough space to enjoy fresh air in detention and she tells Sankey that she just came from a car wash and can Sankey please remover her hands from the glass?
TTK and Robert make arrangements. Robert asks if she has chosen a make-up artist? Yes, she has. She knows someone. Robert is not happy about that. He eventually manages to get TTK to allow him get the vehicles to be used that day. Dan comes out and TTK asks if he is hungry so that she can arrange something for him? When he says yes, she yells for Carol to bring what she is cooking for Dan. Maami comes in and announces that wrestlers and drummers and singers are on their way with TTK’s father. TTK is shocked at the news. Dan gets up and says he would rather listen to drunks than all these.
Fred is at the spa and the spa girls greet him. He asks how business is doing? Good, they tell him and ask after Sheila. He tells them she is okay and asks for the accounts. He is trying to help as he thinks that it will be a bit more difficult now that Sheila is not around. He tells them to send anyone looking for Sheila to him. he leaves and the two girls ask if he is running away from his wife and ask each other who will call Sheila?
Angela fiddles with her pills and Angelique re-appears. She orders Angelique to stay away as she ordered her. Angelique is only trying to help but Angela says it is her fight. Angelique asks to call Charlie but Angela will have none of that. She calls Charlie who tells her that it is not good. He has checked everywhere and there is no shred of evidence that Akpobo sold the land to her. She says people will think she is lying and Charlie confirms that if he had not seen the papers himself, he would think she is nuts. He offers to keep digging and if that fails, they will have to call Brenda back to the table.
TTK and Maami discuss. She no longer eats bean cakes but eventually takes one from Maami’s plate. She is not happy Dan abandoned his breakfast and wonders why he is always rushing off to Ziggy’s and not behaving like his wedding is around the corner. Maami asks her not to worry. Dan is working hard but TTK does not think so. The last time she went there, he was drinking with the customers. It occurs to her that Dan is an addict and she tells Maami that it is dangerous for Dan to be drinking!
Fred tries Sheila’s number without success. He gets Cosmo on the phone and he confirms that Sheila is okay. He asks Cosmo to take good care of her as the treatment of that day could have been harsh on her. He drops off the phone and one of the spa girls brings him his herbal tea. He tells her it is blackberry infusion and it is good for her system.
Segun comes back to meet Sankey. She confirms she saw Brenda who denies what she is doing but she is neck deep in something. Segun has found out more about the man with his tongue slashed. He used to own the land on which Odyssey is. He sold the place to Brenda and when they wonder where the connection with Angela is, it suddenly occurs to Sankey that Brenda and Angela were fighting over the land recently. He asks Segun to dig some more. Segun asks whether she can get anything from the prison but she says no one there is saying anything. It is time to crank up the pressure.
Frank and Obiora are in the store when TTK comes in to talk to Frank in confidence. She asks if he lives up to his name he wonders what she is talking about? She asks after Dan and his drinking habits in the bar with his friends. Frank says Dan is okay and has been spending time in the office. TTK gives him some money and tells him she expects him to keep an eye on Dan and report anything he notices. Frank is baffled.
Kwame calls Dannie to tell her about his run-ins with Angela and how he went to see her with the second season of La Vida Loca that she sent him and met a different person. Dannie wonders why he is obsessed with Angela? He explains that he is not obsessed but probably intrigued and has discovered a different layer to the Angela he thought he knew. Dannie drops the line.
Amaka chats with Laide about the production. Everything is progressing towards the shooting. Laide complains that she has not seen the final budget for cameras, etc. Amaka will send it to her. She asks if Amaka will be at the shoot to keep an eye on things as she cannot be there. Amaka is busy with the anniversary. Laide asks how it is coming up and Amaka becomes evasive till she says she is just being polite. She asks how Laide is okay and Laide says she is. She asks whether Amaka has seen Omar? No. Laide wonders who is keeping an eye on what he is doing.
The spa girls question their colleague about what she heard from Fred. She recounts how he said that they should take good care of Sheila as the treatment may have been harsh. They wonder what she is recovering from? Maybe a bad spa day, plastic surgery, etc. They agree to go and visit Sheila to see what is wrong with her.
Dan returns TTK’s money and wonders what she was doing offering Frank money to spy on him? She says she was just being concerned. He is not happy that she does not trust him and wonders if that is what they will be doing as a married couple? He is on her way to the bar to go and rest. TTK says they have not finished talking. He reminds her that he is not an alcoholic but a drug addict and is not at any danger of relapsing.
Omar comes out of the van and is checking something with the sun. one of the boys asks when they will start shooting? Omar did not see what he was looking for through his fingers and asks his team to pack up and move on. They remind him that he chose that location yesterday but he says they need more trees and asks the driver to head out.
Kwame comes into Angela and she wonders why he will not leave her alone? He will not till he gets answers. She asks how she does not like him sound? He says that is the problem. One moment she is nice and the other moment she is hard. He wonders what it is with her? They may have had their moments but he is now into this TV thing of hers. She asks if Brenda sent him to her? He asks her not to be ridiculous. She wonders if his American girl is no longer doing it for him as he appears desperate? He reminds her of when she knocked on his door saying she needs a man? Needed, past tense, she tells him. he tells her that she still needs him. This her spat with Brenda is not healthy and he can smoothen things out for her. She still needs him.
Salewa gets into the bar and accosts Frank asking for her father. Frank says he went home and she asks why? When Frank will not answer, she tells him that she will stay there and ask him till she gets an answer. Frank tells her that TTK gave him money to spy on Dan. Just then, Dan enters the office and Frank leaves. Salewa sits in front of Dan and tells him that she knows what TTK did. She collected money from Fred for the wedding, a lot of money!

Next on Tinsel
Dan tells TTK that she must return all the money to Fred that same day or the wedding is off. She says it is not possible as she has spent some of the money. He goes in to collect his things and when she tries to stop him, he screams at her to get out of his way.