Sho, Helen and Salewa wait and Helen and Sho complain of the lecture. Sho is tired and suggest they go home. Salewa asks to go to Helen’s room with her. She says she will be bored as she wants to sleep. Salewa does not mind and when Helen asks why she does not want to go home, she says she is tired of her parents’ issues.
Sheila and Amaka share tales about Fred working his salesman’s charms on a customer. As they share their stories, Sheila starts sneezing. Amaka asks if she is okay? She says she is fine but the chemotherapy is harsher than she expected. Amaka asks her to re-consider the chemo and choose surgery instead. She says it is okay. She seems to easily catch cold.
Dr. Ibrahim talks to another doctor via video conference about Angela and Angelique. The doctor asks him to bring Angela in as she can be a danger to herself and to others including Dr. Ibrahim. There could be other personalities involved he says and Dr. Ibrahim says he has only identified Angelique, who seems to be antagonistic to the host.
Sheila continues to sneeze and tells Amaka to quit worrying about her and tell her what is happening at Reel? Amaka tells her about Fred’s interference and Omar’s expensive changes to the script. She wonders why Fred is encouraging Omar to run amok? Sheila tells her that there may be other issues involved. Fred will not admit it but she thinks he is missing Phillip. Amaka asks if Sheila will tell her what the last fight Fred and Phillip had was about? She will understand if Sheila demurs. Sheila thanks her for understanding. Where will we be without our secrets? She says.
Maami asks why TTK is sad? TTK says Dan cannot just come in and turn everything upside down. Maami tells her that she cannot treat her husband who is the head of the home like that. Salewa comes in and asks what the issue is? TTK says it is her father and she quickly excuses herself to go do her homework. As Maami continues to try to talk to TTK, she says she should be speaking with Dan. She calls him and asks when he is coming home? He says he is busy with suppliers and the kitchen. TTK asks if he is avoiding coming to talk about the store he cleared out? He says no and as she continues, he tells her he loves her and drops. Frank tells him he can go home and he will deal with the rest. He tells Frank he is okay. He is where he wants to be.
Segun comes to meet Sankey eating from a large bowl. She asks what he wants? He tells her that he stumbled on something she should be interested in. Detective Akpan has been called to a case and the man has been badly beaten. The man’s tongue has been cut off! Sankey nearly chokes on her food and wonders why Segun will tell her such a horrid tale in the middle of a hot afternoon? She wants to know who the man was? Seugn does not know but Angela came to visit him. She sends him to find out more and report back to her.
The staff finish one meeting and the remaining ones wonders why they should be having a production meeting that late especially when they do not know who the producer is? Funmi tells them that the producer’s name is shared on a need to know basis.
Dan is winding up a meeting with a customer when TTK barges into the office and says she can see he is dealing with an emergency. Dan quickly and safely ushers the customer out. He tries to tell her that there is nothing but TTK screams that she caught him pants down. He asks her to keep her voice down so that they can talk. She tells him that they can only talk at home and orders him to come along!
Kwame comes into Angela’s and wonders why she was not answering her door? He tells her he got the second part of a series and he wants them to watch it together. Angela does not talk and after a while tells him to stop. He wonders what the issue is? She tells him that his sister Brenda should be arrested and he agrees that Brenda should be arrested for so many things. He asks that she leaves him out of their issues. She tells him to stop trying to pretend not to know what is going on and as he protests his innocence, she pushes him out and slams the door in his face!
Maami and Salewa were sharing a story about the good food Maami served when they hear Dan and TTK arguing loudly outside. They stop and Dan and TTK enter and continue their loud argument oblivious of those they met. Salewa and Maami ask what the issue is and TTK complain about how Dan expects to come in and change things in spite of all the standing rules! Salewa asks why she is always the one making standing rules even when they are not convenient? Dan tells her that she must not talk to her mother like that and she must apologize for that. Maami insists that she kneels down while doing that. She goes on her knees and apologizes. TTK waves her up and rushes to Dan’s size. She snuggles up to him and tells him she is happy at how maturely he handled the whole issue. He whispers into her ears and she giggles. He announces loudly to everyone that two of them are going not the room to continue the argument. As they disappear hand in hand, Maami’s smile changes to scowl as soon as they were out of sight!
Dr.Ibrahim is trying without success to convince Angela to come in for consultation but she says no. She is quite busy now. He tells her that she has a fractured personality and she tells him to speak English. He tells her that she has multiple personalities and she asks that he tells her what she does not already know? He preaches about how it is in her interest to come in for treatment and reminds her that she came to seek his help. She calmly tells him that she was going through a phase then but she is okay now. As he continues to try and get her to come in, she tells him that she will have to hang up and as he protests, she calmly hangs up on him.
Salewa is at the bar and the waiters wonder why she is there at that time? She tells them that she has finished her lectures for the day and she does not want to go home because of her parents. They are always either fighting or cannot get enough of each other. Frank says he cannot imagine seeing his parents in a romantic mood. She tells them about the constant quarrel and he says he has learnt not to interfere between two lovers. Salewa responds that she came from two of them and so cannot stay away from their fight.
Masters tells Brenda that she must like to visit him. She asks how he got the documents and why he had to do that to Akpobo? He says that what he does is not her business. They should be discussing the next stage. She reminds him that they agreed that no life would be lost & says she is no longer a part of his game. He orders her to sit down. Whatever he has done, she is now an accessory. He tells her that he owns her now, & asks her to go home and wait for his next instructions.
Laide says that they must have covered everything. She asks if anyone has anything else to says? No. as they pack up the meetings, her phone rings and Omar asks if she will not pick? She says it can wait and ushers them out. Her phone starts ringing again. She eventually picks the phone and lies that she was busy. Her phone was in another room. She tries to explain that she is not trying to avoid who is on the other line and asks for time to sort things out.

Next on Tinsel
Frank asks TTK what this is? She tells him to keep an eye on Dan and report anything suspicious to her.