Majek asks what she is accusing him of? She asks what he is hiding? He gets up and drops the money for the food and as he is leaving, Lola blocks his path and asks if that is Reel Studios’ latest tactics? Bullying journalists into silence? He asks her if she has been sued for slander before? She asks him if he has ever tried to prove slander? As he tries to leave again, she stands in his path and tells him to tell Amaka that he cannot protect her forever. He tells her that once he has enough evidence, she is toast. She tells him that he is not the first person to threaten her and she is still standing.
Dan and Fred share anecdotes about TTK’s torn dress. He tells Dan about going for a program with Anjuola and one of her friends wore the same dress to the same party. Anjuola did not talk to her friend for weeks. Dan owes Sheila for saving the occasion. Fred also agrees that he owes Sheila a load of gratitude. Dan tells him that he is moving to TTK’s house and if he does not come home always, they should not send out a search party. Fred asks if TTK’s mum is still there? Dan says yes and Fred wonders whether the place can accommodate them all?
Angelique gets home and as she is popping pills, Angela asks her to stop it. She says she needs it after what she went through. She cannot believe what Brenda can get to including pulling off Akpobo’s tongue. Angela tells her that she was warned from the beginning. She understands Brenda and knows how she thinks. She believes that Brenda is after her and not anyone else.
Amaka tells Omar that she got his email. He says he is not avoiding her. He only thinks he can articulate his thoughts better on paper. She says he is bent on this his new idea and tells him that they will be taking a big risk on him if they agree to go with his ideas and they have already spent a lot on the remake. They will thus be expecting a lot more from him if they agree. He asks if that means she has agreed with his ideas? She says the industry is not ready for them. He asks her to get the industry ready for those ideas. She tells him he will be meeting with his producer, etc and will start shooting tomorrow morning.
Fred keeps stirring his coffee and Sheila asks him what is on his mind. He asks what she means? She tells him that if he stirs his coffee harder, he will create the proverbial storm in a tea cup. He tells her about the discussion he had with Dan about Dan moving to TTK’s. He got the impression that Dan is moving there because he cannot afford a bigger place which is surprising considering the amount he gave TTK. Sheila tells him that it is a donation and he should not be bothered about how it is spent. He agrees.
Odun and Nnenna are discussing at the reception when Angela walks in and walks past them. She tells him that Angela has changed again. He wonders how she has changed and Nnenna says that girls see what guys can’t see. This Angela is different from the other Angela. Her hair is different, she is wearing no make-up. She believes that this new Angela cannot survive the fight with Brenda which has started again. Odun agrees the fight is back on and Nnenna puts her money on Brenda.
Laide asks why Omar is not picking his phone or responding to her texts? He says he has been busy and a furious Laide wonders whether he was busy creating problems and ripping up their plans? She complains about his changing the script for Harvest and he tells her that even Amaka has agreed to go with him and he has held a meeting with his team. She reminds him that she is a part of that team! He cannot just change things like that. he asks if she is threatened that his deciding to do things his way will make her less relevant?
TTK is discussing her wedding plans with someone on the phone while Maami is in her own corner arranging her amala, ewedu and other native dishes. TTK shouts on her to stop stinking up her apartment with her native dishes. Dan comes in with his suitcase and Maami asks why TTK is not offering to take his suitcase inside? TTK insists he can take care of himself. Maami hopes that is not how she will behave when she is married? She hopes that TTK will cook for Dan. Dan comes out and TTK asks if he is hungry? He says he is hungry as he only managed a sandwich. TTK calls Carol to arrange something for Dan. Maami is shocked.
Omar tells Laide that he did not mean to disrespect her. Laide tries to talk him out of his new ideas saying that Fred is a bit old school and will not appreciate his film being torn apart. Omar tells her that he got the idea for the film from Fred himself after spending a night in his house. She is shocked that he spent time in Fred’s house. She also reminds him that the movie is a national treasure and a lot of people will not appreciate the drastic change. He is willing to go with it.
Angela marches into Brenda’s office and calls.her.a.thief. Brenda says Angela asks her to accept that the papers were forged. She tells Angela that the only forged papers are with her. She gets up and tries to touch Angela but Angela pushes her away. she is shocked at how the loss of a few hectares of land had changed Angela. Angela cannot believe that she could go as far as taking a life just for that. Angela asks how she sleeps? Brenda says she sleeps like a baby. As Angela walks out, she thinks what Angela is talking about?
Dan is reading a newspaper when TTK comes out and asks why he left the toilet seat up? He says yes. She snatches up his paper and when he wonders what it is for? She asks if it is rude? She does not like rudeness. Dan asks her to put the toilet seat down if she wants it down. She pushes his feet off the table and tells him that she just used her hands. He asks if that is how they will live? She tells him that she notices that he left his things on the left side night stand. He asks what the issue is and asks if there are other rules he needs to be aware of? Yes, there are. She reels off a list of rules…
Charlie tells Angela that he went to the land registry and there is no shred of evidence that her transaction ever happened. All the documents have been replaced by Brenda’s. he threw such a tantrum that they had to get security to throw him out. They made it look like Akpobo defrauded her by selling his land twice. Angela agrees and they cut off his tongue so that he cannot tell the truth!. Charlie says he will keep digging but warns Angela that her business partner has powerful dark friends. Angela agrees and as she frets, he offers her a lollipop. She looks at him like he has two heads, snatches up the lollipop and hauls same at him!
Dan tells someone that he moved some things because he needed the space. He is not willing to continue the discussion as he is tired and has work to do.
Laide agrees to start working on Omar’s idea and he thanks her for the ongoing confidence. She tells him that they need to get the team in there quickly as they have so much to cater for if they are going to meet Amaka’s deadline. They will also need a lot of coffee! He agrees. Laide asks him if he has spoken with his parents? He looks away. She asks if he thinks that they already know? He says no, except if they have started watching TV or reading newspapers. She reminds him that it is important he tells them herself or does he want her to talk to them first? He says no.

Next on Tinsel
Brenda tells Masters that she is no longer involved his little game. As she gets up to leave, he orders her to sit down and tells her that she will be involved in whatever he wants her to be a part of!