Fred walks the crowds and grabs a glass of wine and welcomes the guests to his home the celebrants will soon join them, he says Maami asks Cosmos for Snapsis & Cosmo collects her glass as he goes in search of Schnapps. Roberts accosts Fred who could not hide his disapproval of the guy. He sympathizes with Fred on the loss of his previous home, asks after Sheila, & tells Fred he is TTK’s man of honor! Sho cannot find any celebrities & wonders if TTK did not invite anyone if them? Freddy comes to invite the girls inside as he finds the adults outside boring. Maami meets Fred & asks why there is mo musician? Cosmo returns with her Schnapps & she gulps the shot & also collects the bottle.
Amaka and Sheila meet Sankey to discuss Angela. Sankey tells them that something is wrong with Angela and they says something is always wrong with Angela. Sankey says Angela’s psychiatrist confirmed that Angela is not okay. Sheila and Amaka are shocked that Angela’s psychiatrist talked to Sankey so Sankey quickly tells them he did nothing wrong. He was just confirming what she already knew. Sankey tells them the new Angela is forgetting things, craves the attention of the public and is behaving like someone under the influence of something. Angela is fighting with Brenda and on top of everything, Brenda is visiting Masters in jail. Amaka and Sheila agree that if Brenda is visiting Masters in jail when she knew how dangerous he is, she should be ready for the repercussions. Amaka says she is quite busy now and Sheila also does not have time. Sheila says it depends on what Sankey will have her do. She will go and see Angela.
Bimpe comes in to audition for a role and tells Omar and everyone that she does not need to introduce herself as they already know who she is. They ask that she introduce herself for the camera. She starts and reads the script but Omar has his eyes closed. She stops and asks if he is sleeping? The other guy wonders so too. She crumples her script and throws it at his head. She tells him off and blames herself for coming to audition for his stupid show. As she storms out, he opens his eyes and asks who she is? The creative guy is surprised that he does not know Bimpe, the reality show star from Bimji. Omar smiles!
Kwame visits Angela and when she lets him in, he enthuses about the special nature of what she is doing on the TV show. She invites him in, offers him a drink and is happy he finds what she is doing interesting. She asks after what he is doing currently and feels like offering him a job at Odyssey. He does not believe Brenda will be thrilled but Angela does not agree with him.
TTK and Dan are getting ready for the event. He tries to kiss her but she will not allow him smear her lipstick and asks him to go and welcome their visitors. He asks her to come along but she demurs. There has to be a sense of drama which will be fulfilled by her late and grand entrance.
Omar does not find any of the actresses suitable for the lead role. The others insists that he must choose from those available. He would not budge. They ask if he found any Nigerian actress interesting? He names Emem James and the creative director says she is out of the country but another confirms she is coming back that evening. They can sign her on if they get to the airport but Omar says he may not be able to get there. He has a photo shoot that evening with Fred.
Maami keeps Fred busy at the party as Dan mingles with the guests. Some of them think TTK trapped Dan but some other think it is Dan that is the lucky party. Fred catches Dan and asks that TTK comes out. He needs to get to Reel that evening for a previously scheduled meeting before TTK convinced him to host this party. Dan says TTK is waiting to make a grand entrance and Fred says he will have to go to Reel then.
Sheila visits Brenda and asks why she went to see Masters? Brenda tries to parry the question and Sheila sits down and tells her that it is dangerous to dally with Masters. Brenda tells her that she needs to get her company back from the clutches of that woman she called a friend. Sheila tells her that it is dangerous considering what Angela went through. Brenda says she does not have some of her screws loose like Angela. Sheila confirms it is true but repeats her warning before leaving. Brenda calls the lawyer and tells him that word about her visit leaked and for that, they need to speed up whatever Masters has planned.
The photographer takes photos of Omar, who does not have a jacket & when they are through, Funmi talks to Omar about the production meeting and when they see Fred listening, he tries to steer the discussion to lighting but Funmi still talks about the production & gets Fred wondering why they are holding their production meetings outside the office? She says she is talking about the other conference room without windows. She calls it the jail house!
Angelique sees Kwame off and as he leaves, she reminds him of her offer & he agrees to think about it. Angela goes after her wondering how Angelique could be thinking of offering Kwame a job? Angelique says it is okay but Angela will hear none of that. Angelique says she is keeping her enemies close. Even Brenda cannot sabotage any production that has her baby brother in it. Angela wonders why Angelique is flirting with everybody? Angelique reminds her that she flirts with everyone. Angela asks why she has stopped taking the pills? Angelique says they are making her woozy. Angela reminds her that the pills are not optional. She asks to be given control of her body back from Angelique but Angelique says no. She is currently living the life better than Angela!
Fred tells Omar that he expects him to call him often as they are involved in a big project. Omar complains that he has been quite busy. He just signed his lead actress and has not had time to talk to the lead actor. Fred asks if he is overwhelmed? He says no but posing for pictures is the last thing on his mind. Fred asks him to come over to the house. Omar protests but he tells him that sometimes you achieve more standing still than you achieve running up and down.
TTK says it is time for her entrance. As she stands up, her dress rips and she sits back down in tears.
The lawyer visits Masters and tells him that Brenda was sighted leaving the prison. He says it is expected. The lawyer informs him that it has left Brenda agitated. Masters asks if things are ready for phase two? He says yes and Masters gives the go ahead.
Majek calls Amaka to get further details on the restricted events during the anniversary. He tells her that he is working on the leak to the press and is getting further information on Harriet. Amaka asks him to also keep an eye on laide Cole. She must not be allowed to make contact with Fred. Majek suggests that she may just be looking for a job but Amaka is not ready to take the risk.

Next on Tinsel
The lawyer tells a bloody Akpokpo to sign a document they thrust in his face. His money & his car remains his. He asks after the land & they tell him it will now belong to Brenda Mensah!