The HODs ask Omar to tell them other movies he had directed in the past? He says he directed a short movie as a part of his project. They are surprised but think he should be okay under the supervision of Fred. He corrects them and says mentorship. They ask for other items and Omar tells them he needs a week to work on the costumes. They are shocked and wonder where he will find time for other things before shooting starts? He is shocked to hear that shooting starts in one week’s time.
Brenda comes to meet Angela with a reporter. She believes that they need to do better PR to dispel the rumours out there. Angelina wonders where the rumours came from but they agree to take the pictures. Just before the camera rolls, she gets in front of Brenda but Brenda still smiles for the camera.
Titan and Salewa are watching a movie on her laptop. Carol cleans the sitting room endlessly and they wonder when she will finish? She chides them and reminds them not to misbehave. TTK comes in and Salewa says they are about to leave. TTK sits them down for a chat. She grills Titan about his plans and short term goals and is not impressed with his response that he is working on a couple of singles to keep himself in the charts. His manager also plans some tours for him before the end of the year. She reminds him to ensure that his manager/father is firmly in his camp as that is the only way he can ensure that he grows. She leaves them and Salewa apologizes to him and hopes it is not too stressful. He tells her that everything is worthwhile for her.
Omar is shocked at the short period available for the shooting. He needs to read to immerse himself in the period and will need like a week for the story board. The HODs tell him that they already have a good script and that will do. They have also shot some other movies without a storyboard. He does not see how this will work out. After a while, he jumps up and leaves the meeting room. The others ask themselves if he is going to come back and share a look among themselves.
Angelique talks to Angela on the mirror. She thinks she did well with the reporters but Angela is not impressed with her outfits. They do not look executive enough. Angelique is not bothered and believes that even Brenda is coming around. Angela does not agree. She is sure that Brenda is up to something. Angela says she wants to come back to her body but Angelique says no, not right now and walks out on her.
Salewa tells Titan that she has decided that she will no longer do any coded runs with him. If he has forgiven her, she will tell the whole world that they are a couple. He parks the car and gives her a hug.
Omar storms into Amaka’s office to ask whether he heard right that shooting starts next week? Amaka confirms that he heard right. He does not see how that is possible. It is his first film and he needs to prepare for it. Amaka tells him that there is nothing to worry about. He is in the hands of a good team and they know what to do. He wonders what they have prepared and she tells him that the team has been prepping for these things. He wonders whether he is just supposed to take what they throw at him? She tells him that he has access to what older directors do not have access to and he will have to choose at every scene. He wonders what the story about Laide is all about? Is this a ruse to ensure that Laide has no part? She tells him to chin up. He will get all he wants and should take this as his first project. After this, he can exercise all the artistic discretion he wants.
Salewa and Titan gist and he tells her that he likes the way she smiles. A fan calls him and she takes the phone and tells the fan to leave her boyfriend alone. As they get back to talk, his reminder goes off. It is time for her parents’ engagement party.
Amaka, Omar, Laide and the HODs meet. Laide wants to spend time with the HODs but Amaka says there is no time for that. the brief they gave her is meant to help her familiarize with them. Laide tells the head of the set that he will have to over-run his budget but he says no. She shows him why he will do that and also tells the wardrobe guy that she has three options for him to achieve what they want. She asks for the cinematographer but he will be available the next day. Amaka and the PR lady tell Omar of future engagements with PR etc and he is surprised again that he has only the nights to work on the scripts. He wonders why he has been appearing for TV interviews and barbecues when there is work to do?
One of the interrogators burst into Sankey’s office and sits down before she asks him to. He asks how well she knows Brenda and whether she can vouch for Brenda’s character? Sankey does not respond till he shows her Brenda’s picture at the prison. He confirms that he checked the prison log and Brenda came to visit Masters. Sankey picks a phone to call Brenda for explanation but he stops her saying she may be an accessory to a crime. Sankey does not believe that Brenda is working with Masters as there is no love lost between them.
Cosmo is making the arrangements when TTK bursts in and starts asking after everything; the caterers, drinks, etc. Cosmo assures her that everything is taken care of. She does not agree and asks that he calls them again. As he talks about it. Dan comes out and asks her to chill. She says that the party is the announcement of her entry into the Ade-Williams. Everything has to go well. She asks what he is wearing? He has not thought about it. He will just throw on a jacket. She drags him out shopping!
Kwame visits Brenda and talks about the newspaper article. He says Brenda and Angela look happy. Brenda says that is the intention. He is shocked that they can patch up their differences and tells Brenda that he looked up similar TV series and it is a brilliant idea. Brenda chuckles and he wonders if it is something he said? She tells him that the newspaper article is what she calls a fattening of the calf! When the time comes, the calf will be served up. Angela will be booted out of the studio so fast her head will spin. Kwame wonders if there is a chance they will make up but Brenda confirms that she even resents Angela more now.
The production meeting is concluded and Laide asks Omar to wait a moment. She tells him not to worry about all the activities but once he survives the first two days, he will get into the groove of things. He asks if she is sure and she tells him to trust her.

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Funmi talks to Omar about the production meeting at Laide’s but stops when she sees Fred. However, he overhears her and wonders why they are holding a production meeting outside the office?