TTK comes in with Dan and gleefully announces to Maami, who is plaiting Salewa’s hair that the engagement party now has a venue. It is in Ade-Williams’ house. Maami asks if the venue has space for masquerades to dance? Salewa clears her throat and TTK asks her to speak up. She reminds them that tomorrow is her 18+1 birthday. TTK says she will not ruin her engagement party for her and asks Dan to talk to Salewa. Dan agrees that if they can have one party, there is no reason why the second party cannot hold. Salewa can have a small party. Salewa is elated while TTK cannot believe what she heard?
The HODs clear out of the meeting room and Funmi comes in to clear the papers. After a while, Amaka asks what she wants? She asks whether Laide Cole is not the one that spread nasty rumours about Fred? Amaka asks why she is eavesdropping on confidential matters? She says she was waiting to clean up the room and she overhead. Amaka gives her the non-disclosure agreement to sign. She asks if Fred is aware of the whole thing and what does Sheila say? Amaka tells her that Fred is aware of everything she is doing.
Helen and Sho meet Salewa and wonder what the emergency is about? Salewa tells them she wants them to be the first to be invited to her 18+1 birthday party. Helen is elated and Sho wonders whether that is all? Is that not enough? They ask her. She asks if Titan is going to be there? Salewa says yes. Will he be performing? The girls go all crazy about Titan performing and maybe Shally’s Angels will back him up? Salewa says no to everything. They are just going to have a mature party in the morning and classes after.
Amaka asks Funmi to sign the form and she says no, it is not right. Is it not Laide that slapped Sheila in their reception? If she is coming back to the company, someone should tell Fred. Amaka asks if she saw the slap? She says yes. She saw it throught the partly-opened door!
Brenda stands up to leave the prison and Masters calls and thanks her for coming. He tells her he wants to give her Odyssey back and destroy Angela in the process. She wonders why Masters is not using his usual expeditious manner? He tells her because there are other things worse than dying!
Masters tells Brenda that he has divided the plan into four parts. She asks him to go ahead as she can grasp complex ideas. He details the ideas to her but she tells him that being locked up for a long time can affect his mind. He tells her that he is aware of her pathetic efforts to get back in her father’s good books and asks her to leave revenge to the masters!
Amaka is happy at Funmi’s display of loyalty to the Ade-Williams’ family and hopes she can benefit from that. Funmi says yes. Amaka tells her that she intends to tell Fred about Laide but at the right time.
Salewa meets Bimpe and Chuks in Chuks’s house. He gives them the invite and asks Bimpe to come too, and also come with Soji. Bimpe tells her that she is not attached to Soji and should invite him if she wants. Chuks asks her about her parents’ wedding and asks all sorts of questions; is Salewa the chief bridesmaid, who will stand beside TTK, is it Fred? Who is making the garments? Can Salewa put in a good word for him? Salewa blows up on him and tells him that she did not come there to talk about her parents’ wedding and storms off to Chuks and Bimpe’s amazement!
Majek tells Amaka that he has gone through the staff files and all and he cannot find anyone who can leak the information to the press. She asks him to look for ex-staff. He does not know who has enough grudge to create such a problem. She says that if they find the culprit, they will also find the puppet. He asks who she has in mind? Alex, he wanted her sacked. There is also Yahimba, who now owns Tinsel Town. He agrees that his work is cut out for him and she asks that he be thorough.
TTK cannot believe that Dan sided Salewa on the birthday party. He asks her if she has short memory or is being disingenuous? He accuses her of manipulating Fred into hosting her engagement party. TTK asks if it is her engagement party now and whether Dan does not consider it good enough to be celebrated? He does and comes and holds her whispering sweet words. When he makes to kiss her, she brushes him off saying he cannot always kiss her to make up. He says he will then just kiss her but then Salewa bursts into the office. TTK wonders why she never knocks? She tells them she only came to tell them to stay away from her birthday party. As she turns to leave, TTK stops her but Dan agrees with her that if they come, they will take over the place as celebrities. As she leaves, TTK says she does not believe Dan did it again.
Brenda cannot believe that she is expected to go along with just an outline of a plan? Masters tells her yes, especially as he had told her that some things are worse than death. She demands for his assurance that no one will be killed in the process. He gives her the assurance.
Sankey and Segun watches the video of Angela’s press conference. She tells Segun that she is sure that this is a different Angela from the way she carries herself. She is also left-handed. She tells Segun that the Angela in the video is left-handed! Segun des not exactly understand what she is playing at and Sankey wonders how he is a detective?
Frank takes another call from Dan and tells Salewa that he hopes she does not have plans for slow dancing as Dan has been calling about alcohol consumed, dancing, etc. Chuks and Bimpe walk in and Salewa goes to meet them and collect her gift. Bimpe tells her it is from both of them and Chuks eyes her. He says he made the cloth for Salewa and Bimpe insists that she inspired the design. She walks away to get a drink and as she sits with her drink, Sho comes to greet her. She enthuses at Bimpe who she calls Bimji. Bimpe corrects her that she is Bimpe but she says she enjoyed the show even when she realized it was fake! Everywhere goes quiet and when they recover, Bimpe lunges at her but Chuks restrains her!
Majek calls Amaka to tell her that he has not turned up anything so far. He has checked phone records, etc but nothing turned up. She asks what he is doing next? He will start from the river and trace back to the source.
Dr. Ibrahim consults another doctor who is an authority on dissociative identity disorder about Angela’s case. The authority tells him that the only way he can confirm his gut feel is to try and unmask all the personalities involved. Dr. Ibrahim is worried about how to go about tracing all the identities!
Sho tells Bimpe that she is inspired by her show and though it is FAKE, she will want to know how Bimpe does it. She asks that they exchange emails before the party is over. Bimpe thanks Chuks for keeping an eye on her but wonders what they are doing there? The whole place is filled with adolescents. Chuks reminds her that they are Salewa’s classmates. Just then, a young man comes along and asks her for a dance. She opens her mouth but Chuks tells her to chill. She gets up and goes to the dance floor with the young man. Sho asks Salewa when Titan is going to come? She says he is not coming because she did not invite him! She turns and sees a sullen Titan walk into the venue!

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Funmi bursts into the room and tells Amaka that it is about that thing? Which thing? Amaka asks. That thing!