Roberts asks to what he owes the breakfast in bed? TTK says she is getting married & it’s going to be spectacular. He coughs to her saying they are friend’s and she invites him to be her maid, person of honor! He says it is too sudden but he will try and push things around in his schedule to make it happen.
Sheila tells Amaka that she will give a penny for her thoughts. She moves over to Fred and Omar and asks what the joke is about? They were talking about flying barbecues. Omar moves over and Amaka asks if Fred and Omar are having fun? They were talking about his dreams. Fred says he is an interesting mind and reminds him of an old friend he had in the past.
Dr. Ibrahim dictates to his dictaphone that Angela’s forgetting that he gave her his book may not be a definite confirmation of his prognosis but it adds to it. He also says that the Angela he met is not the same woman he has been treating. The question is, who is this new Angela.
Amaka is stuffed as Cosmo comes to clear the dishes. He is worried about Seila eating that late but she tells him it is too late to worry now. Fred proposes a toast to Amaka for choosing the winning entry. Omar is surprised that it is her choice. She tells him they need to set up his office tomorrow as he is going to be busy in the coming days Fred tells him that he looks forward to working with him to re-invent a movie close to his heart. Omar says it means so much to him as he has almost given up hopes of making a freer in films, if not for the help he got from Miss.. Amaka looks daggers at him and Fred notices the shared look.
Omar recovers and completes Miss Amaka and Fred. He will set up with putting together his thoughts on what to do. Fred says that is nice. He also still goes around with a notebook. Omar says he takes notes on his cellphone sometimes with an app. Sheila calls Amaka back from her reverie. Omar gets up to leave & Fred will be seeing a lot of him. Sheila tells him she enjoyed his company.
Salewa comes out to meet Robert and TTk in the middle of an argument about arrangements for the wedding. He asks for Salewa’s opinion but she says she has never been married. She abandons them and leaves for school. Robert says Mademoiselle is not enthusiastic. TTK says she is moody.
The warder brings rice and chicken for Masters & 47 corners the food & wolves it down while others are watching. They taunt Masters as he wolves down the food. He wonders how Masters still gets preferential treatment after creating problems for everyone by escaping. They taunt him and he watches 47 eat the rice without saying a word. When the others ask to share in the food, 47 asks if they are crazy.
Salewa complains to Titan about the failure of her plan to disrupt the marriage plan by asking them to go and get TTK’s parent’s consent. They went, got it & now everything is moving full steam ahead. Titan s shocked that she could go to that length to disrupt the wedding plans and tells her that there is nothing wrong with her parents being in love. The same way he loves her & wants… She asks him to rewind. He wonders what she means? When he tells her that he loves her, she jumps on him and seals his mouth with a kiss.
Amaka asks everyone to welcome Omar Babayaro. She introduces others, Louisa, PR, Hassan, Director, Jane, Producer, Tayo, Business management, and Ariel of the arts department. They do not expect him to remember all the names immediately. She asks Omar what his game plan is? He plans to go over the manuscript and see what comes up in addition to preparing his story board. The staff ask questions and Amaka tells them that Omar has a preferred producer. They ask who this producer is and whether the producer has the experience for a project of this scale? Omar looks at Amaka and says nothing. Salewa & Titan nuzzle and she tells him that she is not yet crazy about her parents but she has decided not to worry about the problems of the world. They share a cozy moment and start kissing again when TTK opens the car door & drags Salewa away with her!
Masters sits down and unwraps a loaf of bread as 47 eats his food. 47 grabs the bread and unwraps the knife. He asks how Masters smuggled the knife into the prison? What dies he plan to do with it? So he plans to stab then when they are asleep? Masters says nothing. 47 tells him that from now on, there is no Masters in the cell again. All he can see is Mistress! Masters asks if he is sure about that?
Salewa kneels down while TTK tells the others, Maami, Dan and Carol how she saw her kissing a boy in the car. She complains about how Salewa is spoiling her name among their neighbours in broad day light? Maami cannot believe what she is hearing. Dan calls for caution but TTK asks Carol what Salewa got up to while they were away? Maami tells her to leave Carol out of it and concentrate on the person that created the problem. Dan asks Salewa to get up but Maami and TTK insists she kneels down. Dan finally get a word in and asks them to allow Salewa explain what happened to them. He asks a silent Salewa what happened? He says Salewa is lucky TTK drove that boy away before he got there or he would have killed him! TTK asks Salewa if she wants her father back in jail for killing someone? Salewa insists that she did nothing wrong after all she is eighteen and her parents cannot tell her what to do after they have been misbehaving all over the place. TTK cannot imagine the cheek of her daughter asking her that? Maami asks her to hold on and explain what Salewa said?
47 says he will stab Masters. Masters asks him if he is sure? Masters tells the others that Masters cannot do anything. He invites them to beat Masters. Masters asks him if he is sure again? The other boys refuse to join in the fight and asks 47 to lead the assault on Masters. Masters wonders why 47 will not stop talking and attack him instead? He tells the other two inmates that 47 may be right. There is protection in the prison but what about outside? He gives one of them, Koboko a picture of his family and gives him a run-down of his daughter’s daily routine.
TTK tells Maami not to deviate from the issue at hand. Dan says Salewa has a point. They will also behave more appropriately in her presence. TTK does not agree that Salewa will dictate her conduct. Maami also agrees that the adults should be more careful. TTK banishes Salewa to her room & says she is grounded for life.
Masters assures Koboko that a member if his family will be killed for every wound inflicted on him in cell. 47 tells them that it is a lie & asks Masters to stop threatening them with harm to their family members as he cannot do anything. As for him, he is stuck in jail for life. She orders the other inmates to attack Masters but they will not move. He rushes in with his blade but Masters parries his hand and chokes him to the ground while the other two watch.

Next on Tinsel
Majek tells Amaka that there is this muttering that Alex of World Movies is right about her. Amaka cannot believe that and he tells her that her plan to keep her staff in the dark has not worked for one day, let alone the entire production.