Carol asks Salewa if it means that she cannot be left alone again? Salewa insists that nothing happened between them. Carol says she saw them with her own eyes. She insists that that is how a girl becomes pregnant. She will tell TTK. Salewa is not bothered and tells her to say they kissed. Carol says she will not do that so that she will not spoil TTK’s wedding arrangement. She insists that Salewa must not mention it either and goes inside. Salewa savours the moment.
Sheila asks what Fred is watching? The interview of the winner of the competition. She asks if he does not want lunch? They ate at the village. She asks how it went? he will tell her soon enough but invites her to sit down with him. Sheila wonders why Omar is not saying so much? They think he may be one of those that are more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. Fred calls Amaka and after talking about the introduction, he asks after Omar. Amaka apologizes about how the interview went? Fred says it may be nerves. He wants their first meeting to be casual. He asks that Omar comes around that evening. Amaka is shocked and asks if it is not stressful especially for Sheila? Fred asks Sheila and she says she is okay. Fred asks Amaka to ask Omar to bring his swimming trunk. He may get to take a dip in the pool. He asks Amaka to make it happen.
Segun and Sankey go through the video of Angela’s press conference. Segun wonders whether Ankey is looking for, playing the video over and again? Sankey says there is something different between this Angela and the previous one they interviewed. Segun says she may be using the video to taunt Masters into coming after her. Sankey says that must be what she has been looking for. Angela wants Masters to grant her death wish. Segun wonders how she expects Amsters to see the interview when he is locked up? Sankey tries to convince him and after a while, she asks him not to force her to reduce his score from 10/10 to 0.
Amaka wonders how Omar can say he does not have time to meet with Fred that evening? Omar thinks that he should be meeting Fred in the office, and not at home. Amaka tells him that Fred is retired and insists that he must make the meeting. Omar says he cannot swim and Amaka tells him to stay in the shallow end. She reminds him not to indulge in his taciturn mode and the I am not listening to you attitude. He says he is always listening. It is only Amaka that is insecure. Amaka wonders what he means and he tells her that when he is not talking, it does not mean that he is not listening. Amaka is more interested in a director who is afraid in meeting his mentor and wonders how he will handle the crew? She asks him to be at his best that evening and under no circumstance must he mention Laide Cole.
TTK regales Carol and Salewa about the introduction. Her family members were not there when they got there and went to eat when they eventually showed up. He was bothered that it was only Fred and Dan that came and asked Dan about his going to jail? Dan accepted to TtK’s horror. Salewa asks if that means there is no wedding? No, he gave his blessing. They congratulate TTK and Dan when he comes in. He thanks them and tells them there is another surprise and opens the door to admit Maami.
Brenda and the lawyer discuss what Masters wants. Brenda is happy Masters is making amends for his actions and wonders why Masters is taking a while to deal with Angela for betraying him? The lawyer tells him that Masters is taking his time. She is not happy at being used as a pawn. Pawns get sacrificed.
Freddy is handling the barbecue when Amaka gets there to Omar’s absence. She calls him and leaves a message on his voice mail.
TTK and Maami discuss the introduction. Maami is happy at the turn out and TTK’s conduct during the ceremony. TTK says it was not the cars that the villagers came to see but herself. Salewa hopes that there was no talk about TTK & Dan’s past. Maami says they have been circling each other for so long a wedding was inevitable. Salewa insists that they have been fighting. Carol tells TTK that something happened while she was away between Salewa and… Salewa cuts in with a story about a back-firing car and is suddenly happy that the preparations for the wedding is going well.
Angela has her session with Angelique on her make-up mirror. Angelique does not agree with Angela that Brenda is coming around. She is also not happy at Angela’s press concerned especially what she said about Masters. Angela sees nothing wrong with hat and Angelique tells her that if she thinks Masters can do nothing to her, then she has not met Masters. Angela replies that Masters has not met her.
Amaka and Shela share a moment during the barbecue to talk aoutwhat how fast Toochi is growing and how Amaka is coping without Hope. Amaka says it is difficult but she is coping. She can drop off Toochi with Sheila if Sheila is up to it. Sheila says she has moods. As they talk, she looks behind her and sees a smiling Omar standing there. Amaka is relieved.
Maami tells Salewa and Carol about traditional weddings n the past with Salewa translating for Carol. Traditional weddings were the most important part of the wedding then. Carol asks after dowry and Maami replies that money was not the most important thing then. Just then, Titan texts Salewa and she zones out of their discussion with a smile.
Ovie meets Masters and Passes the document he asked for Master’s eagerly examines it and when Ovie asks if he should know about the contents? Masters says no. Ovie says Yusuf says there is more coming and he is expecting an answer on Brenda’s issue. She is ready to meet with Masters. Masters says he is not ready to meet Brenda yet.
TTK comes out to meet Salewa testing and after telling Carol that they need to arrange for special meals for Maami, she tells Carol that Salewa is now happy about the upcoming wedding. Salewa protests that she can hear them and TTK wonders what she is doing? Texting all her friends about the wedding? Yes, Salewa says as she goes inside the room. TTK tells Carol that that is the right way to deal with teenagers. Ignore them and after a while, they will come around.
Amaka asks why Omar is late? He was playing golf. He meets and greets Fred and Fred introduces him to Sheila and Freddy. Freddy asks him to smile for the camera but his camcorder is not working. Omar fixes it for him and Fred invites them all in for some barbecue. Amaka is not looking happy.
Angela welcomes Dr. Ibrahim to her office. He says he is happy to see her but she corrects him that she is now Angelique. He wonders when that happened but she says it is not important. He slows down and she asks whether there is a problem? He says it is unprofessional for him to be there but he is worried about her. She says she is okay, it is difficult but se is coping. He asks if she is learning from the book he gave her? What book? She would have remembered if he gave her a book. Dr. Ibrahim looks confused.

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Omar tells Fred he is happy to be a part of it especially as he had given up all hopes if it was not for the help he got from Miss… Amaka looks daggers at him.