Kwame asks Angela what she says she needs help with? She repeats that she needs a man right now. She walks close to him and says she needs help with lifting some boxes & does not have any strength. Kwame heaves a sigh if relief. She wonders what he was thinking & asks him to get his mind out of the gutter. She drags him out amidst his protests.
Sho wonders why Salewa & Cynthia cannot take a break from studying? Salewa asks Helen for help with some answers. Sho asks after Salewa’s parents wedding & Salewa says they have gone to the village. Sho says if she is home alone, she will invite some cute guys over. What of going to the club! She asks! Salewa will not go and lose her voice again. Sho suggests she invites Titan over at the least. She says she can invite Titan ver whenever she wants. Sho dares her to invite him now.
Angela is sitting with Kwame’s shirt draped across her hot legs while Kwame sweatingly lugs boxes in. Refinishes and asks for his shirt. Angela says he is so strong & hands over the shirt. Kwame sees the DVD she is holding and tells her that he is with Brenda on that. Odysses is a film company and not a TV house. Angela tells him that TV is the next big thing & everyone in films ought to see the contents of the CD.
Amaka meets Omar and Laide in Laide’s apartment & tells him that he has won. He can work with Laide on the production but there are conditions. She tosses an agreement at Laide to read through. Omar asks what made her change her mind? It is a business decision, she says. Laide is okay with not meeting Fred during the production but complains at being banned from appearing at Reel Studios, any location, etc. Amaka also reminds her that there must be no talking to the press, except when she says so.
Salewa baulks at calling Titan. She insists that he is not her boyfriend but Sho does not care what he is so long as Salewa calls him. Salewa let’s out that she was embarrassed the last time she tried to get close to him. Sho makes fun of her but Cynthia insists that Salewa needs their help. They agree to help her & advise her that she needs to create the right atmosphere. With that Salewa calls Titan & asks if he wants to come over as her parents are not around. Salewa smiles & proclaims that operation sexy Salewa has just begun.
Feke gives Brenda the budget for the writers’s conference. Brenda grabs the budget and heads out to meet Angela.
Laide & Omar do not believe that Amaka is serious about banning her from Reel Studios. How is she going to produce the film? Amaka tells them to think creatively. Amaka insists that is the only way and warns Laide not to even think of sneaking into the office as she has already alerted the police. Laide tells her that she is being treated like a thief. Amaka replies that the staff have already seen Laide once & she does not want to risk another appearance. She tells Omar that if he does not accept her offer, she will go to the press with her own version of the story, which is that Omar accepted outside help for the competition. If they accept, then Omar needs to be at the studio this evening for a press conference. On her way out, she stops and warns Omar about seeing Laide as a friend as Laide does not have a nice track record with friend’s.
Sho & Cynthia dress Salewa up in a short dress & make up. Salewa says she looks funny & gets down from the high heels and removes the fake things they put in her bra. She wonders why she should pretend when Titan already knows who she is? They warn her not to smear the make up. Sho tells her that she knows what she is doing. She does not want Titan to feel her boobs and discover the fake things there!
Dr. Ibrahim calls to ask what happened to Angela’s last appointment? He is disappointed that Angela missed her last two appointments especially with the current crisis she is going through. Crisis, what crisis? Angela asks. Dr. Ibrahim insists that she needs to come n and see him. She replies that she will see how to fit him in. Brenda barges into her office then & declares that they cannot afford that kind of money for a writer’s conference. Instead of being serious, Angela starts joking about the whole thing by mimicking Brenda. Brenda says she will not approve that kind if money. Angela replies that it is good then that she does not need Brenda’s approval. Brenda reminds her that she needs two people to approve that kind of amount. She replies that she can approve alone if she splits the amounts, just like Brenda does.
Omar asks Laide what all these is about? He prefers the full version. Laide tells him hat she used to work for Fred a long time ago and they got involved. Omar wonders if he was not married! Laide tells him that it is complicated. She tells him that Fred is the father of her daughter and Omar jumps up from his seat. Laide tells him that it is no secret as the press got wind of it. He does not mean to pry but are they still involved? She says no & agrees that she may not like the agreement but they have work to do. He tellsnherthat not to throw him another curved ball again as he gets ready to attend a TV interview.
Titan visits and asks a made-up Salewa about her parents? They went to the village. He smiles at her & tells her that she looks different. He has never seen that skirt before. He brought a movie and asks if she wants to watch? When she is not interested, he suggests they talk instead about her. They have been talking about her parents a lot. She sits close to him and he asks when her parents are coming back? She asks why he is talking about them when they are to be talking about her? As they lean into each other, he looks at her & pulls something out of her shirt saying there is something in her shirt!
Harriet asks if Omar is still coming? Amaka tells her that that he sent a text saying he is delayed. Omar comes in just then & Amaka reminds him he is late. He says it is traffic and settles n for the interview. Peju goes to get the cameraman & Amaka tells Mar to answer every question except anything to do with his producer. The interview starts & Omar answers in monosyllables. Amaka helps out with some of the questions till Omar pulls out a notebook and pen in the middle of the interview.
Titan asks Salewa that they should try again. She is not interested. He wonders why? One moment she wants to kiss him, the next she is not interested. He wonders what is wrong & asks if she really likes him? She says she has not time for that now as she has a lot to deal with. He wonders if it has to do with her parents. As she means to talk, he lunges at her & seals her mouth with a kiss. They did not know when Carol comes home & orders Titan out. He promises to call Salewa.
The interview is over & Amaka wonders if Peju got enough for the interview. Peju says she got barely enough soundbites but she will be able to piece something together. As the leave, Amaka asks what that was for in their first TV interview! He wonders what he did wrong! She tells him that he said nothing. He wonders what she expects. She says they need to meet to prep for location, etc but reminds him that Laide is not welcome in the office.
A warder delivers Agege bread to Masters in his cell as 47 & his boys continue to taunt Masters. He calmly receives the bread from the warder & opens it to ensure that the object in a foil is inside the bread as he sits back in his corner.

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Carol tells TTK that something happened while she was away… Something between Salewa… Salewa jumps up and says noooo