Sheila is bothered about TTK’s reaction but Fred tells her not to worry about it but relax. He reminds Amaka that she was going to tell them about the winner of the competition. Amaka tells him that they have not announced a winner. She tells them that it is nothing serious. It is just contractual and leaves.
Kwame walks Angela home and wonders how Angela managed to get those boys off his back and also staying till the end of the shoot. He thanks her for saving the day and says he owes her. She says she will rmember that. he asks what she was doing there? She was taking a walk. In that neighbourhood, carless? He thinks she has a death wish and she says she has a wish but it is not a death wish. He excuses himself and leaves.
TTK calls Amaka to ask if she will want to be her maid of honour? She says Amaka is her first choice but she approached Sheila because she was her maid of honour. Amaka apologizes as she has so much on her plate right now. She drops the phone and wonders aloud why she is being treated this way by family. Dan asks what the Ade-Williams have done to her again? She talks about her search for a maid of honour and Dan suggests if he should ask Sheila? She says no, she does not want to appear desperate. Dan suggests she asks any of her friends or family? She does not have many friends. Dan suggests she asks Scholastica but she says no.
The lawyer meets Masters and tells him that things are progressing on his defence. Masters asks after the other instruction? He says it was carried out but not concluded yet. Masters waits for him to continue but asks if he has something on his mind when the guy stops. The guy says no and Masters asks if he thinks that he is losing his edge? They eventually agree that another lawyer will come and brief Masters on his defence next time while the lawyer concentrates on ensuring that his trial is a walk in the park. Masters tells him that he has another remaining matter concerning his stay in prison. He has a list of names.
Sho says she is going to kiss him and the rest ask if she has seen the movie? She says no. they argue and she suggests they go to the movies. They wonder whether she is not enjoying the movie they are watching on the PC. She tells them that if they go to the movies, they will get to wear hot outfits and meet hot guys. The others do not want to go. She asks why the house is not buzzing with wedding planners yet? Just then, TTK comes out to ask who mentioned wedding planners? Sho asks how the wedding is coming along? TTK regales them with stories about a themed wedding and getting to the venue in a gondola? Salewa asks why she wants to get to her wedding in a canoe when she cannot swim? Sho asks whether the rings have been bought? In good time, TTK responds. Sho asks if they will be a part of the bridal train? TTK gets a glint in her eyes and asks Sho after her mum?
Amaka asks Funmi to send in Louisa and the other male staff. Harriet calls her to ask for a quote on a lead story they are writing about how the competition is dead on arrival. Amaka tells her she has no quotes for her and also confirms that Harriet is no longer welcome to Reel. The two staff come in and Amaka tells them that it is time to call up the first runner-up. They are surprised they are dropping Omar’s entry.
Angela calls together her group, Feke, Odun and Delmuah and they ask if they are re-working the pilot? She says no, they are going ahead with their project. She gives them of her idea of making a special signature program with Odun shooting it specially. As she turns around. Feke tells Delmuah that she is right, it is witchcraft. Angela asks what she said? Feke claims that she is talking of the new media. Delmuah supports her by saying that she has received some enquiries. Angela asks that they hold a press conference then.
Louisa and the other staff complain about the entry from the first runner up. There is a reason why they made it second. Amaka tells them that it is just their opinion. They insist on knowing why they are dropping Omar’s entry? Amaka tells them that the decision has been made. They wonder if they are still working as a team? Amaka confirms that and they wonder why they are not being let into the reason for dropping the entry?
Kwame shows Brenda into his new apartment. As Brenda settles in, he tells her about Angela helping him out the previous evening with the area boys? Brenda thinks it was planned or something. Kwame insists that it was a coincidence and Brenda quips that after Masters, area boys is a step-down. Feke calls to tell her that Angela is about to hold a press conference and asks if she wants to attend? Brenda says no, but asks to be kept informed. She drops the phone and tells Kwame that Angela is going ahead with a project she says she should drop. Kwame tells her to find a way to work with Angela or the company will implode. She tells Kwame that Odyssey is a brand, her brand and not like Black Ananse. If Kwame is not helping her keep an eye on Angela, she will find help elsewhere.
Fred calls Amaka to ask whether he missed the announcement of the winner of the competition? She says it is delayed for contractual reasons. Fred asks what the issue is with getting this Omar guy’s announcement to the press? Amaka tells him she is handling it and needs to get back to it now. Funmi comes in to tell her she has a visitor.
Titan talks to Salewa about a song he thinks will be a hit but her mind is elsewhere. He asks what is bothering her? She tells him about TTK’s gondola wedding. Titan tells him that TTK is just excited about her special day just like Salewa will be on hers. Salewa does not want to be like TTK. Titan asks why she thinks that her father is making a mistake? Salewa tells him that her father does not think straight when it comes to TTK and that is why she wants to help him shine his eyes.
Funmi tells Amaka that she tried to stop Laide from coming in, but she pushed past. Amaka tells her it is okay and asks laide to leave. Laide says she will not till she has had her say. She tells Amaka that if she does not want a private discussion brought to the public, they have better hold the discussion off line. She walks out of the room, leaving Amaka and Funmi in her wake.
Brenda comes down from her car after Masters’s lawyer knocks on her window. He tells her that he represents her former partner.

Next on Tinsel
Laide tells Amaka that she can go to Fred’s house and demand to see him. She can also demand for a job in Reel for the sake of his daughter and get any job, including Amaka’s own job!