Angela closes her eyes and tells them to do it. She begs them to do it quickly. Vince tells the short guy that it is not now. He pockets his gun and Angela runs after them and asks them what they are doing? Vince says they are following orders and they both leave. Angela’s alter ego appear and call Angela to ask what she is doing but she tells her that she cannot go through this again. Alter ego calls her back but she takes off.
Peju meets Harriet in a bar and orders a stiff whisky. Harriet wonders why she is drinking that early? She tells Harriet about getting to Reel and having her interview cancelled. Harriet tells her Amaka is over her head. Peju complains that she shifted a very important story for that. Harriet says there is a problem and Peju agrees, but she is not interested in discussing and moves away with her drink.
Freddy asks Salewa if she has seen this movie? Salewa does not answer and he comes to sit beside her and ask what is wrong? When she does not answer, he tells her she is behaving like all the adults in the house. Salewa tells him that she does not like the idea of the wedding but she seems to be the only person that thinks so. She thinks that TTK is using Dan’s head and marrying him because she is getting old. Freddy agrees that girls don’t like that. Salewa complains that now they are already fighting. Freddy says he understands and tells Salewa about the constant fighting between his parents and how the police always asks what he saw. When he realized that one of them will be angry whatever he says, he stopped talking for a long time.
Amaka’s appointment is around and is sent in. Amaka tells him that he cannot work on the project with Laide Cole.
TTK, Dan, and Salewa get home and TTK cannot wait for them to get married and move into their own home. Then they can have their own dinners. Dan asks if he should be worried now that they are not married yet and she is already asking for dinners? TTK talks about how Fred and Sheila came around to support their marriage, though late. Salewa tells them that everyone does not support the marriage. Dan and TTK ask what she means? She asks if TTK will slap her again? Dan asks what happened? TTK tells Salewa that they will get married whether she likes it or not. Dan asks for Salewa’s support and TTK tells him to forget it.
Angela walks in front of a moving car and the driver stops and hurls insults at her.
Umar asks why he cannot work with Laide Cole? Amaka tells him he just cannot work with her. He complains that they should have put out a list of black-listed professionals. Amaka tells him it has nothing to do with work. He says it must be personal then. Amaka thinks that is rude. Umar whines about Laide helping him a lot and his believing that Reel was built on loyalty. Amaka insists that Reel is built on trust and asks if he still wants to take part in the event or not? Umar says he will get back to her on that and stalks out.
TTK is reading to herself when Carol comes out to ask what she wants. TTK says she is talking to herself and asks for Carol’s help in choosing a maid of honour. She would have used Salewa but Salewa is misbehaving. She eventually decides to use Sheila and is quite excited about that.
The staff huddle together to discuss whether the competition has been cancelled or not? Funmi comes in and they ask her what happened? She says she does not know whether the competition is still on or not but she thinks that Umar misbehaved somehow. She also thinks that Amaka may have quarreled over something considering how she looked when she came in that morning. As they were gossiping, Amaka comes into the room and they all keep mum. She picks her stuff and wishes them goodnight.
Kwame is on location and arguing with a supplier who did not give him the right equipment. Area boys gather and send one of them to go and tell him that they are around. He reminds the guy that he is on the phone. The guy goes away and comes back with his boys to threaten him. Kwame gets off his call.
Carol gets Salewa some snacks and Salewa thanks her for trying to cheer her up. Carol asks why she is not supporting her mum’s wedding? TTK is going out to look for a maid of honour while Salewa is there. Salewa says she does not want to have anything to do with the wedding and gets up to walk away.
Fred comes out to join Sheila on the sofa. She is getting ready to get up and fix one or two things. He orders her to rest and joins her. He talks to her about how they do not appreciate the moments they have. She talks about being sad at things they do not have like their inability to have a child. He reminds her that the baby they could not have saved her life!
The area boys hold Kwame and threaten to beat him up while the others ask his staff to carry their equipment on their heads. Kwame says he will take drastic action on them but he looks and sees Angela coming. The boys ask if she is his wife? He says no and asks Angela to run but she comes closer.
TTK meets Sheila and tells her that she is sure that she has been wondering who her maid of honour is? Before Sheila could talk, she tells her that she guessed right. It is her. Sheila tells her that she is going through so much now and will not be able to handle that. TTK reminds her that she played the same part in Sheila’s wedding. Sheila reminds her that she never asked for that favour. TTK walks away after apologizing for interrupting Sheila’s busy schedule.
Angela takes charge of the boys and asks them why they are harassing her boy? They hail her and tell her that Kwame refused to settle. She turns and berates Kwame for entering someone’s area without settling the person. She likens it to travelling to another man’s land without a passport. She asks him to quickly settle. As he fumbles with his purse, she snatches the purse and hands out money to the boys who hail her loudly and go their ways. Kwame asks why she did it? She tells him that it is called negotiation. He claims that he had it under control. She agrees and as she walks on Kwame invites her to stay.

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Amaka tells laide that there is nothing to talk about. Laide insists that she will not leave till she says what she came to say, except if Amaka wants what is private discussed in public.