TTK orders Carol to change the food she ordered and to make it exquisite. Sheila excuses herself to go and rest and Dan walks in while she is on her way up. TTK tells him about their dinner date and he says he was going to tell her about that. one more thing to look forward to, she says. He asks her what else there is to look forward to? She tells him she offers home-cooked food, cooked by her own hands. He is surprised, helps her up and asks her to tell him what she wants? She asks why he thinks she is after something? He asks her to tell him what she wants. She tells him that his problem is that he is not used to good things. She asks him if she is such a bad person, why did he decide to marry her? He asks her to tell him why she chose to marry him?
Vince tells Angela that she has caused so much trouble and betrayed the boss. She deserves to die now. Angela kneels down and tells him to do it and do it quickly.
Fred screams at the spa girls for reading a magazine during working hours. They tell him that they read it for research when customers are not around. They read the fashion pages to find out what is in vogue. He does not agree with them and tells them to go out there and get the customers. They are shocked. How can they go out there and call people in for facials? And why not? He asks them? Amaka calls to ask for his opinion on something but he tells her he is in the middle of something. She says it will not take a while but he insists that she will have a lot of things to get his opinion on but she should deal with it. She is in charge now.
Dan reminds TTK he is waiting for an answer. She starts to talk but he stops her and tells her to talk to him and not act in front of a camera. She manages to get out that he is the lens through which she sees herself. He wonders why she did not marry him all these while? She says she was young and selfish then and felt that he will hold her back. He responds with his own endearing words and they share a cozy moment. TTK starts again but Dan recognizes the lines from a song. She insists that it fits the moment. He tells her that they should organize a small lunch for family because Sheila is not feeling too well. Okay, lunch for two hundred? Dan is shocked.
Salewa says she is sure Titan thinks she is a bad daughter. Titan says no, and they talk about the slap TTK gave her. She insists that TTK does not love Dan. Titan asks why she thinks so? She believes that TTK loves only herself. She believes this because TTK left her as a child and came to the city. Titan asks why she is sure that TTK will not change? She is quite sure of that. she asks what Titan should have done if her mum has done that to him? He calls it some mammy-water moves.
Fred calls Sheila to check how she is doing? Sheila tells him she is resting and getting things ready for the lunch for Dan and TTK. Fred is surprised at the lunch but Sheila explains it is okay. She asks where he is? He is at the spa, keeping things going. She is surprised he is there and he says someone has to keep things going. She tells him it is okay but he should get back on time for the lunch. She drops the phone and calls the spa girls and tells them not to allow Fred disturb the natural order of things. The spa girl is shocked but Sheila tells her to do whatever she needs to keep Fred busy but away from things. As they speak, Fred comes out and the girl pretends she is taking a booking from a client. She asks after Sheila’s health and Sheila tells her she will be just fine.
Vince and the other guy sit Angela down and Vince makes a call and tells the person on the other end that she is here. He hands the phone over to Angela. Angela asks who it is but Vince thrusts the phone in her hands. She cannot hear anyone and says so. Vince does not talk. She tries again but there is no one talking. She asks why he is not talking but Vince tells her she is the one that has all the explaining to make. The boss does not ask to talk to anyone. She takes the phone to her ear as the boys make themselves scarce.
Dan wonders why TTK is going through elaborate troubles for the lunch when it is only family? TTK asks why they cannot make it grand even if it is family? Her phone rings and she tells the caller to deliver the flowers and the bill to the Ade-Williams. She wonders why the flower seller wants to charge extra? As she gets off the phone, Salewa comes in and asks if they have fixed the date for the wedding as they are ordering flowers? They tell her it is for their lunch and she is expected to be there. She goes into the room and Dan asks her what is going on? She says Salewa is coming around but Dan does not believe her.
Angela talks to Faisal and apologizes for what she has done. She sobbingly agrees she betrayed him and apologizes profusely and says she wonders what would have happened if she had not picked up the gun that day. After a while, the phone cuts off and she tries to dial back but the call was not going through. She insists on talking to him but the phone will not connect. The boys come out to collect the phone from her.
Amaka wonders why Fred is inviting her for lunch now? She is in the middle of something but Fred insists that she moves her meetings around and make time for her family. She agrees to try. Laide asks Amaka what she can be offered? She was not expecting visitors. Amaka wants to know what she is up to? Laide wonders what she is talking about? Amaka tells her she only got to find out about her arrival in town when she met Umar. Umar? Laide asks. She remembers Omar and asks if he won? Amaka confirms that he did but she will not allow Laide to be a part of the re-make. Laide asks how she intend to achieve that?
The Ade-Williams are at lunch and Freddy is gultoing his drinks while Salewa files away at her nails. Sheila asks if she is okay and whether she has chosen her dress? TTK says Salewa has not and it is quite difficult to find a good designer. They compliment her dress sense and how she looks like a bride already. Freddy and Salewa excuses themselves and leave while TTK revels in the company of family and toasts to their good health.
Amaka wonders what Laide was thinking when she got into the competition? She asks if Fred knows that she is back in town? Laide wonders what the issue is? She saw a promising young child of a friend and decides to help him. It is not her fault that he won. Amaka asks if she is not aware that the guy listed her as his producer of choice? Laide says she will not let the past adversely affect her future. Amaka is happy that Laide acknowledges that the past can be a problem. As she gets up to leave, Laide asks if she wants to see her? Amaka asks if laide actually had the baby and then walks out.
Masters re-wraps his phone in the foil and keeps it back in the book and lies back to sleep.
Vince and his friend retrieve the phone from a sobbing Angela. Without saying a word, the second thug pulls out and cocks his pistol and Vince nods agreement. Angela looks up and sees the pistol but displays absolutely no fear.

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Amaka tells Omar that he is not going to work with Laide on the project.