Fred visits the spa and the spa staff come to greet him. He asks them to relax and behave as they would when their boss is around. They ask after Sheila and he tells them she is a little under the weather and will be back when she is okay. He asks them not to take Sheila’s absence as a reason to do what they like. They assure him of their unflinching support.
Salewa comes out on her way to school. She stops over to talk to TTK. TTK tells her she does not have any money to give her. She says she is not asking for money. She asks why TTK did not marry Dan when he first proposed and why she changed her mind now? TTK says her feelings have changed and they are trying to give Salewa a stable family. Salewa says that that stable family is giving her instability. TTK accuses her of being selfish and she accuses TTK of using Dan’s head. TTK deals her a hot slap.
Fred tells the spa girls that there is a rich source of revenue that is being neglected in the spa. They wonder what he is talking about? He tells them that he means the deep tissue treatment. They tell him that it is so uncomfortable that it is only professional athletes, who can deal with the pain that go for it. He tells them that it will attract more people if they package it properly.
Masters waits for his cell mates to go to sleep before he fetches his novel and brings out the phone wrapped in a foil and goes ahead to make his calls.
Titan calls Salewa and notices she is down and asks her what is wrong with her? Nothing. He asks where she is? He wants to come and pick her up. She drops the phone on him.
Funmi dances into Amaka’s office and is surprised to meet her there. She asks where Toochi is and Amaka says he is at the day care. She asks how he took it? Amaka says he was wailing and she walked away from the wailing. Funmi tells her that it also happened to her baby. It leaves you feeling like the worst mother on earth.
Salewa meets with Titan and as Titan tries to explain things to him, she vents and after a while, he hugs her close to him.
Angela is on the phone with her father, telling him she will take him up on his offer when Kwame knocks and enters. Angela’s car is on her way. They need to sort out the parking with the landlord. Angela tells him she will come and move the car after her phone call. He says she has to move it now. She says she is on the phone and he reminds her that it is a cellphone. He asks her for her car keys. She gripes but eventually gives him the keys and gets back on the phone to tell her father about Kwame being one of the reasons why she needs to skip town. He just moved into her building and yet wants her to believe that he is not keeping an eye on her for Brenda!
Amaka meets the new director and is happy that he is dressed ready for press interview. They go through what the press would likely ask and also talk about him. He has some connection to some Cole and Amaka asks for a second name: Laide Cole.
TTK visits Sheila. Sheila apologizes for coming out late. She was freshening up. TTK talks about her desire for youth and she asks for water as it makes her skin refreshed. She wants to know whether Sheila is ready to go to work. She wants to join in. Sheila says she is not going to work but TTK is always welcome. She notices that Sheila is not looking too good and asks how she is doing? Sheila says she is slightly under the weather. TTK recommends stuff for the flu and asks if Sheila’s spa offers new treatment? Do they have botox, etc. Sheila tells her there is something she wants to discuss with her. She asks if it is the bags under her eyes? Sheila did not see any bags. She plans to organize a dinner for TTK and Dan. TTK is over the moon.
Kwame parks a car and gripes about Angela’s scattered nature. He takes a call and is told that someone has left. He screams at the person on the other end to get someone that has left back to the set.
Amaka asks the filmmaker what his connection with Laide Cole is? He tells her that she is his producer. Amaka asks why Laide? Omar says she is good at what she does. Amaka asks how he heard about the competition? He says he saw it online where it was posted. Amaka tells him that they will see later. He asks her about the interview? She says it will have to wait. As he leaves, the PR lady comes in and tells Amaka that Peju is around. Amaka tells her to tell Peju to go away. she tries to ask why but Amaka screams at her.
Angela is still on the phone with her dad when someone knocks on her door. She promises to call him back after collecting her keys from Kwame. She opens the door and comes face to face with Masters’ men. She takes off and they grab her. Vince tells her to keep quiet. As she quietens down, he opens his long coat and tries to bring out something…

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Amaka tells Laide that she got to know about her coming back to town when she met Omar. Omar? Oh Umar, Laide recollects. She asks if he won and Amaka tells her that she knows that he will win!