The youth corper shows Chuks and Frank, who are now dressed in youth corp uniform different youth corpers; one that has had three boyfriends and one that graduated first class but cannot make a single sentence in English. He goes to get them drinks and Frank complains that Chuks cannot be lying in wait for Ene. She is an adult now. Chuks says he knows. Some ladies pass and smile at them. He asks Frank to be nice to the ladies. Frank says he is not interested in small girls, at least not dressed like that. the guy comes back with the drinks and asks them for change to pay for it.
Amaka comes to work with Toochi and everyone asks what is going on? Toochi will spend the day in the office before he goes for day care. She hands Toochi to Amaka while she goes to review the entries for the young manager’s competition. She asks Amaka to tell her when her next appointment comes. She picks up Toochi’s food bag, and then drops it before she disappears. Funmi looks horrified.
Angela and the team share ideas about how to get the movie going. They agree on boy meets girl and a kidnap and the girl saves boy from Slovenia. She tells them that she smells a bonus coming and they are all happy. Before she leaves, she tells Delmuah that she loves her hair. Immediately she leaves, they all wonder what has changed about Angela? Odun says she has always been that nice. They just did not notice. Feke thinks it is a bad patch. They could not just have missed it if it was there. They all agree that whatever happens, it is nice to have someone like Angela, nay Angelique in the office.
Ene and the lady corper share gists. She tells Ene that the easiest way to get a good posting is to be in the drama troupe. She tells Ene how she almost did not make camp due to delays in school. Ene tells her that she got tired of delaying her service, abandoned her work, left her husband a note and ran off to camp. The lady is surprised that she is married. Ene tells her she is not so young but she reminds Ene that it is meant as a compliment. She thinks Chuks will be missing Ene and Ene agrees. Ene however disagrees that Brenda will be missing her. For all she knows, Brenda is not even aware she is gone. The lady asks where she works and when Ene mentions Odyssesy Pictures, the lady corper calls others that they have a film maker in their midst. Ene tries to stop her but they have already chosen her as their director!
The other staff yab Funmi and tells her that she can at least take on the job of a nanny if all else fails. They discuss the difficulty in getting a good help. Funmi complains that it is not fair. She is supposed to be the office manager, not a nanny. She also has her own baby to take care of but she is at home where babies should be. The others tell her to see the bright side. She might get a raise. She brightens up at that.
Brenda flings away the newspaper she is reading and shakes her head. She call Kwame and leaves him a terse, “You have some explaining to do Kwame” message.
Frank tells Chuks that it is like watching young people in a day care centre. Chuks says that is why he wants to see what Ene is up to. Frank says he did not mean Ene. A young lady walks up to them and asks Frank if he went to ABU? Chuks answers for him saying he went to Legon. The girl says they have some other erturnees. She asks for his platoon; 11, Chuks answers. She gives Frank her number and asks him to call her. They can go for a drink later at the mammy market. She leaves and Chuks says they are shameless. Frank does not mind that kind of shameless. Chuks says Frank must not call her. Why not? This is the closest he can get to feeling like a graduate. They click glasses to being graduates for once.
Majek comes to meet Amaka and she tells him about the day care centres. She never knew about them till she started looking. She talks about the various services they offer. Majek asks if she sacked Hope because she was looking for day care centre?
Ene and the drama team discuss their play. She insists that they must do things properly. They must have a script or they will end up with a production of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. They agree and she asks after costume? They want to contribute clothes. She tells them to appoint a costumier. One of the ladies volunteer to applause from others.
47 and the boys make mockery of Masters. He tells them that Masters has been forming. Now he is pretending to be tired. The boys laugh at his jokes especially when he says that Masters has now turned to mistress. He says that he is now the master. He plays chess; and reads big big books and speaks big grammar. Masters say absolutely nothing. A warder comes with food and Masters commandeer Masters’ share saying that he will ask for food if he is hungry. At a point, he asks Masters to open his mouth so that he can throw crumbs in there as a basketball. When Masters does nothing, he asks the others to join him in stoning the devil!
Amaka tells Majek that an on-site crèche will be useful as it will help the women bring their kids to work. Majek reminds her that the mothers will need to go and check on the babies. Amaka insists that it could help them be a family-friendly company. Majek reminds her that the companies that offer on-site crèche are banks, investment houses, etc. they run a studio which is potentially an unsafe environment. Amaka says they can house it away from the main building. Majek thinks they will need to do another feasibility studies. Amaka tells him that he is just looking for a way to make her sign more cheques. He gives her the security budget for the anniversary.
Angela reads the newspaper and Sankey calls then. She asks Sankey why she was not told that Masters has been released from solitary? Sankey reminds her that she called her but she did not think it important. Angela says it is not true. Sankey says she does not understand the danger she is in. to make matters worse, someone is now talking to the reporters and making Angela’s life more difficult. She reminds Angela that she offered her a chance to leave the country. Angela drops the phone and could not believe who she has become. She is shocked at the bright blue nail polish she is wearing.
Frank and Chuks come off the mammy market with drinks in their hands. Frank is happy and Chuks tells him that he is happy because he has girls flocking around him. Frank says it is not his fault that they like him. He wants it to continue but Chuks reminds him that they have a job to do. Frank tells him he is just tagging along. Taiwo comes along to suggest something else but Chuks sees Ene and her theatre group. Frank says Ene is ordering people around and that confirms his impression that she will not change. Taiwo says she is pretty but Chuks says she is not wearing her wedding ring!
Peju meets Harriet drinking and asks how she is doing? Word has it that Amaka will not talk to Harriet. Harriet says it is because she asked all the hard questions. Peju tells her that she has all the scoop on the forthcoming anniversary and the news will break on her program. Harriet leaves her to go and work on a new story and tells Peju to continue being innocuous.
Angela is still staring at her finger. She opens her make-up mirror and Angelique pops up. She wonders why Angela is cracking up at the first bad news? Angela tells her that Masters will come for her and he will kill her. Angelique tells her to chill and allow her to take charge of the negotiation. Angela wonders what she will do? Angelique tells her that letting Masters kill her is not a part of her plan.

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Brenda talks to Delmuah about Angela’s project which Delmuah says is coming along well. Angela asks her how she can get it to end? Delmuah does not know how to answer that!