Amaka comes home and asks Hope where Toochi is? He is sleeping, Hope says. Amaka wonders why and Hope tells her that he has been sleeping a lot lately. Amaka thanks her for all the nice work she has done with Toochi but tells her that she will have to go!
47 & his boys are singing in their jail. After a while, one of them says he will not respect Masters any longer. They pity him for what he let a woman do to him. 47 joins in and calls Masters, who has been lying down quietly dead body? Masters says nothing, till one of the warders comes to call 47.
Frank grumbles loudly that he wants to go home. Chuks pleads with him to chill and let them achieve what they came fro but he screams louder saying that he has a job to go back to.
Amaka thanks Hope for all she has done with and to Toochi but makes it clear that her decision has nothing to do with Hope’s work. She just wants to spend more time with Toochi. Hope wonders where she will find the time to do that? Amaka insists and begs her to take her redundancy pay of 6 months. Hope collects the envelope and moves on!
Ene waddles out and asks a corper if she saw her water? The lady says she did not but advises Ene to check the girls who have just had their bath as cases of stealing is quite rampant in camp. Ene waits and when she sees the first babe with her kind of bucket, she accuses her indirectly of stealing her bucket & water. The lady did not find it funny but surrenders her bucket to Ene for inspection to confirm that she is not a thief. Ene checks and lo and behold it is not her bucket but the lady’s!
Angela and the Odyssey team, Odun, Delmuah, and Feke brainstorm on new ideas on how to change the face of Odyssey. Angela is excited at their enthusiasm. She wants them to convert TV into cinemas, produce content for TV. As they throw ideas around, Brenda walks in. Angela welcomes her with a lollipop. She asks for the next idea and as Odun raises his hand, Brenda smirks.
Ene walks up to the lady she called a bucket-thief earlier and the girl asks what she is missing again? Ene apologizes for her earlier outburst. She was hungry and needed to take her bath. The lady accepts and wonders where she knew Ene from? She suddenly realizes that Ene was the person that ran off the parade ground in search of burnt jollof rice. They laugh over it and introduce themselves.
Amaka tries her hands at child rearing but does not make much headway in getting Toochi to eat. As she struggles with him, Fred calls to break the bad news about Sheila’s result to her.
The ideas keep rolling out in spite of Brenda’s presence. Angela realizes they are tired and calls it a night. As the staff leave, Brenda tells Angela that she seems to be having fun. Angela shows her how excited the staff are. Brenda tells her to wait till it is time to fund the project. Angela says she will use placements. Brenda talks about their lean human resources and Angela tells her she will outsource jobs to other like Black Ananse. Brenda thinks Kwame will never work with Angela. Angela says she will go home and discuss it with him!
Amaka asks Fred how serious it is? He says he will rather Sheila talks about it. Amaka offers to come over immediately but Sheila says it is too late. Se can come tomorrow and leaves the room. Freddy comes out to watch TV and Fred asks h. To dig up for the available cures and diets for cancer on the Internet.Freddy tries to find out why but Fred tells him to just do the research and print it larger than normal because of his poor eye sight. Freddy asks if he is okay? Fred thinks so.
One of the warders comes in and drives away all the other prisoners in Masters’s cell and pushes Masters down. Their chief comes in and yells Masters that he knows that he needs a hot meal and a cell to himself. He can provide all that but he needs answers. How did Masters find out the route the van would take? Who were n on the deal with him? When Masters says nothing, the warder says they will help jog his memory. With that, two other warders come in and knock Masters to the ground.
Chuks tells the corper that he came to find his wife. The corper wonders why they did not sign a visitor’s form? Chukkas is surprised the have one. The guy tells him that NYSC camp is not a place for married women as there are so many wild people around. Chuks’s mouth drops open.
Fred comes to meet Sheila by the swimming pool with the print outs from Freddy. He tells her that he does not want them to rely only on those doctors but to empower themselves with more research. Sheila shakes her head. Fred leaves her & walks away with his papers.
Chuks and Freank discuss their plights their guide tells them that the people are approaching and reminds them of their agreement.
a lawyer from OK Fowler comes to meet a swollen-faced Masters in jail to discuss the witnesses. Emile is out of the country for treatment and that leaves Angela. Masters leans close to whisper to the guy’s ears!

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Amaka comes t work with Toochi and dumps him on Funmi