Feke meets Chuks pacing with his flowers outside and she asks what he is still doing? He asks her where she said Ene is going to? Feke tells him she says she is off for service. Chuks thinks she is mistaken but Feke tells him that she dropped her letter of resignation at Brenda’s desk. Chuks calls Ene who confirms she is on her way to the bus park for her trip to the camp. He asks her to come back but she says she is off and service is not too good at the camp.
Angela tells Charles that she cannot believe that Brenda can go through with the apology and hugs him to thank him for his work. He hugs her awkwardly and reminds her that she also played a part in the whole process. She knows how to thank him and writes him another cheque. He refuses the cheque but asks her to have dinner with him that night. She says that will spoil their friendship. He is not aware that they are friends. She asks him to leave the dinner for a later date. He agrees and on his way out, spills the contents of his bag all over the place as usual.
Chuks asks Feke if she says that Ene’s resignation letter is still on Brenda’s desk? He begs her to retrieve and destroy it but she says no. she could get caught. He asks why she is being so difficult after Ene helped her get the job. He asks if she has not noticed that Ene’s pregnancy is affecting her head? Feke is surprised to hear that Ene is pregnant and says that explains a lot. Chuks tries to get her to feel guilty but she insists that yes, Ene got her the job but it was when she thought she was going for youth service. Chuks rushes off to call a friend.
Amaka gets home and meets Hope carrying Toochi.she apologizes for coming home later and goes to carry Toochi who wakes up and calls mummy. Amaka asks if it is Hope that he is calling mummy? Hope tells her he is simply reacting to her voice.
Brenda is roaring through the room at Kwame to tell her what to do to get back at Angela for ridiculing her and making a mockery of her in front of her staff. Kwame calms her down and gives her a glass of water but she screams for something stronger. He manages to calm her down and she takes a sip of the water. He tells her she did a good job in apologizing and that gives her an opportunity to fight another day with a clear head. She tells him that she is through with the craving and it and is calm now. He confirms that she is calm now and tells her he moved out of Phillip’s house into Angela’s neighbourhood. She says it is good for him. Immediately he leaves, she screws up her face again.
Ene is toasted by another corper at the park. He wants to get to know her and reminds her to be friendly as she may need him to keep warm in camp. Ene tells him that she willget enough warmth from her wedding band. He does not care. Whatever happens in camp stays in camp. Ene walks away.
Amaka takes a call from Louisa. She has lined up a number of interviews for tomorrow. She thinks that Amaka should wear a nice outfit. Hope comes downstairs and tells Amaka that Toochi is asleep now. Amaka says she will take him to work tomorrow but Hope thinks it is not a good idea. Toochi may cry during the interview. Amaka agrees.
Angela gets home and her alter-ego is reflected in the dressing mirror as usual. She congratulates Angela on her achievements for the day. She thinks that Angela should be out there celebrating but Angela is not up to it. Alter ego thinks it is a good idea for her to rest as they have work to do the next day. We? Angela asks. Alter-ego tells her that the real work starts the next day. She asks Angela to trust her and they touch hands at the mirror.
Amaka is prepped for the interview. Louisa comes in and tells her all is set. Amaka wants to have everything over so that she can go back to work. Louisa tells her that Harriet has been calling to confirm the decision on interview with Tinsel Town. Amaka asks her to send Harriet over and she will handle it from there.
Frank is handing out Ene’s pictures and asking people if they saw her when Chuks runs over to tell him that the ticket supervisor saw Ene leave the previous day with some youth corp members. Frank is relieved and asks that they go home and sleep. Chuks says he will not sleep when his pregnant wife is off to the camp. Frank asks that he allows Ene to settle down in camp but he will not do that. he bought tickets to travel to the camp. Frank wishes him luck but he accuses Frank of abandoning him after he bought two tickets. Frank insists that he has a job to get back to but Chuks says he will speak with Uncle Dan. Frank grudgingly agrees to go with him so long as he speaks with Uncle Dan.
Amaka and Majek go through the security arrangements for the anniversary. They agree that everything is tentative. He asks that she give him details on time for him to get approvals from the authorities.
Angela and Alter-ego argue over what she will wear for the evening.
Amaka apologizes to Majek for snapping at him the other day. He says he will limit his briefs to security issues. She apologizes and says that the anniversary means a lot to Fred and she cannot afford to fail. He says she will not fail. She says she has so much to do. She tells him that her son Toochi called his nanny mum the other day and he says that really hurt as a father. He suggests that she delegates more. She says she tries. He asks her what will happen if she did not have a nanny? Amaka says her life will be hell. She will have to do this and that and …she suddenly sees things in a new light!
47 tells an inmate to go and tell the prisoners in C Block that their levy will soon go up. He upbraids the boy fr doubting his powers and threatens to kill the guy the next time he does that. they look up and sees Masters being marched in by two warders. The daughters insultingly call Masters a woman-wrapper who allowed himself to be caught after escaping by a small girl. They wring his ear and push him into the cell. Immediately the leave, 47 goes to the bed where he is lying and starts singing that Masters is back and with his presence, the old masters is dead!

Next on Tinsel
Harriet wraps up her interview with Amaka under the watchful eyes of the PR girl and as she makes to leave, Amaka restrains her and tells her to enjoy her trip to Reel Studios as this will be her last trip.